How to Create a Successful Skills Profile

ProfileTree offers everyone who has a skill or service an opportunity to advertise for free through creating an online skills profile - which customers can search, view and review.

The first thing to do in creating a skills profile is to identify your skills and talents, what are you great at? It could be related to your work, a hobby or past-time. For example - if you had a passion for gardening, but would not call yourself an expert. Still you will know more than someone who is just starting out or would like to know where and how to start in gardening. You could offer a service to transfer your skills at beginner level. There is always someone who is less skilled than you and who want to learn. Check out more reading on this topic here.

An extensive skills profile will help you find work, but what should be included? We list what are the most important parts of any skills profile:

Profile Heading - This will appear at the top of your profile so it is extremely important that you highlight your service in a concise but clear manner.

My Skills/About Me - This is the first part of your profile that potential customers see - an opportunity for you to tell them who you are and what you offer. Customers want to know a little about you and your background before contacting you.

Experience – Customers want to know that they are hiring someone who has experience and knows what they are talking about. Write a more detailed description of the experience you possess to help showcase your skills.

Education – This is optional, if you want to list your qualifications you can add them here. Obviously some services will require this information more than others.

Profile Picture – This can be a photo of you or your services, it is important to add this as people like to see who they are contacting.

Location – This is essential as customers need to know where you are located in order to avail of your services. Adding a phone number is optional. Remember you control the information that customers can see!

"I am a tradesperson, how do I create a skills profile?" is a question we have been asked. Anyone can create an online profile to highlight their talents and skills. Check out this article on how to maximise your skills on your own skills profile.

Listing Your Services

Using ProfileTree you have the opportunity to list a number of services. The headline and first sentences are very important to ensure that you catch the reader's attention. Think how you will stand out from the crowd - what will catch customers attention. For more tips on this - read this article on improving your skills to attract customers.

Offer Headline – Make this specific to the service you are offering. This will be what the customer sees first so ensure that it demonstrates the exact service you are offering.

Offer Description – Here you have the opportunity to add more detail. It is your chance to really show the customer what they will get for their money.

Think of what you or a customer would type into a search engine if they were looking for your service. This is an excellent guide to what you should try and include in your headline. If your seeking more marketing advice, do check out the articles listed in this section of the website.

Adding Photos, Videos and Blogs

At ProfileTree we enable customers to create an extensive profile which will showcase their skills in a number of ways. They say that ‘actions speak louder than words’, so don’t just tell your potential customers how good you are, show them!

Adding Photo and Videos – This is a very simple process, just click on the ‘Portfolio’ tab at the top of your skills profile and then add your selected photos and videos. You can create photo albums and add descriptions to each photo and video.

Adding a Blog – Just click on the ‘Articles’ tab at the top of your skills profile and add your post. Remember the more detail you give customers the more likely they are to hire you!

For more inspiration and ideas - check this post out for inspirational quotes to help identify more of your skills and possible services. This resume for your skills shows your employability to potential customers. It’s an easy way for anyone to see what services you offer in as short a time as possible.

Sharing Your Profile

Now you have created a successful and extensive skills profile, it’s time to share!! At ProfileTree it is extremely easy to share. Just look for the social network share buttons at the top of your services page and click. Now everyone in your social networks can see your profile and hopefully share it with their friends.

Now you have went through all these details it is time to create your profile or improve it - click here to start. You can also sign up for the premium business directory listing by clicking here.