222 Wise and Inspirational Quotes on Life, Work, Success and Hope

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It could be the author behind it, the wittiness of the idea, or the inspiration; there are so many reasons why we love quotes. We like to memorise them, write them on walls, tattoo them and find in them values, signs and motivation. In this article, you’ll take a tour of quotes on different aspects of […]

Blue Monday: How To Brighten Your Workday From the ProfileTree Team

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It’s the 18th January, which means Blue Monday is officially here – but we’re not letting it beat us in 2021. You might be wondering: what is Blue Monday? The third Monday of January was awarded its gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, the abandonment of New Year’s resolutions, the full force […]

How To Work From Home While Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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Working from home has become the norm for many companies across the globe and people are finding innovative ways to adjust to these settings. With the incredible benefits of saving on the cost of transport, not having to set your alarm quite as early, having more flexibility around your start and finish times – sometimes […]

Bee Empowered: The Power of Mental Wellbeing

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In today’s strange and challenging times, each and every one of us could benefit from taking more time to prioritise our own mental health and emotional welfare. Few are better placed to understand the importance of mental wellbeing than Deborah King, Owner of Bee Empowered.

Mental Health Awareness with Scott Stevenson

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We sat down with Scott Stevenson, founder of The Stevenson Way to discuss mental health support strategies and creating a support mechanism for your emotional wellbeing. Check it out!