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The latest Blogging and Vlogging articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

Travel Video Production: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Channel

Rahma AliRahma Ali // 13th March 2024

To get started with travel video production, you need to know many things, such as equipment, editing techniques, the best time to shoot, and others. We will take you on a journey to create your own channel right now! Our YouTube travel series, Connolly Cove, is clocking up thousands of views every week, and our […]

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22 Cool Websites to Check Right Now

Rahma AliRahma Ali // 10th December 2023

Feeling bored? Down? Or fed up with this constant streaming of content on social media and need something really fun? The internet is brimming with fun and cool websites, but sometimes it’s hard to find them. Almost all people spend their time browsing social media accounts and checking the same feed. However, there are more […]

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Fun Internet: 13 Activities and Games to Make Your Time RIGHT!

Rahma AliRahma Ali // 2nd April 2023

The latest changes around the world bring us a wide range of services for fun internet. So let’s check out a bunch of exciting things to do through the internet without leaving your coach.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our mindset for good. We discovered new ways to have fun. Yes, hang-outs, parties, and get-togethers […]

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How to Build an Enchanting Interactive Blog in 10 Creative Ways

Rahma AliRahma Ali // 15th January 2024

Static marketing content is not recommended anymore. Actually, it’s outdated as print-only magazines. Instead, building an interactive blog in today’s market can be a lifesaver for many businesses.  Equally to day-old newspapers become litter in the streets, unilateral digital content is useless to the average user. With such an inundation of tedious content, one piece […]

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Affiliate Marketing: The Best A-to-Z Guide to Get Started in 7 EASY Steps!

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 26th February 2024

Affiliate marketing is a way of making passive income. According to Statista, business spending on affiliate marketing will hit 8.2 billion dollars in the United States alone by 2022. Taking advantage by tapping into this industry seems like a good idea, but what does it take to start? This step-by-step guide will cover the journey of […]

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4 Best Travel Influencers in Northern Ireland

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 5th December 2023

Northern Ireland is a prime tourism destination, filled with many beauty spots and lots of local charm. Whether it be a city break, a staycation or a road trip – there’s so many travel opportunities that Northern Ireland has to offer. But how can we get inspiration for our next adventure? We’ll be taking a look at the 5 best travel influencers in Northern Ireland.

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5 Best Food Influencers In Northern Ireland

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 16th October 2023

Northern Ireland is undeniably a nation of foodies. So much so, that it only takes a few shares of a new cafe’s Instagram account to build a hype and cause endless queues. From a PR perspective, whether you’re a new or old food establishment, there’s plenty of ways to be strategic and achieve maximum impact. […]

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360 Photos: A Great Way to Bring Your Business to Life Online

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 17th December 2023

360 photos, also known as spherical photography, is revolutionising the way we capture and interact with images. This immersive form of photography allows viewers to explore a scene in every direction — up, down, and all around — offering a virtual experience that closely mimics physically being in the photographed location. It’s a technique that […]

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What Is the Best Camera for YouTube?

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 7th December 2023

YouTube content creators are constantly searching for the best camera for YouTube videos. You may see YouTubers uploading videos of high quality. The quality of the videos may make you wonder what cameras they are using. Moreover, is the technology you are working with capable of such a feat as well? A good video requires […]

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