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Professional Networking: What It Is, Why It Is Important and How to Do It

One of the most powerful networking practices is to provide immediate value to a new connection. This means the moment you identify a way to help someone, take action. — Lewis Howes Despite the enormous budgets companies usually dedicate to marketing their products or services, communicating the value they offer and convincing us, the customers, […]

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Business Travel Statistics that Reflect the Importance of Travelling

Business travel is an integral part of completing the company’s work; this includes taking national or international trips with the intention and schedule to complete such business. This includes attending meetings, conferences and product launches that are relevant to your company’s work. When you travel for business, your company will cover all the costs, from […]

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5 Types of Mistakes to Check for When Manually Editing Your Resume

Resumes were basically invented to be a shortcut between you as a job seeker and your potential employer. They typically reflect what can enable you to land your next job, from your unique skill set and expertise to your career highlights and achievements. In other words, crafting a compelling resume is highly indispensable. Aside from […]

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What is a Professional Bio and How to Write a Compelling One

So it is 2008, and you are getting on this thing called Twitter for the first time. You write your name and choose a cool handle before you realise that space beneath where you have to describe yourself in 160 characters. You find it both challenging and frustrating because everything you think of does not […]

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What Is a Personal Brand and How to Build a Strong One

As the world shockingly started to realise that this new virus was too fierce to contain in only two weeks and was probably going to stick around for who knew how long, and when the news of how thousands of people were laid off from their jobs overnight, everyone, even those who kept their jobs, […]

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What is a Cover Letter: 8 Tips for Success & What to Avoid

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is essentially a one-page document that gives a first impression of who you are and what experience you have. A well written cover letter is what can set you apart from other applicants so it is important that you put thought and time into writing yours. What […]

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8 Tips to Hiring Freelancers

Hiring freelancers is a great solution to filling a gap in your knowledge base.  Knowing tips to hiring freelancers ensures that you make the best decisions for your business. There are plenty of freelancers who can assist you in developing your organisation and helping it grow. Maybe your business is undergoing exponential growth and you […]

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How Careers are Changing in Northern Ireland

In a post-pandemic world, the nature of jobs and careers are changing. People have found new skills and career paths, and opportunities have been sourced in a world that is ever moving towards the digital sphere. This is how careers are changing in Northern Ireland – digital skills are necessary. STEM subjects are also on […]

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7 Ways to Develop in Your Career

On average, people work 92,120 hours in the course of their working lives, so professional development and pathways are important to map out for employee satisfaction. Investing in ways to develop in your career can bring you satisfaction in your daily life and help you achieve your goals. Dedicating time to professional development will enable […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

Hiring a digital marketing consultant can be a big step for any business. However, the pay-off can be just as big – if not bigger. Whether you are considering outsourcing a freelance specialist, a marketing agency, or want to have your very own in-house – it is essential that you weigh up the pros and […]

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What Does Freelance Work Mean? How to Become a Freelancer

In the modern age of the Internet, it has become quite easy to work from home. One way to do this is to become a freelancer. This opens an opportunity for individuals to work for various companies from home, and they are often paid by the job.Freelancing can be beneficial to individuals looking for extra […]

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