How to Use UX Thinking in Tourism? Talking User Experience with Martha Greenlee

User Experience with Martha Greenlee

A Florida-based Business Development Consultant, who uses a fascinating blend of personal expertise in areas including UX to market and develop communities, has given an unmissable ‘behind the scenes’ overview of her work. Martha Greenlee combines experience in marketing, anthropology, real estate and tourism for consultancy clients. She is also a customer experience specialist, working with UX […]

What Are The Benefits of Life Coaching? Talking Life Goals With Kathryn Thompson

Building Confidence with Kathryn Thompson

What are the benefits of life coaching? Take a moment to explore the skills, and support, needed to identify and reach your life goals through our video interview with specialist Kathryn Thompson. Kathryn, who is also author of ‘The Warrior Within – Finding Strength in Life’s Biggest Struggles’, explained that her aim with clients is […]

Where to Find Startup Business Help? Small Business Development with Rosemary Morrison

Business Support with Rosemary Morrison

A Northern Ireland-based business development specialist shared some of her expertise during a video interview covering startup essentials such as resources for new companies, small business growth and much more. Rosemary Morrison, of Directus Training and Consultancy, passed on some professional insights during a ProfileTree Business Leaders discussion in our Belfast studio. The business mentor […]

Advice for Developers Plus eCommerce and Development Insights with Gareth Burns

Developer Advice with Gareth Burns

We explored career advice for developers, and much more, during a visit to the ProfileTree studio from a Northern Ireland tech company CTO. Gareth Burns of Selazar also discussed essential business subjects including eCommerce, startups and software development. He introduced himself, and the work of Selazar, by outlining how he had moved through the ‘ranks’ […]

How To Scale a Business? Expanding Overseas and Business Growth with Andrew Mackin

Scaling Your Company with Andrew Mackin

Is scaling a business part of your long-term plan? Here’s an opportunity to learn from an entrepreneur who grew an Irish company into a global operation in just a few years. Andrew Mackin, of environmental health and safety specialists Mackin Consultancy, took part in a video interview in our Belfast studio. He outlined the company’s […]

Using Innovation in Business? International Markets & Exports with Mike Shelly

Business Innovation with Mike Shelly

How to use innovation in business? Our video interview with Mike Shelly of Plusvital includes some essential insights into innovation in business, equine science, exporting and much more. Mike ‘visited’ the ProfileTree studio thanks to a live Zoom video feed, passing on some of his business expertise on a range of subjects. The Plusvital CEO […]

Starting a Business: Talking Niche Marketing and Events with Claire & Rhoda Hughes

Starting a Business with Claire and Rhonda Hughes

Discover unique insights into starting a business, events and much more through our video interview with Claire and Rhoda Hughes of Soirée Society. The award-winning professional matchmaking and dating agency, which is backed by approval from the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), follows a “Meet, Mix, Mingle” approach and invites those looking for a genuine […]

Learning from the Space Industry

Innovative Technology with Denver Humphrey

Innovative Technology with Denver Humphrey What can we learn from the space industry? A visitor to the ProfileTree studio took us behind the scenes of Ireland’s space sector and revealed how specialist teams aren’t just working on world-class projects but have fascinating and ambitious plans for the future. Denver Humphrey, Head of Research and Development […]

How to Increase Content Engagement? Smarter Content Marketing with Nick Mason

Content Marketing with Nick Mason

Smarter Content Marketing with Nick Mason How to increase content engagement? A London-based company has set its sights on revolutionising content engagement by creating a new platform built around improved user experience for readers. Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, took part in a ProfileTree video interview to explain that his tool doesn’t just […]

How Can Startups Afford Software Development? Talking Outsourcing with Tom Hughes

Software Development with Tom Hughes

How can startups afford software development? A successful tech entrepreneur who specialises in development for new businesses called into the ProfileTree studio to take part in an insightful discussion. Tom Hughes, of 3rd Digital, explained his own fascinating background and took us behind the scenes of his award-winning company. He began by outlining his route […]

How to Improve Your Health?

Better Your Health with Dáithi O'Connor

Talking Supplements with Dáithi O’Connor How to improve your health? Many people need a helping hand to stay as healthy as possible in today’s fast-paced, digital world. That’s where Dáithi O’Connor’s business Revive Active steps in: with specialist supplements designed for healthier living. During a ProfileTree interview, designed to explore how we can all feel […]

What Are The Benefits of Mentoring? Business Coaching with James Perry

Mentoring Benefits with James Perry

What are the benefits of mentoring? ProfileTree had a chance to hear an example of how mentoring and coaching can used in a powerful, practical way thanks to a visit from exam coach James Perry. James, of James Perry Exam Coaching, also discussed motivation and business growth during his discussion in the ProfileTree studio. He […]

How to Build Emotional Wellbeing at Work?

Mental Health with Leigh Carey

Resilience and Mental Health with Leigh Carey Explore the vital subject of emotional wellbeing at work, and a range of essential mental health topics, through our video interview with mental health specialist Leigh Carey. Leigh is Executive Director of The Hummingbird Project, who provide training and support to the mental health sector. During her ProfileTree Business Leaders interview […]

The Future for Belfast Tourism? Belfast City Sightseeing with George Grimley

Belfast Tourism with George Grimley

Belfast tourism is one of the most fascinating success stories of the modern business world in Northern Ireland. To help explore and understand the local industry in what is now an award-winning destination, Belfast tourism expert George Grimley took part in a highly-topical video interview in our ProfileTree TV studio. George, who is Owner and Director of […]

What is an Environmental Consultancy? Environmental Remediation with Mark McKinney

Environmental Consultation with Mark McKinney

What is an environmental consultancy? Who better to guide us through the work of an environmental consultant than the Managing Director of a multi-million pound environmental business. Dr Mark McKinney, of ATG Group, visited the ProfileTree studio to take part in a Business Leaders video interview and pass on some expertise with the aim of […]

Why is IT Support Important? Business IT Systems with Scott Wilson

IT Support with Scott Wilson

Why is IT support important? This modern business essential was explored during a ProfileTree video interview with business IT systems expert Scott Wilson. Scott, of Wilson Computers, also shared some insights into choosing the right IT for your company and discussed digital data security. He introduced himself and his business by explaining that his team […]