Hotel Marketing Strategy: How We Used Sleek Website Design, SEO Tactics and Visual Content for Success


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Denvir’s Coaching Inn is a historic hotel nestled in the heart of Downpatrick. When they came to us for a bespoke hotel marketing strategy we couldn’t have been more eager to get started and start bringing them the website traction they deserved.

Our hotel marketing strategy for Denvir’s was comprised of a three-pronged approach; sleek website design, comprehensive and intuitive SEO content and a revitalised approach to the visual content of their website.

Denvirs - Homepage

Results of the Hotel Marketing Strategy 

We delivered on all three objectives, producing a high-performing, visually appealing website that now attracts over a thousand website visitors per month, ranks for 180+ keywords and ultimately, is a unique online space dedicated to Denvir’s Coaching Inn and a place to attract potential guests. 

In this case study, we’ll explore how we delivered a multifaceted hotel marketing approach, combining cutting-edge web design, high-quality visual content creation, and strategically tailored SEO. 

This particular success story highlights the importance of these digital marketing elements and the benefits of choosing a comprehensive digital marketing agency like us at ProfileTree, to deliver on them. 

Keep reading to find out how we breathed new life into an outdated website, drove website traffic, and created an online presence to promote Denvir’s Coaching Inn.

Mobile and Desktop for Denvirs Homepage

Hotel Website Design Refresh

Denvir’s Coaching Inn needed a complete refresh for its website design. This included the content, website functionality and all of the visual aspects. Our approach was to create a sleek design that could easily engage with visitors and quickly communicate the USPs of Denvir’s Coaching Inn.

Screenshot of user friendly grid on Denvirs website

Enhanced User Experience

We created a clear and intuitive interface for an enjoyable user experience, this made it simple for potential guests to find information about Denvir’s rooms, amenities, prices, hotel location, and more. We also embedded a responsive web design which ensured that the website functions well on all devices.

Increased Direct Bookings

We were able to increase the number of direct bookings via Denvir’s Coaching Inn website. Our website developers built a faster and higher-performing website, whilst integrating with the hotel’s room management system for direct bookings.

Screenshot of booking module for Denvirs
Screenshot of Contact Us page for Denvirs

Mailchimp Training

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. It is a versatile tool in a digital marketing toolkit and can help secure ongoing website traffic and bookings when utilised. 

As part of our digital training services, we have also provided Denvir’s Coaching Inn with MailChimp training, which will help them in promoting the new website launch, driving traffic and managing their own email marketing strategy.

SEO Tactics

A major objective of our hotel marketing strategy for Denvir’s Coaching Inn was to create SEO-friendly content with embedded strategic keywords. This would help attract local traffic, boost page rankings and provide an avenue for competing with other local hotels and booking giants.

180+ Keywords  

The results of this SEO for hotels marketing tactic yielded several benefits, they now rank for over 180+ keywords with specific targeted phrases such as;

  • Downpatrick Hotel
  • Bars in Downpatrick
  • Food in Downpatrick
  • Hotels in Downpatrick
  • Restaurants in Downpatrick

This helped Denvir’s Coaching Inn position itself as a social, vibrant hub, targeting both locals who are looking for somewhere to eat and socialise and potential tourists who are searching for accommodation in Downpatrick. 

Providing Clarity

Another strategic SEO tactic for this strategically tailored hotel marketing strategy was to ensure that both search engines and potential website visitors knew what Denvir’s Coaching Inn was offering. 

The actual phrase ‘Coaching Inn’ isn’t a popularly searched term, the image below indicates the search data for both key phrases. Our marketing tactics are always data-driven and so we needed to strike the perfect balance between the business’ name and providing clarity on what they were actually offering.

SEO Terms 

Performing this type of research beforehand allows us to write SEO content that will actually attract website visitors, ensuring that people know who you are and what it is that your business provides. We ensured that the website referred to the fact that Denvir’s is a Downpatrick hotel and a popular location in Downpatrick for food and drinks.


Whilst much of the SEO tactics used were influenced by SEO keywords, we also ensured that Denvir’s USPs and brand personality came through in the content. We emphasised the fact that Denvir’s is the oldest surviving coaching inn in Ireland and a Grade A-listed building, effectively communicating the hotel’s unique brand of a historical accommodation that embodies authentic Irish charm and hospitality.

Visual Imagery and Video Content

Visual imagery plays a crucial role in hotel marketing for several reasons. High-quality images and video content can provide potential guests with a strong first impression of the hotel, its amenities, and its welcoming atmosphere. Our talented video marketing team visited the premises of Denvir’s Coaching Inn, capturing visual content that showcased the appeal of staying in a quaint, charming location such as Denvir’s Coaching Inn.

The video

We shot an impressive promotional video that followed the narrative of a couple who chose to stay at Denvir’s Coaching Inn. The storyline depicted the whole experience of checking in, offloading luggage in the room and heading out to create some memorable experiences and activities. 

What this video did quite well was to show an authentic experience of what you can have when staying at Denvir’s Coaching Inn. It wasn’t some generic hotel video that you see in the likes of Hilton, or Virgin Hotels, instead, it was personalised, showcasing the best of Downpatrick and how a stay at Denvir’s Coaching Inn is central to that experience.


The images we created for the Denvirs website design refresh extended a sense of warmth and hospitality to potential guests. On the homepage, we specifically included a collection of bespoke imagery that depicted the smiling faces of bartenders pulling pints, neat and restful rooms, and the amazing quality of food on offer.

With this approach, we believed that we could capture the audience’s attention within seconds of visiting the homepage, encouraging them to stick around for longer, increasing SEO rankings and embedding a type of visual call to action.

Within hotel marketing campaigns, those with high-quality imagery and video content will always resonate better with audiences. It will increase engagement levels and help potential guests visualise themselves staying on your premises. In fact, according to a study by MDG Advertising, articles with relevant images get 94% more views than those without.

Denvirs - Homepage Slider
Mobile and Desktop for Denvirs Homepage

A Successful Hotel Marketing Strategy 

A well-designed hotel website not only makes the property more appealing to potential guests but also provides functional benefits that can significantly impact the hotel’s success in terms of bookings and revenue.

We helped Denvir’s Coaching Inn carve out its own digital presence and steer audiences away from the large booking platforms to a tailored website that provides a more personalised experience of a potential stay.

At ProfileTree, we know how to strategically target audiences, delivering a tailored hotel marketing strategy that generates real results. We take your unique brand story and show it to the world, will your business be next?