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SEO in Lisburn? We help local companies to achieve their goals online.

We’re locally-based search optimisation specialists with a difference: we’ve built our own company on SEO FIRST so we already know how to achieve business growth through great SEO.

We’re also a leading content marketing agency, meaning we can help your business be found online AND engage your potential customers in a way designed to help drive conversions.

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We’re often asked by companies – from Lisburn, across NI and beyond – if we could ‘do SEO on a website’. It tends to go alongside the misunderstanding that SEO is like flicking a switch, a form of technical set-up, that can be accessed by bringing in SEO consultants.

Worse, the company has listened to scraps of out-of-context advice in presentations and between business owners…a sure route to going nowhere fast! In a way, the technical set-up part is correct to some degree. But there’s much, much more to gain great results.

We tell our clients…

Start with a clean slate:

How to ‘do’ SEO? Any good SEO consultants will want to start at the beginning to take your marketing goals – with real, clear targets – and improve your website for Google’s latest algorithm before linking in with engaging, purposeful and relevant content with a well-performing call-to-action. Anything less is purely traffic for the sake of traffic. Your business deserves better.

Take a step back:

Investing in SEO – which not just puts you in front of people searching for your services, but links with great content to great content designed to convert (this part of often forgotten) – is a great time to take a step back with your team and really examine your business. What are your business goals? Your marketing goals? What audience will you target with search ranking? How will you keep them within a sales funnel? ProfileTree can help shape your digital strategy for success.

Little and often:

Ticking the SEO box will achieve little when search algorithms start to change and your customers switch to new types of device. Making digital strategy something you regularly revisit, assess and refine means you’ll be ahead of change in that ‘sweet spot’ of when it happens rather than wasting budget on catching up.

Ultimately, SEO isn’t a product. A professional SEO firm in Lisburn, or anywhere in NI, will show that SEO is an ongoing way of thinking about web set-up and content and customer journey, a best practice and a foundation for your digital word.

Most of all, ProfileTree built our own company on SEO and content marketing so we understand how to incorporate great SEO into the very roots of the online presence where your customer interacts with your brand. And the fact that we have a team of experts – in SEO, in content writing, in social marketing, in video production, in web design/development and in training too – means the personal service for Lisburn businesses of a freelance SEO consultant with the benefits of a varied, specialist team.


Knowing what you want to gain from investing in SEO means knowing what you aim to achieve from marketing. Real, specific goals like ’15 enquiries per week and five sales’ will give a clear, uncompromising measure to check your investment against…and adapt as needs me.

We’ll show you how because we love helping local companies to shape their SEO for online succcess.


If you haven’t looked at how your business goals and marketing goals overlap, and even support each other, the planning of an SEO project with ProfileTree is a great time to take stock. We’ll even help you this, to make sure every part of your online world is working towards the results you need to achieve.

How? Our proven SEO strategies are tried-and-tested!


Undertstanding your audience, potential buyers, new markets and new messages will all form part of your ProfileTree SEO plan. But take time to listen to a vital resource: your team. Their ideas, challenges, suggestions and more can help form the structure of a strategy built around success.

We’ll take your needs and help make results happen online for your business.


If you aren’t planning for your business to change and your customers to change, you are – unfortunately – planning to fail. Cheap ‘off the shelf’ SEO options won’t take account of many factors, including the need to adapt to your changing business needs and continually tying in with content as your audiences switches to new types of search and more.

Ask us how to design-in change to make sure you benefit from the newest developments.

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