ChatGPT plugins allow the ChatGPT platform to link with external applications. The plugins act as a bridge, letting ChatGPT communicate with other APIs that have been designed by developers. in this article, we’ll discuss the best Chatgpt plugins. 

These ChatGPT plugins scale the potential of ChatGPT to an entirely new level, enabling the AI platform to execute an incredible array of tasks and actions, such as booking flights, accessing stock prices in real-time and summarising huge amounts of data into easily comprehensible information. 

In this article, we’ll outline some of the current ChatGPT plugins that are available, and how you can incorporate them into your everyday work or personal life. 

How to Get ChatGPT Plugins?

Every day new plugins appear to be added to ChatGPT, but how do you actually incorporate them into the platform? Check out this guide and start taking advantage of the power of ChatGPT.

  1. Start by enrolling in the ChatGPT waitlist, it will ask why you want to install these plugins, you can simply just state that you want to explore using them. 
  2. Once accepted, you can start installing plugins to the ChatGPT platform. 
  3. Make sure you are using the ChatGPT 4 model, as plugins are not available on the 3.5 version. 
  4. Hover above ChatGPT 4 and scroll down to plugins.
ChatGPT plugins explained
  1. Browse through the range of ChatGPT plugins, FYI they are not in alphabetical order. 
  2. Instal the plugins you want to use. 
chatgpt plugins
ChatGPT Plugins
  1. Keep in mind that you can download as many as you like, but you can only have three enabled at a time.
  2. For the best results though, we recommend enabling one at a time, the one that you want ChatGPT to pair with. 

There is an incredible range of ChatGPT plugins available, helping you to streamline your workflow, enhance your personalised browsing experience and many more other useful tools that make ChatGPT integral to everyday life.#

Chatgpt plugins explained: how to use them like an expert

ChatGPT Plugins List

There are currently around 265 ChatGPT plugins available at the moment, but as we mentioned earlier, many more are being added every day and some are still in beta mode. Below we have listed some of the most popular plugins that are being used.
How to use ChatGPT

ChatGPT Email Plugin

Sending emails and replying to them can take up a lot of time in your workday. ChatGPT plugins provide a solution to this, helping you to become more productive at work and spend less time on admin tasks. Check out some plugins that you can use for streamlining emails below. 


Zapier is a great plugin to use on ChatGPT. It can interact with over 5,000+ different apps such as Google Sheets, Trello, Gmail, HubSpot and Salesforce. 

You can use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin to enhance your email communication. It can structure an email for you, including the main body, text, attachments, signatures, etc, and who the email recipient is. Once Zapier has structured the email, you only need to review it and hit send. 

Zapier can also be customised to automatically save email attachments to your Dropbox or to only act when Zap email comes from a specific address. It’s a great tool for customising your workflow and enhancing your productivity. 

ChatGPT Document Reader Plugin 

Scanning through huge amounts of data or complex reports takes up a lot of time, especially when you only need to know the general gist of the document. Check out this ChatGPT plugin below that can summarise information quickly and efficiently. 

Link Reader is a revolutionary new ChatGPT plugin. It can scan huge amounts of information in PDFs, Word Docs, Webpages, etc, and produce a summary that’s simple and easy to comprehend. 

Check out these tips for using the ChatGPT platform and ensure that you can get the most out of it. 

  1. Copy the document link directly from a public server or website, this can be a link from a variety of different sources, some examples include;
  • Google images
  • Research and scholarly papers 
  • Publicly accessible PDFs.
  • Website URLs (If you are pasting in a website URL, be sure to include HTTPS at the front.)
  1. Paste the link into ChatGPT with the Link Reader Plugin Switched on. 
  2. Simply ask ChatGPT to summarise the information in the link. 

Here’s an example of how to use the Link Reader ChatGPT plugin. I simply copied a PDF link from This particular PDF was an update on the Grenfell Tower Wrapping. 

chatgpt plugins
ChatGPT plugins explained

I then pasted the link into ChatGPT with the Link Reader plugin switched on. Here’s the result of the summary of the information it provided. 

It’s clear to see the advantages that this ChatGPT plugin will have, imagine using it for a 100-page PDF or a medical scholarly article, it’s now easier than ever before to condense large amounts of information into bite-size pieces. 

  • Link Reader does not support extracting data from Google Drive, OneDrive or other password-protected systems. 
  • Alternatively though, if the text isn’t too long, you can copy and paste the information from the doc into ChatGPT.
  • The plugin is still in Beta and as it advances, it is expected to provide a route around uploading docs from password-protected platforms. 

Chat GPT Plugins for Travel 

Planning a trip can often take up a lot of time, searching for flights, finding hotels and working within your budget is a strenuous task. With ChatGPT plugins, however, your browsing experience for booking travel is made much more efficient. Check out these travel plugins below. 


The Expedia plugin provides several services related to travel planning. Here’s a brief overview of what it can do.

Lodging Recommendations

The plugin can provide the top 3 recommended lodging options in a given destination. It can consider various factors such as property type, number of travellers, the minimum number of bedrooms, amenities, guest rating, star ratings, sort type, and distance from a specific location.

Flight Recommendations

The plugin can recommend flights to a destination from a specified origin. It can consider factors like departure date, airline code, number of stops, and sort type.

Activity Recommendations

The plugin can recommend various activities in a given destination. It can consider factors like start and end date, categories of activities, duration, and maximum price.

Car Rental Recommendations

The plugin can recommend car rental options based on a specified pickup location. It can consider factors like drop-off location, pickup and drop-off dates and times, and car classes.

Remember, the plugin is designed to be interactive and user-friendly. For the best results ask for only one mandatory parameter at a time. Check out the example below, I asked it to recommend some hotel accommodations options for Madrid and the results were pretty handy!


The KAYAK plugin is another powerful tool that can assist you with various aspects of travel planning. Here’s what it can do:

Search Flights

You can use the KAYAK plugin to search for flights on a specific route for certain dates. You can specify the origin, destination, departure date, return date, cabin class, number of adults and children, and even preferred and excluded airlines. You can also specify if you want to see only non-stop flights.

Search Stays

The plugin can help you find accommodations in a specific city for certain dates. You can specify the hotel name, landmark, address, check-in and check-out dates, number of adults, children, and rooms, and the minimum number of stars the accommodation should have. You can also specify preferred amenities, freebies, classifications, etc. 

Search Rental Cars

You can use the KAYAK plugin to find rental cars for certain dates. You can specify the pick-up and drop-off locations and dates, and the pick-up and drop-off hours.


If you’re not sure where to go, the KAYAK plugin can suggest destinations that can be reached by plane within your given budget from a specified origin. You can specify the departure and return dates, budget in USD, whether you want only non-stop flights, and the minimum and maximum duration of the trip.

Flight Insights

If you know the flight route but your travel dates are flexible, the KAYAK plugin can provide insights on when airfares are at their lowest. You can specify the origin, destination, departure date, return date, and whether you want to see pricing for non-stop flights only.

Remember, the KAYAK plugin is a tool to assist with travel planning and does not actually book flights, accommodations, or rental cars. It provides information and options based on the parameters you provide.

Best ChatGPT Plugins 

There are many more ChatGPT plugins available, the above recommendations are just a small example of what you can do. There are also plugins you can use for SEO practices, accessing real-time data and comparing the best prices on products.

When using ChatGPT plugins keep in mind that they are designed to be user-friendly, so talk to it as though you are talking to a human. Also, keep in mind that they are still in development and as Artificial Intelligence technology learns more, it’s inevitable that it will become integrated into nearly all aspects of our lives. 

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