Better Collaboration Using Google? Cloud Computing Insights from Fintan Murphy

Could greater collaboration and innovation help your business? A tech specialist who helps companies use Google’s Cloud computing tools to unlock their potential has shared some essential insights.

Fintan Murphy, CEO of Damson Cloud, began by explaining how the evolution of his Dublin-based company has reflected changes in the tech world.

“My own background is IT, I set up the original company up when I was 18 or 19 when I was still in school. The business was called Damson Technologies as there were no clouds to sell back then!

“The Damson Cloud part of the business came around in 2011 when we merged with another business in the UK to become an international business.

“We used to be a traditional IT support company but we’ve been selling Cloud services and been a Google partner for 10 years now.

“It was definitely very different back, it was really focused primarily around email and calendar as these were the first foray into the Cloud that companies had. Businesses understand Cloud computing more now and they also understand the benefits the Cloud can bring.

“Now it’s online document collaboration, it’s video conferencing, it’s so much more than just email and calendar.

“Our job is to help companies to leverage the most from their Cloud investment.”

For the benefit of companies new to the subject, particularly small businesses, Fintan outlined how the Cloud is used in a modern company.

“You can define it in many different ways, but it’s just accessing or using software that isn’t directly on your desktop computer or laptop, so it’s somewhere else in the world.

“The thing is, we use Cloud technology all the time. If you have a Facebook account, or Gmail account, you’re using a Cloud service. It’s on a server somewhere else in the world.

“People are often familiar with it but don’t realise so, for us, it’s about asking what business tools it can bring to add value to a business and help them do what they are doing more effectively and with more innovation.

“Collaboration is often the key part of it, people may be in a situation where they have a traditional file server and they’re sending documents back and forth. This means people are making edits and sending the document and suddenly there’s four or five versions of the document.

“For us that’s really collaborating like it’s the nineties, we’re trying to bring people into the future and say ‘is there a better way to do this?’.

“There are many different ways you can collaborate using the Cloud, there’s Google Docs where you can live edit and there are products like Dropbox or Google Drive where you can have a shared folder in the Cloud.

“For us it’s about evaluating the particular business processes and seeing what solution fits them best.

“Sometimes we’re talking to customers in the early stages, where they are evaluating Cloud solutions, or maybe they’re further down the road and decided that Google is the solution for us and they’re looking for a Google Partner.

“They’d ask us if we can help them move their information or data. A lot of that is the initial step, that de-risking, because it is a huge risk for companies to change their workflows.

“They bring us in to de-risk that as we’ve done this hundreds of times and hopefully come across most of the challenges that there are in moving to the Cloud or changing business processes.”

To discover much more about business innovation, collaboration and Cloud computing for your business explore our full ProfileTree video interview.

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