What Is Alexa? Amazon’s Own Virtual Voice Assistant

What is Alexa? Amazons own virtual assistant

What is Alexa? How can you use Alexa in your daily life and – the big question – how did Amazon come up with the name Alexa in the first place?! Read on for our essential overview!.. Who is Alexa? Similar to Apple’s Siri, Alexa is the female virtual voice assistant from Amazon. Alexa can […]

What Is WordPress?

What is WordPress. Making a website on WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is an online content management system offering a powerful web platform for everyone from businesses to hobbyists. This open source ‘PHP’ based tool offers an easy, simple and most popular website creation option for non-technical users.   That’s why WordPress ranks at the top of all Content Management Systems and powers 29 […]

TweetDeck User Guide – Unlock the Full Potential of TweetDeck

Tweetdeck User Guide

Because TweetDeck is an essential addition to the bank of Twitter tools you can use to make Twitter work harder for you and your business, we’ve created FREE TweetDeck User Guide to outline all you need to know. With many people not using the social network to its full potential we’ve put together our one-stop ‘How to […]

Should My Company Use TweetDeck?

Should my business use Tweetdeck?

Should my company use TweetDeck? Our specialist reviewer James takes a closer look at how it can help your business. TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application tool that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Users can easily manage their followers, messages and following easily from this dashboard by the use of columns. […]

What Is Google Maps?

What is Google Maps? Find a location

What is Google Maps? And, most of all, why is it an essential for your business? Well, with the help of Google Maps you can make sure your customer can not only find where your business is located but how to travel to your shop or office. Read on for our essential QUICK READ overview […]

What Is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics? Audit a website with Google

What is Google Analytics? Simply, a great way to understand not just how many people are visiting your website but much, much more.  Want to understand WHERE your visitors are coming from? How they behave when they are on your site? How well your advertising campaigns are working? How? Read on!… IN A RUSH?! Click […]

What Is The Best Blogging Platform?

What is the best blogging platform? Blogging online

What is the best blogging platform? The one with the best experience for your readers or the one you’ll find best to work with? Read on and we’ll explore how to achieve both! If you don’t like your blogging platform or it’s too hard to work with, you aren’t going to be using it to […]

What Is Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant? Googles Siri or Alexa

What is Google Assistant? The arrival of voice activated search makes Google Assistant an essential if you have an interest in keeping your website updated for the shifting trends of internet search. Voice assist or digital assistant has made it possible to perform searches without the aid of a keyboard. While there are a number […]

What Is A Blog? Finding Your Niche

What is a blog? The need for a blog

What is a blog? If your business is online, blogs form a part of the digital world you’ll want to understand to hunt out the potential benefit for your organisation. How? Read on to find out all you need to know… IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot   What Is a Blog? […]

What Is A WordPress Plugin?

What is a WordPress Plugin. Developing a WordPress site

What Is A WordPress Plugin? Simply, a way to add features to a website running on the WordPress platform. Meaning an enormous range of uses for both users and administrators are only a simple plugin away. Some of the most popular features offered by plugins include securely handling e-commerce transactions, guaranteeing search engine optimisation, managing […]

What Is Photoshop?

What is Photoshop? Adobe image editing software

What is Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is an image-editing and photo retouching application that is widely used by professionals and novices alike. With the right user, Photoshop can create, enhance, and seamlessly edit images, artwork, and illustrations. Photoshop has become the industry standard when it comes to simulating real-life paintings, changing background images, or creating an […]

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Your One Stop Guide to Choosing

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Your One Stop Guide to Choosing

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? If you’re setting up a new site or blog you’ll need to know which to choose. The good news? We’ll make it simple! Our specialist reviewer James explains all…. WordPress.com or WordPress.org – Explained If you are looking to establish a new website or blog on WordPress, it would be worth noting […]

What Is Google Index?

What is Google Index?

What is Google Index? If you’ve paid for a website for your business, understanding the basic ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Google Index is an essential. We’ll explain all in our QUICK READ guide. In short: Google Index is a large database that Google uses to store information on each website that has been ‘scanned’ by Google […]

What Is Google Play?

What is Google Play? Mobile Applications

What is Google Play? Google Play sits at the heart of preinstalled Android apps, management of universal payment options and the source for a world of content, games, and popular apps. The good news? There are ways to add your presence…and enjoy all the benefits this brings. Google Play is a source for the latest apps […]

What Is Google Hangouts?

What is Google Hangouts?

What is Google Hangouts? The platform was developed by Google as a way to facilitate communication using VOIP features, messaging and video chat for Google users and is a FREE tool ready for use today. Before it was developed, Google had other communication platforms such as Google Talk and Google+ messenger. With Google Hangouts, it […]

Google Maps: Make It Work Harder For You

Make Google maps work for you

When we realise we can easily call Google Maps the compass of the modern age, it reminds us just how vital it has become. Read on to go behind the scenes…and discover some essential features you could be missing on!   What Is Google Maps? Metaphorically: Google Maps is our guardian angel on the road. […]

What Is Google Advanced Image Search?

What is Google Advanced Image Search? Find images online

What is Google Advanced Image Search? If you use images in work, or even outside your workplace, there are some great FREE features you can start using right away.  How? Our QUICK READ guide will explain…   IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot What is Google Advanced Image Search? Searching  for Images  […]