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In the bustling world of transport and logistics, having a strong online presence is no longer just an added advantage – it’s a necessity. With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, companies need to ensure their websites not only provide essential information but also capture the essence of their brand. 

This is the story of how we transformed TCB Group’s online presence with a sleek website design that made them a standout in the transportation and logistics sector. We built a centralised platform that connected their various locations and positioned them as an authority within their industry. 

Keep reading to find out how we did it.

TCB Group - Homepage Hero

The Client

TCB Group is an international logistics and freight company. They have a long-standing history of delivering unparalleled logistics services and they have spent years establishing their network across different global locations.

This expertise, alongside their global base, has positioned them as a trusted partner for logistics and transportation services. Our job was to ensure that they had a centralised online presence that could welcome a global audience and simplify the complex nature of transporting goods.

The Objectives

TCB Group and their commitment to providing seamless, efficient, and innovative logistics solutions was evident. Our challenge was to translate this dedication, professionalism and expertise into a website design that resonated with their audience.

The objective of this logistics website design was as follows;

  • Design and simple and intuitive website for a global audience 
  • Ensure consistent TCB Group branding
  • Optimise the website for SEO

These objectives underpinned the logistics website design strategy for TCB Group. With this three-pronged approach, we were able to enhance their online presence and ensure that they had a website that could keep pace with their operations.

TCB Group Desktop and Mobile

Connecting Global Offices with Sleek Logistics Website Design 

TCB Group is a trusted logistics and freight company with a global footprint that’s deeply rooted in Belfast and extends to bustling hubs in Dublin and Singapore. With such a diverse geographical presence, it was essential for them to have a website that could seamlessly connect these locations. 

Their clients, partners, and stakeholders needed a unified platform where they could access information, services, and support irrespective of the office they were liaising with. Our challenge was to design a website that not only highlighted their global reach but also ensured that users felt a consistent brand experience, whether they were interacting with the Belfast headquarters or the global offices in Dublin and Singapore.

TCB Group - Location Pages

Dedicated web pages 

To do this, we ensured that the website design had dedicated pages for each location. The TCB website was now able to clearly communicate where they provided logistics services and they could now direct customers to their desired location. A simple and intuitive layout like this ensures a more pleasant user experience, which is essential in logistics website design.

Visualised map

In order to further highlight the reach of TCB Group, we also embedded a map feature which pinned the location of each global office. This feature ensured that visitors could quickly visualise the journey and acknowledge how central TCB Group would be to its successful transportation.

We recognized that TCB Group’s clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, needed quick and easy access to essential information. Visual aids such as these provide this service and are extremely important in transport and logistics website design.

Transport and Logistics Website Design: Website Transformation 1
Transport and Logistics Website Design: Website Transformation 2

Case studies

The case studies section provided another feature that would help reinforce TCB Group’s status as a leading global logistics and transport provider. This unique content would also encourage their website visitors to stick around their website for longer improving SEO performance and enhancing the user experience.

Including a case studies section like this is generally good practice for logistics website design. It allows businesses such as TCB Group to offer industry insights into their logistics practices and how they provide expert customer service along the way, building credibility and trust in their brand. 

Ensure consistent TCB Group branding

Ensuring consistent TCB Group branding was essential in the logistics website build. This would help bring together all of the different services that they provided and ensure that their global reach was underpinned by a consistent TCB Group brand that customers could quickly recognise.

Consistent colour theme

The branded colours of TCB Group are red, yellow and blue, we embedded this colour theme within the entire website build, using it to reinforce the brand identity and help customers navigate the site.

TCB Group - Colour Scheme
Transport and Logistics Website Design: Website Transformation 3

Branded Graphics 

Another aspect of our web design approach was to create branded graphics that would reinforce TCB Group’s brand identity, professionality and credibility. These were peppered throughout the website, helping potential clients visualise the transport method that TCB Group could provide.

Our team of designers created a full collection of branded graphics for the TCB Group. This visualised their brand identity and contributed towards helping their website stand out from competitors. 

TCB Group Desktop and Mobile

SEO-Optimised for Visibility

In order to ensure that the TCB Group could be seen by targeted audiences, we embedded SEO tactics throughout the entire logistics website design. This would help bring in more traffic and push their website further up on search engine results. 

Fast Loading Times

Our team of web developers optimised the images, content and website coding for faster loading times. This ensured that the website was fully functional, creating a user-friendly experience and reducing the bounce rate – which is a crucial factor in SEO performance. 

Quality Backlinks

We also worked on building quality backlinks to the site, further boosting its search engine ranking and domain authority. This helped to position TCB Group as knowledge experts within the logistics and transportation sector. 

Keyword Integration

After thorough research, we integrated relevant keywords throughout the site, ensuring organic visibility for optimum results. The case studies section provided a great opportunity to capitalise on this tactic and offer a channel for continued SEO practices going forward. 

Massive thanks to the team at Profile Tree for all their hardwork. Nothing was ever any trouble for them and we are absolutely delighted with the final product they delivered to TCB Group. On behalf of the TCB Group team big thanks to Profile Tree for everything. Absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Joel Woods (TCB Group)

The Result

The revamped TCB Group website not only captured the essence of their brand but it also provided an enhanced user experience. With a surge in organic traffic, increased engagement rates, and positive feedback from clients, TCB Group’s online presence now mirrors their industry excellence.

In the world of transport and logistics, where efficiency and reliability are paramount, we’re proud to have played a part in making TCB Group stand out online. Whether you’re in the logistics sector or any other industry, remember that your website is often the first impression you make, so make it count!