Website Redesign and Content Marketing for Ireland’s Leading Laser Eye Clinic

Cathedral Eye Clinic

The Challenge

Cathedral Eye Clinic has become an institution in Ireland, with its Belfast-based headquarters hosting some of the country’s most experienced optometrists, consultant ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons, as well as Ireland’s first and only SMILE laser surgery facilities. With clients coming from all over the country, Cathedral Eye Clinic enjoyed the prestige granted by their skills and investments in technology. However, without a flowing, functional and engaging digital presence, leaders at the clinic felt that its achievements were limited.

Following a consultation with the client, numerous challenges were identified. Aside from lacking a strong website, the client also lacked any strategy around content and digital marketing. Staff were also poorly equipped to leverage digital tools such as social media. With improvement measures identified and a plan drawn up, Cathedral Eye Clinic were ready to take their first steps towards online success.

That’s where ProfileTree came in.

Our Approach

Sleek Digital Showcase

Cathedral Eye Clinic’s range of services required a robust and stable website with numerous landing pages. Pages were designed for a number of treatments and eye health programmes, as well as essential information around the clinic’s surgeons, payment plans and government schemes. It was also swiftly identified that the client would benefit from a page for blog content, as well as a page featuring patient testimonials.

Once the plan was devised, the team at ProfileTree set about constructing a website, with results that were user-friendly, engaging and visually appealing. With flowing pages and calls to action at several points, the path had already been plotted to achieving a site where patients could discover and communicate with clinical staff.

A central element of Cathedral Eye Clinic’s digital transformation centred around content marketing, including video production. A series of videos were recorded and embedded within the site’s design, featuring interviews with staff members, details around eye conditions and laser treatments, as well as basic information around the clinic’s location and payment plans. Blogs also formed a core element of the transformation plan, with over 20 blogs published detailing eye conditions and relevant treatments. Opting for ProfileTree’s content writing services allowed Cathedral Eye Clinic to demonstrate their credentials whilst also boosting their site’s ranking. These measures were consolidated by an extensive SEO strategy, engineered to boost the clinic’s visibility on search engine pages including Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Following the official handover of the new website, ProfileTree were delighted to provide our client with digital training, ensuring that their success continues in the present and into the future.

Website Redesign and Content Marketing for Ireland's Leading Laser Eye Clinic 1
Website Redesign and Content Marketing for Ireland's Leading Laser Eye Clinic 2


Visually appealing website

A flowing, secure and visually appealing website, engineered to achieve ideal user experience and search engine recognition.

Expertly recorded and edited video content, showcasing the client’s industry-leading treatments and clinical expertise.

Optimised, eloquent and informative written content and blog posts engineered to highlight credentials and boost search engine rankings.

A well researched, organised and resourced digital strategy to ensure the client’s success in the present and into the future.

Digital marketing for healthcare industry 

It would be safe to say that nearly every industry in the world has become digitalised in some form, and the healthcare industry is no different. Patients are now expecting to be able to access health information and services conveniently and through accessible digital means. 

It has even become a trend to ‘google your symptoms’ as people’s first step with a health issue is to usually google it. If your business provides a healthcare service, then you need to be providing health information via your website and through your established digital presence. 
A digital marketing strategy for healthcare services will help you reach potential patients, spread your expertise and become a resource for health information. This all works to increase your brand’s credibility and authenticity, which is very important for healthcare professionals.

Website Redesign and Content Marketing for Ireland's Leading Laser Eye Clinic 3

Digital marketing for healthcare using website design 

Website competition in healthcare services is particularly fierce, with established health sites such as the NHS or WebMd, it can be challenging to carve out your own digital presence as a healthcare provider. However, with carefully cultivated website design, we can help you to establish your own digital presence within the healthcare market.  

Designing a website for healthcare services needs to be particularly well presented, clearly structured and informative. Poorly chosen themes, descriptions full of jargon or unclear website navigation will only serve to confuse potential patients and steer them away from browsing your website. 

Colour theme for healthcare websites 

The colour theme of your healthcare website will have an impact on how it is perceived by audiences. As a general rule of thumb, use colours such as green, blue or white, as these convey notions of health and vitality. Stay away from colours like red and black, as these are quite alarming and loud, as opposed to calming and soothing. 

Navigation for healthcare websites 

More so than any other industry, healthcare websites particularly need to present information in a clear and informative format. They should have clearly defined web pages that help the visitor access information relevant to them. Some of the usual webpages found on healthcare websites include: 

  • About the surgeon / healthcare professional
  • Information on healthcare services
  • Frequently asked questions 
  • Patient testimonials
  • Before and after pages
  • Blog page 
  • Payment plans and government schemes
  • Contact us / book an appointment page

Clearly structured information in a siloed format, will help the visitor navigate the website and access relevant information. This also increases the amount of time they spend on your website, which also serves to increase the website’s credibility and authenticity score. 

Call to action 

As with any website design, a call to action needs to be included, it serves to encourage visitors to complete an action on behalf of the business. Within the healthcare industry, these ‘call to actions’ can be a little more personalised to the individual, e.g.) 

  • Stop living in pain and get in contact with us now. 
  • Get your life back by scheduling an appointment today. 
  • Book in for a consultation and start living better. 

A call to action reaffirms what you are offering to the individual and how they will benefit from your service. Include these sporadically throughout your website as too many will lose impact.

Digital marketing for healthcare using SEO 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of organically attracting visitors to your website by ranking highly in response to search engine queries. For example, if someone searched for ‘eye clinic belfast’ then the Cathedral Eye Clinic appears as the top result. 

SEO does not use paid advertising, instead it’s a process of constructing website content so that it provides clear and detailed information in response to user queries. Within the healthcare industry, there are lots of opportunities for creating relevant SEO content in response to health queries – as it’s one of the most frequently searched topics on Google. 

It’s also important to remember, that as a healthcare professional, it can be too easy to speak using jargon terms that are familiar with experts in the industry, but for the ordinary person who is seeking your services, they may not know the accurate terms for medical procedures or diagnosis. Within SEO, there is a focus on curating content in layman’s terms, equating with the same format and style of questions that are being searched on the likes of  Google, Yahoo or Bing. 

Digital marketing for healthcare using content creation

Although this may sound blunt, it is important to note that visitors to your healthcare website are not visiting your website for the goodness of their hearts, they are seeking information and assistance with their own healthcare issue. As such, the content marketing strategy for healthcare businesses needs to be patient centric. 

Some healthcare content that is worth creating includes: 

Patient testimonials 

Patient testimonials are one of the best ways to create successful content for your healthcare practice. Audiences will have a natural predisposition to believe that your words are biassed because it’s your business, but with patient testimonials, this issue can be avoided, which increases credibility and trust of your brand. 

Before and afters

If relevant, before and after images can lend credibility to your healthcare service. They are a visual representation of your expertise and communicate that you can offer real results for patient’s. Some healthcare services naturally lend themselves to this type of content i.e.) surgery results, dental corrections or skin rashes, irritations, burns etc. 

Documentary style content 

Documentary style content goes into a little more depth than patient testimonials, they follow the patient’s journey from the initial consultation phase right through to post-procedure results. Audiences can imagine themselves in this journey, experiencing the same feelings and struggles as the patient and becoming aware that there is a solution available to them.  

Video content for healthcare website 

Video content is the most consumed form of media online and audiences expect to see it no matter which industry they are exploring. Video content in the healthcare industry can cover anything from the businesses location, procedure process, state-of-the art technologies and even introductions to the healthcare staff. 

In an industry where bedside manner is so important, it makes sense to provide content that is a little more interpersonal and authentic.

Digital marketing agency for promoting healthcare business 

It can be particularly difficult for healthcare providers to promote their services, due to the  intangible nature of healthcare, i.e.) you can’t physically rub an ointment or give a patient medication in order to show them the effectiveness of your healthcare product/service. 

At ProfileTree, we understand this challenge and that’s why we provide a multi-thronged approach to digital marketing for healthcare. We are experts at using bespoke website design and clever content marketing methods. 

We have worked with a range of different healthcare providers in a variety of niche services. We know how to target potential patients and promote the healthcare industry in an authentic and credible way. If you would like to hear more about our services, you can do so by getting in touch here.