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The latest Business Leaders articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

Newspaper Marketing: Best Trends, Challenges and Subscription Models with John Brolly

What’s the best way to deliver newspaper marketing in a changing era for print? Is your brand consider adding newspaper marketing to your marketing strategy? And do you want to know what can the digital revolution in the newspaper industry teach us about marketing and branding? ProfileTree were given a great opportunity to learn from […]

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Euromoney: How to Do Business Internationally?

Ever wondered about exploring international markets and how your business can achieve this? A question we have often wonder has been – how to do business internationally! In this week’s Business Leaders interview, CEO Ciaran Connolly sat down with Robert Conlon, Head of Executive Development at Euromoney, to chat overseas business growth. In this extended […]

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Business Leaders: Business Broadband NI

Ever stopped to consider a modern-day lifeblood of your business? Broadband, and the right telecoms, can be part of the backbone of both keeping your company in NI moving AND having the capacity to work at your very best. Telecommunications specialist Aaron Skinner of the B4B Group spoke to ProfileTree for our Business Leaders video […]

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Newspaper Marketing: Trends, Challenges and Subscription Models for Brands

What’s the best way to deliver newspaper marketing in a changing era for print? And what can the digital revolution in the newspaper industry teach us about marketing and branding? ProfileTree were given a great opportunity to learn from the heart of the industry when marketer John Brolly of the highly-successful Irish News took part […]

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The Business Mindset: Empowering People Through Collaboration

Sometimes, being a business owner can be a lonely job. Being able to bounce ideas off another person in the same position as you can be hugely beneficial. Not only can it make you progress better, it can also make being in business more enjoyable.In our latest Business Leaders episode, we speak to coaching specialist […]

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Vivian McKinnon: The Benefits of Floatation Therapy

In a new Business Leaders episode, ProfileTree welcomed wellness consultant and Hydro-Ease Founder Vivian McKinnon to the studio to learn more about her work in the field of mental health. During Vivian’s fascinating interview, she touched on subjects including the aims of her other company, Wellness Consultant NI, which looks at the impact modern life […]

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Business Leaders: Cathy Doherty – What is Company Culture?

When did you last REALLY take time to consider your company’s culture? ProfileTree had a chance to hear more about this vital business topic from our guest Cathy Doherty. What does great company culture look like? What types of company culture are there? And what works best for a modern business? Cathy, owner of Practical […]

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Business Leaders: Liam O’Neil – The ‘PROVE IT’ Guy

Investing in improving your employees’ well being is key to ongoing business success. While this may seem obvious – there are many businesses that are succumbed to stress, deflated by anxiety and inevitably stuck in a rut. That’s where Liam O’Neill steps in. For this week’s ProfileTree TV interview, CEO Ciaran Connolly talks to Liam […]

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Close Focus Limited: Business Advice on Brexit

The impact that Brexit will have on businesses is an uncertain prospect. For many managers and business owners alike, Brexit begs the question: what does this mean for us now and in the future? While talks are ongoing and new updates are being broadcast daily, there is no wonder why so many businesses are full […]

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BeckettHanlon: The Journey of Starting a Worldwide Property Franchise

Ever wondered about the world of franchising? In our latest ProfileTree TV interview, our CEO Ciaran Connolly chats to business giant Drew Beckett, CEO and Founder of Beckett Hanlon, an international property franchise. In business, a franchise is a type of license that grants a franchisee access to a franchisor’s proprietary business knowledge, processes and […]

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Eldron: Insight from Ireland’s Trusted Property Buyer Consultant

What is a property buyer agent? It’s more than just an estate agent, as we uncover in conversation with Shane O’Connor, Managing Director of Eldron, Ireland’s leading independent buyer’s agent. Our CEO Ciaran Connolly learns all things property, negotiation and more in this week’s Business Leaders interview from one of our very own clients. Originated […]

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Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship: How It Can Change Your Life

Many of us dream of having our own business or starting our own company and watch it grow bigger and more successful. Some do it for the money and others simply do it for the dream of becoming independent and self-reliant.But in order to achieve that dream and actually be successful, you have to learn […]

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