What is PR?

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What is PR? Public Relations, or PR, is how organisations or clients communicate with both their target audience and the wider public. It is responsible for managing and influencing the spread of information – which is more important than ever in our ever-evolving Digital Age – and engaging old and new audience members. It’s all […]

What is Strategic Marketing Planning Process?

Proven Content Management Strategies

Strategic marketing planning process is a relatively new concept in a field that existed for over millennia. One of the most basic—and successful—approaches to marketing is via trial and error. This is one of the better approaches if finance isn’t a factor and funds are abundant. But let’s not forget one of the key tenants […]

What Is Ning? Ning Site Builder – Review and Video Guide

What is Ning? Create you own social media

What is Ning? You might have heard the name Ning, but perhaps you aren’t aware of how it can benefit your business or organisation. Put simply, Ning is an superb online platform for both people and organisations to create custom social networks.   A Brief History of Ning Ning has been around for over a decade. […]

What Is Gmail? Google’s Own Competing Email Service

What is Gmail? Googles email service

Google Mail (Gmail) is one of the worlds leading email providers. Competing with the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail) and Yahoo’s own Yahoo Mail.  It has been around over a decade since 2004 and was initially seen as a joke due to being announced on April 1st 2004. A day many of […]

What Is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality? The Future of Technology

What is augmented reality? It’s commonly known as AR and often confused with VR, due to their similarities in their names and what they do. But what’s the best, and most simple way, to explain? Well, augmented reality allows users to enhance their surroundings (reality) visually using their phone or device. It does this by […]

What Is SEMRush?

What is SEMRush? Online SEO Audit tool

What is SEMRush? It’s an unavoidable fact that SEO is the key to having a successful blog, website or even online business. SEMRush helps make this happen! That’s because one feature of SEO involves making the very most of those all-important keywords by helping its users find the most profitable keywords to target. After all, […]

What Is the World Wide Web (WWW)?

What is the World Wide Web. The internet

What is the World Wide Web? You might think the web and the internet are the same thing but, surprisingly, there are some crucial differences.  The World Wide Web is a collection of web pages from all over the world that use the internet. Meanwhile the, internet as we know it, is a collection of […]

What Is Android?

What is Android? Google Software

What is Android? You might have heard of Android, but lets take a deeper dive to understand it better. We’ll even help with deciding if it is the right OS (operating system) for your next phone. Read on to discover all you need to know…   How Does Android Work? Since 2003, Android has grown to […]

What Is Twitch? The World-Wide Streaming Community

What is Twitch? The most popular live-streaming network, popular for gaming

What is Twitch? A community where streaming, gaming and pop culture meets social media. Millions of people around the world use this streaming service to share their gaming skills, cooking skills and lifestyle. You can also become part of the action with your own channel or with the chat attached to every live stream. One […]

What Is A Breadcrumb?

What is a Breadcrumb? Navigation for SEO

What is a breadcrumb? A small but very very helpful feature of a website showing how you found your way to the page you’re viewing.  We’ll explain how and why in our QUICK READ guide…   What is a Breadcrumb? A breadcrumb works very similarly to the true navigation system of a website. The main […]

What Is A Social Aggregator?

What is a Social Aggregator?

What is a social aggregator? A social aggregator is a tool used by companies and individuals alike to monitor or use many social media accounts they own in one place. An essential time-saver! Many companies use an aggregator – like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – to monitor their social medias with ease. Or to share posts, […]

What Is YouTube Premium?

What is YouTube Premium? YouTube subscription

What is YouTube Premium? A paid YouTube membership giving its users many enhanced features including ad-free viewing on the platform, offline viewing and great access to other YouTube services such as YouTube gaming and kids.  One catch? It isn’t available worldwide. Yet. For now, you can become part of YouTube Premium are number of countries: […]

What Is MySpace?

What is myspace? Get discovered online

What is MySpace? And – the million dollar question – is it still in use today? We think the answer could surprise you! Originally designed for users to find and share great musicians from around the world, MySpace transformed into a giant of the social media world. It is even credited with helping to launch […]

What Is Blogger?

What is Blogger? Blogging online

What is Blogger? A blogging platform with the USP of pulling together the Google tools you already use to great effect. Blogger is not only free (well, for up to 50 blog posts) but it links in really well with your analytics and Google Display Ads. This means measuring, and even monetising, your content is […]

Our ULTIMATE DIGITAL FAQ: FREE Knowledge Base (Pt 1)

ProfileTree Ultimate FAQ's Knowledge Base

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch! We say: Really?! We’ve rolled up all the questions we’re asked most often into a great big all-you-can eat Knowledge Bank. Except this bank is open 24/7. Fill your boots…this round’s on us! Just click on the links for a free ‘What Is?…’ guide to […]

Our ULTIMATE DIGITAL FAQ: FREE Knowledge Base (Pt 2)

ProfileTree Ultimate FAQ's Knowledge Base

Remember when we talked about those people who say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. For a second time we say: Oh yeah?! We’ve made sure you can have your cake AND eat it with another FREE digital knowledge archive. Oh, and we’ll stop the metaphors now…promise. Round Two of our dine-for-free Knowledge […]

What Is Business Risk Management?

What is Business Risk Management?

Business risk management is essential for every business; being a key factor to its success. Market competition is at an all-time high. Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure a safe business plan that provides the highest possible profit. While all businesses face risk, some can predict and control it, while others can’t. Boomerang’s article […]

What Is A Website Audit?

What is a Website Audit? Fixes website errors

What is a website audit? Put simply: a complete analysis of all the factors that determine your site’s position in search engines. And since rank means traffic means leads, a website audit is tool you can’t afford to ignore. Let’s take a closer look!… A Common Mistake You’ll often hear how important it is to […]