Offering a Service

ProfileTree is an online platform where you can advertise your skills and services for free. Simply create a profile, post your offers and add photos or videos if you would like to enhance your skills profile. Add an article to illustrate your expertise - ask customers to review your service and share your skills profile with the world through multiple social networks. These are all options to help you find work from new customers. For the best advice on setting up an effective Skills Profile - the key points are listed here.

If you want to offer a service through ProfileTree - it is very easy, just sign into the website with your social network or create a manual profile on the site. You can find the sign in button at the top right corner of every page.

Once registered you will be presented with opportunities to provide information to sell your service. You can add information such as past experience, location, photos - everything that will help ensure that possible customers see the best skills profile.

Complete as much information as possible - the more information you give customers, the more likely they are to contact you. Once you have completed your profile - why not share it with your social networks? Social share buttons have been placed on your profile. In sharing your profile - your friends may comment on it or share it with their circle of friends - creating more opportunities to find work. For some great ideas on what to write for your skills profile - check this article.

Lastly - ask previous customers to write a review for your work - they will be presented with an option to share this review once they have written it. Reviews build credibility and having reviews on your skills profile will increase the number of customers contacting you.

Customers can contact you via any personal details you display on your profile, or they can also click on the blue 'Contact' button to send you an email - so there is no need to display your personal information if you do not want to.

Congratulations - you are now offering your service through Don't forget to share your profile - spread it through the internet, you never know where that next job is coming from! For more tips on creating a profile check out the articles in the blog section.

Finding a Service

If you want to find any service in your local area - just go to the Search option on the top of each page of ProfileTree. Type in the service you want - we have auto fill set up to make things very easy for you - but you can type straight through this. If you want your service in a certain area - then just add this to the 'location' field.

The service provider may have displayed their direct contact details for you - or if you prefer you can also contact they via the blue 'Contact Us' button on each profile. This will send a private email direct from your ProfileTree account to the service provider's account.

Reviewing a Service

You have the option to review any service that is listed on ProfileTree. You need to log in with a social network to do this - the reason for this is to ensure that reviews are as accurate and honest as possible. We have listed more regarding the rules for writing a review in our Terms and Conditions. The main point is to be honest and fair in all reviews and not to write anything negative about a person, but to rate a service provided.

The review scores appear in the search results, profiles and homepage and are an important trust mark for the supplier.

When you write your review - you are given the chance to share it with your social networks - if you liked the service, the biggest compliment you can give the supplier is to write a review and share it for them. You never know if some of your friends are looking for the same type of service - they will appreciate it too!

Article Section

We have two article sections - one main area where tips and examples are published regularly. You will also find advice to help you locate good service providers, write great skills profiles and much more. Check out the ProfileTree article section here.

Each service provider who lists a service can also add articles to their skills profile that will help demonstrate their expertise. Ensure that you have a look at their photos, videos and blogs to get the best overview of the service they provide.

Useful Information

The ProfileTree team have created some interesting and helpful information on dealing with potential disputes. Check out this information here.

Have Your Say

We want to provide the best platform possible to help other people offer their services in the best possible way. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the site or the service we offer - please do get in touch with us. Just press the 'Feedback and Support' Icon that has been placed on every page. We would love to hear your suggestions, ideas and success using ProfileTree. Thank you in advance for helping to make this a better website ☺

Looking forward to seeing your profile! The ProfileTree Team.

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