Describing today’s world as fast-paced has become old news, with the everyday technology advancements seeming to be endless. The rapid progress has left many generations constantly playing catch-up, unable to keep track of every new aspect of the tech industry, yet it’s keeping the learning process open. Artificial intelligence was once a distant dream, a mere futuristic plan that becomes somewhat livelier every day. 

AI has now evolved into an undeniable reality, reshaping the world we once knew into new, unfamiliar moulds. Now that AI is no longer a vision of the future, it has become quite essential to keep yourself acquainted with its objectives. Whether you’re a tech guru or a casual observer, chances are slim that you’ve escaped the buzz surrounding the latest breakthroughs of AI, known as ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT is a real game-changer that has overtaken the technology industry. It’s a groundbreaking innovation that left the world perplexed and intimidated all the same by its incredible potential. The platform captured the attention of millions of users upon its release, yet it raised several concerns as well. 

There’s so much to uncover to learn about the remarkable features of this revolutionary idea and explore its limitations. Delve with us into an enlightening journey to discover the true essence of ChatGPT.

What is GPT?

ChatGPT was created and developed by the renowned OpenAI, a global artificial intelligence research institute owned by multiple mega-billionaire investors. The GPT method, which is an abbreviation of Generative Pre-trained Transformer, was first released in 2018 and has been constantly developed and trained ever since. However, ChatGPT was released in November 2022, operating with the latest GPT-3 AI model.


GPT is a language model that OpenAI released through Machine Learning techniques. This innovative language model is the decoder-only transformer that uses previous data and recurrence to develop. ChatGPT operates by GPT-3, which is the latest language model of AI and is more advanced than its predecessors, GPT-1 and GPT-2.

GPT-3 possesses a broader ability to generate any given text structure, unlike GPT-2, which only adheres to human written language. It’s also proficient in producing a wide range of articles, blog posts, news reports, and stories in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, French, Russian, and more. Moreover, GPT-3 incredibly surpasses the boundaries of human language, generating even programming codes and other digital languages.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot whose main objective is to change how people interact with their environment, paving the way to shaping the world as we know it today. This exceptional innovation uses deep learning algorithms along with cutting-edge technology to offer an extraordinary experience, providing almost any task you require it to do. 

ChatGPT works by the GPT-3 architecture, where it’s toughly trained to use all of the databases available on the internet to ensure delivering plagiarism-free and polished content. Although it’s deemed one of the most powerful AI tools, it’s still regarded as an assistant that you can exploit its most potential when combined with other AI tools.

4 Remarkable Features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been causing a lot of buzz ever since its release, leaving people undivided, with one group believing in its incredible potential and another feeling uncertain. Regardless of your stance on the matter, it’s important to cast light on the undeniable truth; ChatGPT does indeed possess incredible features and vast versatility that would be of great assistance.

It’s known for its capability to perform as basic tasks as sending emails or browsing the internet for rapid answers, which is quite pleasurable for those who find these tasks mundane. Yet, its abilities go way beyond such basic tasks, offering more complex operations and assisting with your job responsibilities. ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI tool that’s capable of simplifying and accelerating numerous processes.

Code Writing

Programmers usually devote lots of time to completing their core task, code writing. That’s when ChatGPT comes in handy, presenting the opportunity of generating code to accelerate the process. The platform is known to possess a substantial reservoir of domain-specific knowledge, yet it can still generate unusable snippets of code along the way.

To ensure accurate results, it’s recommended that use ChatGPT for smaller algorithms and subroutines. Moreover, the platform is quite beneficial in assisting you with massive complex projects, breaking them down into manageable segments. It’s also helpful when it comes to aiding in the coding process of the narrower elements.


AI can make life easier and faster, especially when it comes to time-consuming and complex tasks such as translation. ChatGPT, like many Machine Translation tools, can handle the translation task in an acceptable manner. It’s one of the remarkable features this intriguing platform offers, given that it’s trained to perform in dozens of languages. 

However, it’s significant that we note that the results may not quite measure up to the expectations, given that they may lack accuracy. While AI tools would provide you with plagiarism-free and polished content, they may be biased and inconsiderate of the cultural nuances. In many cases, this can be offensive to specific groups of people, for AI chatbots lack emotions and common sense. 


Smooth operations are essential for software programs, explaining the crucial importance of debugging. Errors and bugs always unexpectedly emerge, affecting the operation of various software programs. That’s when programmers and developers barge in to help fix the problem, facing time-consuming tasks that they could easily let ChatGPT handle.

It has been proven that this platform is a debugging expert, offering innovative solutions and effectively helping with eliminating errors and bugs. While the platform can help ensure your software programs function flawlessly, its ability goes beyond debugging. It’s also able to identify syntax errors, fix coding issues, and offer effective alternative solutions.

Article Writing

Writing lengthy articles can take a considerable amount of time, considering the extensive research you need to conduct to gather accurate information. Besides, coming up with a captivating style is no easy feat, not to mention choosing the right words. That’s another task where ChatGPT comes in handy, generating great ideas, helping with grammar and punctuation, and suggesting a better structure. 

The platform is capable of writing in various languages, which can save substantial amounts of time. It can also help you write a story or even a poem. However, it’s essential to recognise that creative forms of writing may not yield the results you’d expect. That’s because AI tools can barely express emotions, so you may get a poem with an excellent vocabulary and good structure but lacks sincere sentiments.

4 Witnessed Limitations of the Platform

For the past decade, we’ve been constantly exposed to the persistent notion that AI will someday dominate the world and put the essence of humanity in danger. With ChatGPT being strongly introduced, concerns have been raised among individuals wondering whether they will lose their jobs to such a groundbreaking technology. While AI has definitely proven its efficiency, we’re glad to address these concerns by introducing its limitations that require human intervention.

Generates Inaccurate Information

AI tools are proven to be efficient in assisting with several hectic tasks; however, you can never utterly rely on them. They’re surely quite beneficial when it comes to gathering facts and information to help save time spent on long research.

One of its setbacks is occasionally generating false facts or inaccurate information, given its reliance solely on the data stored in its database. So, exercising caution while using ChatGPT is crucial, for its answers may be quite misleading.

Provides Biased and Unreliable Responses

One of the most outstanding features of chatbots, ChatGPT included, is their ability to engage in authentic conversations and mirror human responses. At some point, you may believe someone is actually there, given the flow of the conversation. 

Yet, we should remind you that these bots may, more often than not, provide biased answers and responses. They also lack the ability to comprehend common sense and the capacity to express genuine sentiments. Their indisposition to display emotions doesn’t only hamper the conversational departments but also when it comes to writing sentimental poems or fictional stories. 

Limited to Back-and-forth Interaction

ChatGPT can be pretty valuable for generating ideas, writing articles or codes, or even carrying out authentic conversations. Yet, it’s incapable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously, being limited to only one task at a time. In other words, if you’re using the platform to ask a question, you cannot use it for any other job unless it finishes the task it has at hand.

Cannot Access the Internet

You definitely use the internet to log into ChatGPT, yet that doesn’t grant the platform access to the internet. In simpler terms, all the information you will find on ChatGPT is tied to stored information on its internal database. It also means that the platform cannot provide new or fresh data since it’s not aware of the world’s events after 2021. 

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding this groundbreaking technology, we believe it’s highly unlikely that AI will eradicate the essence of humanity any time soon. However, ChatGPT has undeniably offered remarkable versatility and efficiency, assisting with everyday tasks. You can always make use of its tools to have smoother and more productive work hours.

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