Top 4 Best Wix Apps to Connect with Visitors

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Growing your community and connecting with your network is one of the important things to establish within your business. Building brand awareness and developing relationships with your target audience creates trust and authority in your brand, products, and services. Wix apps allow you to connect with visitors and establish a rapport with them.   There are […]

Top 4 Best Wix Apps to Design a Perfect Looking Website

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Websites and design go hand in hand, and having a website that has a strong aesthetic is going to attract more visitors and encourage more conversions. Renowned website builder, Wix makes designing sites easy and effective. Wix apps to design sites have been created to remove the stress of developing a site with user experience […]

Top 6 Best Wix Apps for Lead Generation

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Every online business presence wants one thing: sales. To achieve sales, one must have a website that is intuitive and responsive to your customers wants and needs. Using Wix apps for lead generation helps you track their interactions with your website to allow you to modify your marketing strategy where necessary.  Whether you are wanting […]

Top 4 Best Wix Apps for eCommerce

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In a world that is undergoing digital transformation, it is important that your business keeps up with the digital trends. People expect more than simply brick and mortar stores now, and to be able to supply digital demands, most businesses need a website. Wix apps for eCommerce offer plenty of useful tools to ensure that […]

Top 4 Best Wix Apps to Make Your Wix Content Pop

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You have a Wix website but you want to make it stand out from the rest. Wix offers an array of apps that allow you to make content on your site pop. With 38% of website users reportedly refraining from engaging with the content and layout if it is unattractive, it is important to find […]

Top 4 Best Wix Apps for Services and Events

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For the hospitality industry, providing positive experiences is essential. Nowadays, when people visit the website of a highly-anticipated restaurant or a top-quality hotel – they expect the booking process to be seamless and straightforward. This experience is vital, as it can mean the difference between booking an entire party, or choosing a competitor instead. There […]

5 Essential Wix Apps For Your Online Store

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Wix is a website builder that prides itself on being modern and easy-to-use. What many people don’t know however, is that using Wix can be made even easier with its wide range of handy apps. These essential Wix apps are designed to not only help your website work, but also facilitate future success. By giving […]

WIX Tutorials: Our FREE Video Guides to WIX Essentials

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WIX is one of the worlds largest and most used website builders. Why? Because it makes it simple for anyone to create a website in a few clicks. We’ve created a range of WIX tutorials to help you make the most of this powerful tool. There are two separate WIX builders. These are WIX ADI […]

Creating Coupons with WIX + 3 Tips for Maximising Success

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At ProfileTree we have put together this tutorial to share how to use coupons with WIX. To get started using WIX coupons, you first need to be logged into your WIX dashboard and select the website you wish to create WIX coupons on. Similar to the email marketing of WIX, coupons are located within the […]

WIX Logo Maker VS Squarespace

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Over the past years, brand image has become more important than ever. Your brand needs to be instantly recognisable within your website, social media, adverts online and offline such as posters and also if you own a store online or offline. An instantly recognisable brand helps to build trust with customers who will then help […]

WIX Logo Maker Tutorial

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We all have heard of WIX. If you’re a frequent user of YouTube, you will have more than likely seen a fair share of WIX adverts. Therefore that goes without saying, you’ve heard of WIX and what it is. WIX is a free web builder used worldwide by millions of users to create stunning websites […]

Comparing WIX with Other Website Builders

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In the video tutorial below ProfileTree have compared WIX with some of the other most popular website builders. Below we have compared WIX against web builders such as Squarespace, WordPress and the GoDaddy web builder. In the video, we explain some of the advantages of each builder and some features others may feel are disadvantages. […]

WIX Email Campaign Tutorial and 3 Tips for Success


To begin creating an email campaign on WIX, you need to be signed into your WIX account. Once logged in, head to your WIX dashboard and select which site you wish to create a WIX email campaign for. Once on the individual site’s dashboard, you will need to click on the marketing tools options in […]

Choosing the right WIX Premium Plan Tutorial

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When it comes to choosing a WIX premium plan, you have a number of different options. Overall there are seven plans on WIX, all of which are relatively cheap. The first four plans are called the Connect Domain plan, Combo Plan, Unlimited Plan and the VIP Plan. These four plans don’t allow your site to […]

Setting Up Automation and Automated Emails in WIX

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To get the most out of your site, it’s important to know how to set up automation in WIX. Automated emails can be vital to your website as they make it cheaper and easier to boost your engagement with the user to keep them informed and involved in your site. Some of the different actions […]

Wix 101: How To Create a WIX Website From Scratch

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WIX is to allow users to easily make websites without the hassle of complex processesWIX does this by offering two builders, the WIX ADI and the Editor with hundreds of templates available for each. Our video explains how to build a WIX website from scratch. The video includes: signing into a WIX account choosing the […]

Creating and Editing a Member on a WIX Site

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As an administrator, it’s vital that you know how to create and edit a member on a WIX website. Our video guides explain how to create members on your site, how to edit these members, block users, and how to create member-only pages on WIX. Using site membership can mean offering premium content or having […]

How to Add Hotjar Tracking Code to Your WIX Website: Step by Step Guide

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If you run an online business, you’ll want to know how to add Hotjar tracking code to your WIX website. Hotjar is an online performance tool designed to reveal the behaviour of your site users to help you adjust or alter your digital strategy. Let’s take a closer look. Hotjar comes with features including heatmaps, […]