Corporate Strategy: How to Do It Like the Giants

Corporate Strategy

The term “corporate” is heard a lot in the business world. Corporate structure, corporate law, corporate identity, etc. It basically means association with a corporate entity. A corporation is different from a company in all aspects. For starters they are much larger. Also, they are a separate legal entity from their owners, that are its […]

Perceived Quality: What You See and What You Actually Get

Perceived Quality

It’s interesting when you think about all those neat brands you use. And how often you use each and every one of them. Without even realizing if they’re the best bang for buck, or if they’re as “effective” as you think they are. It’s relatively safe to say that all of us have some sort […]

Business Objectives and Goals: Defining the How

Business Objectives

As a general rule, planning and organization are critical for a business. Most of the causes which lead to the failure of any business related to lack of planning and organization. Setting business objectives is one of the basic keys of planning and organizing. Be it a project, a marketing strategy, or a yearly plan, […]

Brand Perception: Let Your Customer Share Your Vision

Brand Perception

The ultimate goal of any company is to establish its brand in the market. The word “brand” means a unique experience associated with a certain product or service. This means not only the tangible part but also the feeling and aesthetic that sets it apart from the rest. A good example is the difference between […]

Freelance Jobs: Your Definitive Guide

Freelance Jobs

When you hear the word freelancer you immediately imagine sitting at home “working” happily for 15 minutes then getting paid. Perhaps you might see yourself walking into a meeting with an expensive suit, making a presentation, then walking away rich. What you don’t see right away is the anxiety and uncertainty that come with freelance […]

Familiarize Yourself with Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

A keyword is defined as ‘a significant word used in an index’ (Oxford). In the advertising field, identifying a keyword is important in determining the types of viewers you would like to be exposed to your page in hopes of them being potential consumers of your product. For example, if you are selling bicycles, important […]

Keeping Tabs: How and Why Track Keyword Ranking?

Keeping Tabs How and Why Track Keyword Ranking

Back for some more SEO techniques, eh? Don’t you just love search engine optimization? You’d have to if you’ve been reading any of our (hopefully) informative and helpful SEO articles. We’ve covered a broad assortment of topics, from refining your website’s content to Google’s kind of vague metrics and even some handy dandy keyword research […]

How to Become a Freelancer in 5 Steps

How to become a freelancer

Freelancing is one of the most interesting plot twists that happened due to technology. The digitalization of the office started with a fax and a typewriter, till it ended up with moving the whole office to your house. Remarkable, isn’t it? Although your parents might not exactly understand what it means when you say “I […]

Leadership Training Programs: Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leadership Training Programs

Leadership is always a hot topic. Who is the CEO? Who will win the elections?  Who will be the mayor? The significance of these questions lies in the fact that everyone knows that a ship needs a wise captain to reach the shore. Good management is always the reason for winning or achieving success. Leadership […]

Women Entrepreneurship: The Power of She

Women Entrepreneurship

For decades, women have been struggling with rigid social restrictions and fighting for equal rights. With the industrial revolution came the shift from farming to manufacture and labour. For some time, taking part in these jobs was exclusive to men. A bit by bit, that has changed thanks to the effort of many inspiring women […]

What Does Freelance Work Mean?

What does freelance work mean?

In the modern age of the Internet, it has become quite easy to work from home. A popular method of working is becoming a freelancer. This opens an opportunity for individuals to work for various companies from home and they are often paid by the job. Freelancing can be beneficial to individuals looking for extra […]

What Is Quality Assurance? Thriving for Perfection

Quality assurance

With the industrial revolution and mass production came many new responsibilities. The process of manufacture became much more complicated, and the number of products increased insanely compared to the old manual method. Changes bring about new concepts. Quality assurance is a concept that is adopted by almost all business nowadays. What is quality assurance? It […]

Fair Use Copyright: Understanding Business Laws

Fair use Copyright

In this sequel of aiming to comprehend business laws, topics such as product liability, copyright VS trademark, and product placement have been tackled. This time we will dig deeper into copyright laws. Fair use copyright is related to copyright law and it also ensures the protection of intellectual property. Similarly, fair use copyright is of […]

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship: How It Can Change Your Life

Network for teaching entrepreneurship

Many of us dream of having our own business or starting our own company and watch it grow bigger and more successful. Some do it for the money and others simply do it for the dream of becoming independent and self-reliant. But in order to achieve that dream and actually be successful, you have to […]

Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes for ProfileTree

To build a customer base, your business must have unique identifiable traits. These identifiable properties are otherwise known as a brand. By consistently building your brand through placement on your products, advertisements and any other public interactions, your brand allows you to work on your publicity which not only increases sales but also allows for […]

What Is Quality Control?

What is quality control

Markets have become ever so competitive due to being saturated with businesses. Not only is it important to market your business to a large audience, but you must also maintain these customers. Customers expect the highest of standards and sometimes all it takes is some inconsistency in the products that may cause the business to […]

Product Placement: Smarter Advertising

Product Placement

Years and years of direct advertising and sales pitches have deterred viewers away from anything labelled as “Ad.” In the skip-Ad era, marketers have come up with non-traditional ways of promoting products and brands. Ways that viewers will not want to run away from. One popular way is, of course, content marketing. This article will […]

Copyright Statute of Limitations: The Basics

Copyright Statute of Limitations

In 1710, in Great Britain, the first copyright act enforced by the government was established, called “The Statue of Anne.” It was first issued solely to protect the rights of book authors. Since then, a wide range of original material has fallen under copyright acts. The main goal is to preserve the right of authorship […]