Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Business Strategy


Artificial intelligence is one of those technological advances that seems as though it comes straight from the script of a sci-fi film or novel – but is becoming a reality. The sometimes controversial technology is gaining traction and is becoming a practical solution for businesses and consumers alike.

As technology continues to improve and artificial intelligence becomes the norm, businesses that don’t adapt their business strategy to include AI technology and move with their audience will find themselves slowly being left behind. 

There is a rise in start-up businesses being completely based on artificial intelligence, like the California-based start-up Suki: a clinical voice assistant business who have partnered with Google Cloud as they enter the healthcare industry.

Chatbots For Business

Chatbots are used by online businesses to stimulate human conversation through text input or voice commands from a customer. As a business owner using a chatbot, you can set defined guidelines for the machine to learn and for limited conversations to take place. This offers a much cheaper, instantaneous and flexible option for businesses to communicate with customers, enabling the AI to fix smaller problems whilst humans focus on trickier issues. Businesses should also consider adding artificial intelligence like Chatbots to their marketing strategies, particularly on social media. 

developments in artificial intelligence

Facial Recognition 

Facial recognition technologies are beginning to become more and more prevalent for consumers and for businesses. Having accurate facial recognition technology can improve security at concerts, shopping centres or high-security military bases as well as being used as an unlocking mechanism for your phone. This form of artificial intelligence has also become very popular in the travel industry as it is used at security and customs checks in airports around the world. 

Facial recognition is now no longer the only way artificial intelligence is being used to recognise humans. There are reports that there is technology starting to emerge that can recognise and track people by detecting their heartbeat, their individual walking gait as well as DNA they leave behind them like skin cells. The ability of this type of artificial intelligence has many split on where to draw the line on privacy boundaries.

Artificial Intelligence In The Home

Alexa and the Google Assistant are becoming more and more integrated into many homes around the world. These devices can pair up with other smart techs – like smart lighting and security – to make your life easier. By learning your habits, your home life can become more seamless through Alexa and other similar products.

Millions of people will make calls, create shopping lists, check emails and control house functions such as lighting through Alexa or Google Assistant. This technology is a great tool to use internally for businesses as it can make admin organisation much easier such as booking conference rooms, scheduling meetings with other employees and accessing applications belonging to the business.

‘Emotional’ AI

It might sound scary, but AI can even learn your emotions. Tests have been carried out which have discovered that AI can detect emotions in humans and then replicate them. We might think that things like love, passion, jealousy and anger are purely human instincts, but we are slowly being proven wrong. Emotional artificial intelligence is now being taken into consideration in product development in major industries such as the automotive industry.

There are reports that car manufacturer Toyota has developed vehicles that have emotional artificial technology. This technology will reportedly scan the driver for behaviours, such as head movement and their blinking patterns, to determine how the driver is feeling. So for example,  if the driver appears to be tired, the artificial intelligence will enable the technology within the vehicle to respond proactively to make improvements. 

More about Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Along with a number of other marketing services, ProfileTree can also help with Artificial Intelligence strategies like Chatbots, Alexa Voice and Google Voice. With these innovations, we can bring your organisation into the new technological era.

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