Online Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know

Online Affiliate Marketing What You Need to Know

Marketing is a broad field that includes many terms and branches that are too many to count. Learning marketing resembles learning a new language; each has its own vocabulary and rules. You may have come across the term “online affiliate marketing.” Whether you have or not, online affiliate marketing is an interesting term for those who are studying marketing. More importantly, online affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income. If you are not sure what passive income is, passive income is money earned regularly with little to no effort on the part of the person receiving it. Who would not be interested in that? So, through the next lines, you will go step by step into understanding online affiliate marketing. You will also learn how you can benefit from it, as an individual or as a marketing agency.


What Is Online Affiliate Marketing?

Online affiliate marketing is a relationship between three parties: an advertiser, a publisher, and a consumer. An advertiser is also known as a retailer or a merchant. He is simply the creator of a product; someone who is willing to pay to promote his product to sell it. An advertiser could be an individual, a startup, or a huge corporation. The second element of the equation is the publisher. A publisher is someone who can grab the attention of the audience; someone that the audience can trust and look forward to his opinion. A publisher’s job is to promote the advertiser’s products in return for a commission. The final party is the consumer. Even though most times a consumer may not be aware that he is a part of affiliate marketing, the consumer is definitely the goal of this relationship.  A consumer here is someone who buys the advertiser’s products on seeing the publisher’s advertisement. However, affiliate marketing is not the same as referral marketing. Affiliate marketing depends on commission, whereas referral marketing relies only on trust and personal relationships.


Who Should Be Interested in Online Affiliate Marketing?

If you are an individual who is interested in making easy money, enjoys blogging, and loves to stay online for long periods of time, then online affiliate marketing is for you. If you are passionate about online marketing and can create engaging content, then you definitely should consider being an affiliate marketer. Meanwhile, if you own a marketing agency and you are trying to increase your profit, you can surely add online affiliate marketing to your list of services. It can increase your company’s income since you are already a marketing expert.


Pros of Online Affiliate Marketing

There are a number of advantages for doing affiliate marketing online:

  • You do not need a high budget

Basically, all you need is Internet access. The other requirements would be your time, creativity, and researching. These do not cost money, so it is perfect for those who earn a low income. You may be spending money on marketing methods according to your allowance.

  • You do not need to make a product or offer a service

Again, this saves you a lot of hassle. You do not need to stock or ship products and you will not be dealing with clients directly, so you will not be offering after-sales services.

  • You can work anytime and from anywhere


Terms to Know Before Becoming an Affiliate Marketer


An Internet cookie is a small piece of information that your browser stores on your hard drive. Any information that you provide on the Internet can be packaged into a cookie. For example, if your browser remembers your passwords or logging in information, this is a cookie. Your preferences, the items in your online shopping cart, the things you search for, all of these are cookies. How is this related to online affiliate marketing? Online Affiliate marketing relies on the first-party cookie. According to “When a user visits a publisher’s website and clicks an advertiser’s Ad, the visitor’s browser receives the CJ tracking cookie that identifies the advertiser, the publisher, the specific creative and commission amount.”


Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing is also known as pay-per-sale. This is a payment system in which the advertiser pays the publisher based on the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement placed on his website. Most affiliate marketing programs work through this system.



This is also another payment system in which the advertiser pays the affiliate marketer whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement, even if the visitor does not buy the product.


Affiliate Network

An affiliate network works as an intermediate between affiliate marketers and advertisers. The network helps both parties to find each other and makes the quest easier especially for beginner affiliates.


How Do You Start Online Affiliate Marketing?

If you have made up your mind to become an online affiliate marketer, you need to remember a few things. Although it is surely an easy money-making method, it is not effortless. You will have to go through some phases before you can actually start earning money. Here are some simplified steps according to


 Finding Your Niche

Finding your niche may be the trickiest step of the game. Finding your niche means finding the field which your blog or website will be about. However, unlike creating a personal blog, your target is not merely building an audience. Your target is promoting products that will make sales. So selecting a niche does not only follow the “follow your passion” rule. Sometimes the topic you are passionate about might not be relevant to high selling products. There are websites that can help you determine the most successful products when it comes to online affiliate marketing such as Clickbank. Defining the success rate of products can help you cross out non-profitable ones from your list.


Research Affiliate Programs

There are multiple aspects to consider while searching for the best affiliate program. Firstly, make sure that there are advertisers with relevant products using the same program. Secondly, choose a program with a good commission plan and products which you can easily promote and are in demand. Finally, study the products you will offer so you can introduce them to your audience in detail, and choose credible ones.


Build a Site and Produce Excellent Content for It

Creating a website or a blog can be done using some tools, but more importantly; increase your audience as much as you can. Remember that your goal is marketing for advertisers, so your website or blog should have high traffic. Creating content for your website is what will keep your users, regular visitors. In other words, it is crucial for a successful affiliate marketer to always keep his audience returning to his website.


Promoting Affiliate Products

So if you have already executed all those steps. Then, you created a website and built an audience for it, what should you do next? The answer is you should start promoting the products you are paid to advertise. Do not forget that online affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing, surely the same rules apply. However, there are methods that are usually associated with online affiliate marketing specifically.


Product Reviews

Reviews are a remarkably influential way to promote affiliate products. If your audience trusts you, and they can see that you are an expert at your niche, they will certainly buy a product that you recommend. Reviews are used for marketing on all Facebook pages, which is proof that a good review can bring you, customers. In order to make your audience trust you, write thorough and honest reviews. Point out all the pros and cons, and your own experience with the product.


Banner Ads

A banner Ad defines itself. It is rather image-based advertising. As a publisher, you place banner ads for affiliate products so they can take your visitors from your website to the advertiser’s website through a click.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending emails to potential customers, in this case, your viewers, to promote affiliate products. It should include a link for an affiliate offer or a product that can connect your recipients to the advertiser.


In a nutshell

Online affiliate marketing is a considerable way to increase your income, whether you are an individual or a company that needs a new and easy source of money. If you are an expert, online affiliate marketing can be a piece-of-cake method to earn more money. If you are a beginner, online marketing is one door to the vast world of marketing, and assuredly online affiliate marketing is one simple way to step into that world.

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