How to Use AI

The emergence of AI technologies appears to be at the forefront of current news, from ChatGPT, Canva AI, Google’s Bard and a host of other AI programmes, it’s hard to keep up with the newest platform and even more difficult to understand what they can actually do for the everyday person. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to use AI for your work tasks and personal life. It’s a revolutionary step in improving efficiency, productivity and better time management, whilst freeing up precious time for us to focus on other things. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your everyday life. 

How to Use AI in Business and Marketing?

AI is a great asset to have in business and marketing and it is applicable to various different industries. Check out some ways that you can incorporate AI into your business deeds. 

Manage documents

AI can help condense large documents into bite-size chunks of information that are easily understood. ChatGPT plugins such as Link Reader are great for achieving this. Simply upload a PDF, academic report, word document, etc, and ask the ChatGPT to summarise the information for you. This will help you save massive amounts of time and work more efficiently when managing documents in business.

Manage emails

Another great tool to use within ChatGPT is Zapier. This plugin allows you to manage emails much more effectively; you can do things like set up automatic emails, automatically save attachments into Dropbox, schedule emails to be sent in the future, and so much more—an amazing tool for anyone who gets caught up in email communication during their workday. 

How to Use AI Like an Expert and Enhance Your Personal Life and Work Life

For more guidance on how to use AI, check out this article on ChatGPT plugins.

Marketing and website management

Artificial Intelligence is also being increasingly integrated into marketing tools and website analysis platforms such as Google Analytics 4. This AI advancement can help track the user’s journey much more effectively, it is now capable of retrieving data that predicts trends, analysing user engagement and identifying opportunities for better website management and growth. 

Check out this article on GA4 training for more guidance. 

How to Use AI to Create Images

AI can also be used to create original images in a variety of different formats. Platforms such as Canva AI allows you to convert a text description into a picture, simply state what kind of image you want to create i.e.) an Instagram post, postcard, book cover, etc and insert a description of what you’re looking for. You can do this multiple times until an image is generated that you like the look of. 

How to Use AI in Education?

Artificial Intelligence also has the power to enhance how we learn and gather information. It’s an amazing asset to use in the classroom or at home, helping people of all ages improve their education in a convenient and accessible way. Check out some ways to use AI in education below. 

Ask a question 

One of the most popular features of current AI platforms is using it as a knowledge resource. Think of when you Google something, you have to scan through multiple articles in order to get the answer to your question. With AI platforms like ChatGPT and Google Bard, however, this is much easier to do. 

Simply ask the AI platform a question and let it gather information from the top existing articles in response. For example, you can ask it to generate a timeline of the WW2 events or to summarise what photosynthesis is. Literally, any question can be asked, which is a great way to help you in understanding new topics. 

Create a study schedule 

If you have upcoming exams and need a study schedule to help keep your learning on track then good news, AI can do it for you! Simply input your study needs and goals and let ChatGPT create one for you. 

Include the following information for an achievable and personalised study schedule: 

  1. How many topics do you need to study?
  2. What are these subjects or topics?
  3. How much time do you have each day to study (in hours)?
  4. Are there certain times during the day when you’re most alert and focused?
  5. Are there specific deadlines or exam dates for these subjects or topics?
  6. Are there any subjects that need more focus or time than others?
  7. Do you prefer to have breaks in between your study sessions? 
  8. Do you have any other commitments during the week that you should account for?

This will help you best optimise your time so that you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to exam season. 

Practise a language 

If you are studying a new language, then AI platforms are a great way to practise written conversations. Simply start a conversation in a different language and the AI platform will respond in that language. This is a great way to practise your grammar, spelling and understanding without needing to source someone else to help you. 

Top Tips for How to Use AI

The best way to get into the flow of using AI is to practise using the platform. When you work directly with AI systems like Canva AI, ChatGPT, etc, you will understand its limitations and discover workarounds to get the results you need. Check out these tips below for how to use AI and get the most out of it. 

Talk to it like a human

These platforms have been developed to be user-friendly so don’t overthink it, simply ask it a question like you would ask a colleague or friend. 

Be descriptive

You also need to keep in mind that the more detail you input, the better your output results will be. For example, I recently asked ChatGPT to tell me about the Four Seasons in Carlingford, and it literally told me what Summer/Spring/Autumn/Winter was like, when in fact I needed details on the four seasons hotel, not the weather!

Be clear

Understand that AI doesn’t necessarily understand colloquialisms or slang terms. You need to be clear about what you’re asking for and use the proper language so that the platform knows what to do. 

Up-to-date information 

You also need to understand that many AI platforms cannot access real-time data or information unless a certain plugin is installed. For example, ChatGPT’s recent knowledge cut-off is September 2021, so if you’re asking it to tell you about an event after then, it won’t be able to. 

Future of AI

Remember how people used to think that the internet would be a passing fad? Well, the same applies to AI. As the technology improves we will see it incorporated into our lives more and more commonly. In fact, virtual assistants such as Siri are already powered by Artificial Intelligence, and we unnoticeably accepted it as a modern tool. 

If you want to get ahead of the curve and enhance your personal and work life through the power of AI, then the quicker you experiment with these tools the better!

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