Integrating a Learning Management System onto WordPress – How we did it for Concrete Supplier

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based platform designed to plan, deliver, manage, and assess a learning process. It provides training providers, administrators, and learners with a single, centralised solution to create online courses, enrol students, and track their progress throughout the learning journey.

However, for an existing website, this can become quite complex to integrate efficiently and often, a specialist web development approach is required in order to ensure full functionality and control over the Learning Management System.

Integrating a Learning Management System onto WordPress

While we didn’t design the main WordPress website of Concrete Batching Solutions, we did have the privilege of developing a crucial component for their employee training and onboarding processes. 

We helped integrate their learning materials, course requirements and onboarding process into a simple, user-friendly LMS that they could manage in-house. Keep reading to find out exactly how we did it and what benefits it produced for our client.

Screenshot of Concrete Batching Systems LMS - Homepage

The Client

Concrete Batching Systems is based in Belfast and has its core business revolving around concrete. Their commitment to the concrete industry is unparalleled, and they have established a significant presence in the market. As industry-leading suppliers, they focus specifically on the needs of the customer, offering everything from specification, design, supply, installation, and backup.

However, for their staff, they needed an effective Learning Management System, in order to train employees in the essential skills and knowledge required for their specific job roles. This was important for various reasons, including quality control, legal adherence and excellent customer service.

Project Overview

Our primary task was to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) for Concrete Batching Systems. This LMS was not just any regular system; it was designed to serve as a comprehensive portal for training and support, a system that would underpin their operations and set the precedent for the quality of their standard going forward.

Screenshot of Desktop and Mobile of Concrete Batching Systems LMS

LMS Features

As part of the integrated Learning Management System of WordPress, we included several features that would boost engagement and enhance the user experience. Check them out below


The LMS contained a mix of reading materials and videos to cater to different learning preferences. This is a central requirement of an LMS, as it primarily functions to facilitate learning through the most helpful mediums for the learner.

Customizable Views

We also integrated customisable views depending on user roles or departments. This ensured that the LMS was appealing to individual users, providing a user experience that was relevant and easily navigated through.

Lesson Plans

This LMS also included various lesson plans to help guide the learning and ensure that the content was retainable and easily understood by the learner. It also allowed the learner to visually track their learning progress.

Progress Tracking

The system could track employee progress, providing percentages of completion of the course. This would allow supervisors and trainers to track employee progress and identify areas for focus and growth.

Evidence of Training

A unique feature of this LMS was the ability to show evidence of training, which is particularly useful for inspections and compliance checks. It provided tangible evidence of learning that was recorded, dated and stored in a centralised location. 

Successful WordPress LMS Integration 

Our team of web developers successfully integrated an LMS system for our clients at Concrete Batching Systems. Going forward, it provided them with many tangible benefits of enhanced operational management and employee training.

New Employee Onboarding

New recruits could track how far they’ve progressed in their training, ensuring a smooth induction process and preparing them with the relevant training and knowledge to support their new roles.


For compliance checks and inspections, Batching Concrete Systems could now effortlessly show evidence that employees had undergone the necessary training. They could also track when it was time for employees to refresh their training, ensuring that they could uphold a consistent standard.

Simple user interface

Another success of integrating this LMS is that we could maintain an easy-to-use interface. The simplicity of this feature ensured that both learners and course supervisors could easily interact with the platform, access relevant information and create a suitable learning environment.

Filtered results

Given the size of Concrete Batching Solutions, we recognised that they had many departments that worked together in order to maintain the business. This meant that the LMS had to reflect the many different departments and categorise the learning accordingly. 

We ensured the LMS had different sections for finance, customer support, business development etc. Creating an organised space would give them greater control over training requirements and better management of the different departments.

Adherence to ISO Standards

One of the standout features of the LMS we developed for Concrete Batching Systems is its alignment with ISO standards. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, sets globally recognized standards for various industries, ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency. 

In the context of training and education, adhering to these standards is paramount. Our LMS not only facilitates the delivery of standardised training content but also provides robust tracking and reporting features. 

This ensured that Concrete Batching Systems could effortlessly demonstrate compliance during ISO inspections. By maintaining a digital record of every training module, test result, and user interaction, the LMS serves as a comprehensive evidence diary, showcasing the company’s commitment to international best practices and continuous improvement.

Screenshot of Desktop and Mobile of Concrete Batching Systems LMS

A Successful LMS WordPress Integration 

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment that goes beyond mere online visibility. While a strong digital presence is undeniably crucial in today’s world, we recognize that operational requirements are the backbone of businesses like Concrete Batching Systems. Our work with the Learning Management System is a testament to this belief. 

We don’t just design websites; we craft comprehensive digital solutions that cater to both the front-facing and behind-the-scenes needs of our clients. Ensuring the smooth running of operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency are just as paramount to us as creating a visually appealing online interface. 

In partnering with us, you’re choosing an agency that understands the holistic demands of modern businesses and is equipped to meet them head-on.