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Voice Search: Why the Future Is Voice

Voice search was once just a part of a futuristic, sci-fi movie – that’s all in the past now. Much like when encyclopedias were cool until the introduction of digital search engines. Bit by bit, the nature of those search engines took several forms and developed over the last decade until they’ve reached their latest […]

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Latest Social Media Trends: Is Your Business Missing Out?

In many ways, 2018 has been the year of change, and with that change comes adapting. The way we adapt requires us to develop new tools and technologies and they become trends. Anything can become a trend, anything from a new product on the market to a popular dance move going viral. As a marketer, […]

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How to Trend on Twitter

You want to lead the flock of Twitter? Learning how to trend on Twitter can be a stepping stone to social media fame. That fame can result in the success of your business or brand. Knowing how to trend on Twitter is a winning card of its own. Twitter is one of the most famous social […]

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Content Marketing Trends: All You Need To Know

Content marketing trends are essential to keep track of if you want to make content work hard for your business. With more and more companies using content to engage with their customers, staying one step ahead brings real benefits. However, it seems like every week there is a new top content marketing trend. How are […]

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Video Content: The Future of Digital Content Is Here

Video content currently represents one of the most important content formats, if not the most important, and cannot be be ignored. This essential guide looks at how you could be unleashing the ROI of video for your business.   Which One Are You? Sitting at your desk and typing “video content” in Google’s search box. It […]

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