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Digital Transformation

The latest Digital Transformation articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

A Guide to Using a Stakeholder Mapping Analysis- An Effective Example of Applying a Stakeholder Analysis to Amazon

Stakeholder Mapping is the use of a matrix to offer a visual representation of who your key stakeholders are. This will give business leaders a better understanding of who those individuals are which are going to have an influence over their future plans or decisions. 

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Programme – What is a KTP? ProfileTree’s Worthwhile Experience

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme is the creation of a dynamic 3-way partnership between a company (ProfileTree), a group of academic experts (Ulster University) and a skilled graduate (Lochlainn Mallon). Each will work together to increase business efficiency and achieve excellent results. 

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A Guide to Using ChatGPT Effectively – With 3 Easy to Follow Examples

No matter how you plan to use GhatGPT, this Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system has the potential to completely change how we do things forever.

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Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide Containing Definitions, Examples, Models and More

The following article will aim to give you an understanding of Digital Transformation and how it can be applied to your business today.

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Top 5 Project Management Software Systems Review (Pros, Cons, Features, Pricing)

For many business leaders, project management software systems are a must-have system to improve the overall workflow and management of your business. 

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