Augmented Reality in Education: Mixed Reality Insights with Nuala Trainor of Sentireal

Augmented Reality in education could be one of the most exciting developments in learning for many years.

Why? Specialist Nuala Trainor explains, in our ProfileTree Business Leaders interview, how mixed reality – that’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – can be used in training.

Nuala, co-founder of ‘Sentireal’, began by explaining how the five-year-old company supplies software platforms for training and guidance in, mainly, the medical industries.

Sentireal’s work makes use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, plus AI technology. This places the company at the cutting edge of mixed reality and its potential uses.

Nuala outlined how she explains terms like VR to potential customers.

“Virtual reality is generally what you would see when you put a headset on or some type of head gear. And that could be cardboard head gear costing £5 up to higher-spec items costing hundreds or thousands. You become immersed in this virtual world, you put the headset on and you’re seeing maybe 360 video or computer-generated images.

“On the other side you have AR, and I say to people ‘think of Pokemon Go’. With Augmented Reality you are seeing this using a tablet or a phone. Say, in marketing, you would hold the tablet over a wine bottle and once it is triggered you’d see additional details and data.”

She explained how combining these types of Mixed Reality tech with AI can produce a highly tailored learning experience for end users.

“We used Mixed Reality in our training and we then introduce AI, so the beauty of that is that it is able to monitor the progress of our trainees as they are using our software platform for training and guidance. It will deliver content specific to each trainee, so it isn’t ‘one size fits all’.

“You could have ten people in the training room doing, for instance first aid training. Their progress will be monitored, the content will be delivered accordingly and the progress also sent back to a trainer. It’s relieving the burden for the trainer as well.”

The benefits of a Mixed Reality approach? “Studies show that the immersive nature of the technology leads to high retention rate. Traditional lecture style, the average is about 10%. With this immersive training, because you are fully engaged with your senses aroused it’s a totally captivating experience and the rates can be up to 75%”.

“This means huge learning outcomes and huge potential for so many industries. In the past it would have been used a lot in the military, for instance training soldiers before they go to Iraq.”

To discover much more about this technology and its uses see our full video.


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