Creative Website Design and Build for Brexit Business Advisory Service

Brexit Plan

The Challenge

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union was to cause considerable uncertainty for Irish businesses. That’s why the founders of Brexit Plan spotted a unique opportunity to create a service helping businesses across the island of Ireland to navigate the economic upheaval, protecting their businesses and investments. Lead by a senior solicitor, this aptly-named business recognised great opportunity in the future ahead.

Whilst Brexit Plan were fully equipped with business organisation and legal expertise, common challenges faced the client: without any website or digital presence, difficulties arose in how they promoted themselves and their specialised services.

Through ProfileTree’s UX research, it was highlighted that information was clogged with legal jargon, and experts around this subject were limited.

Following consultation with ProfileTree, it was quickly identified that Brexit Plan would struggle to reach their full potential without an engaging, secure and user-friendly website.

That’s where we came in.

Our Approach

Creating a digital presence

With challenges and issues identified, ProfileTree were delighted to assist Brexit Plan in establishing a digital presence with a simple, yet visually appealing website. Research demonstrated that the new website was to achieve three core objectives. Firstly, it was essential that the website explained in clear terms how the service could assist businesses in preparing for Brexit. Secondly, jargon was to be discarded, with legal information presented in an accessible and easily-digestible manner. Thirdly, it was highlighted that the Brexit Plan website should highlight the service’s specific expertise into cross-border trade. In a nutshell, a path was drawn towards cutting through the noise and jargon to create an aesthetically pleasing website which would hold its users’ attention, whilst communicating sizeable amounts of information.

With this rationale, ProfileTree progressed to the design phase, where the team developed a fun, cartoon-style animation for the website hero section. The buttons on the hero directed people towards two sections: information for Irish businesses and information for Northern Irish and British businesses. This fun visual style was used to both engage users and to separate our client from what is an overtly professional industry.

With plans made to design a single-page website, we wanted to ensure that information was readable, flowing and digestible; so we divided each section into standalone panels with short, concise paragraphs. We also created an animation to complement the visual style of the website, illustrating and explaining each service that Brexit Plan could offer to clients – all within the space of two minutes. This measure proved to be especially effective in informing potential customers about the services offered by our client.

The content writers at ProfileTree also included a jargon guide at the end of the page, assisting users in understanding some of the key terminology within the context of Brexit.


Fresh digital presence

New leads, more sales and a higher conversion rate thanks to a user-friendly site and a clear call to action.

Client established in a niche area of expertise thanks to engaging content and clear and concise copy.

A fresh and debut digital presence – essential for any modern business.