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What is ProfileTree?

It can be very time consuming and frustrating to find local suppliers of needed services online. Many small businesses do not have a website, do not appear in search engines or display their services in a very poor way on their website.

As a consumer we do not know if they provide a service that our friends believe is excellent or just okay!

This is what ProfileTree is for - it lists local services in an easy to search, read and review format. See who your friends recommend - what services they offer and what payment methods they take.

ProfileTree offers its listing service for small business owners for free, and anyone can come to the site and search for their local business.

ProfileTree LLP is an independent company devoted to nothing but serving the local community. It came from an idea in 2010 and was incorporated as a UK company in 2011. From launch we quickly had small business owners and freelancers adding their profile to the website and promoting themselves with ProfileTree. With a strong presence on all social media sites – especially Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – the PT team started sharing interviews, helpful articles and selected profiles to promote people to more potential customers.

Helping small business find customers - and helping people like you find the local services you want. Register today in the ProfileTree local business directory, or read one of the many marketing and small business blog posts here.

Who Can Join ProfileTree?

Anyone can join up and it’s totally free to use, we do offer a chargeable premium service - which offers more features to any user.

How Do I Join ProfileTree?

We offer many login options to quickly sign up so you can start using the platform.


Who Is ProfileTree?

We are a company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland that is supported by a great group of people spread across different countries around the world. Why don’t you become a new member of the ProfileTree community today?

 Email - support@profiletree.com
 Telephone - 0044 28 95 810610
 Address - ProfileTree, 8th Floor, Chamber of Commerce House, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. BT2 7BA.