Fantastic Business Ideas

Every successful businessperson knows a secret. The secret is business is everywhere! In any part of the world, in any place, in any condition, in any country, when two or more people meet, there is the possibility of business.

The Big Idea

Many people think that business comes from having a big idea. While there are million dollar business ideas, they do not start that way. The reverse is true. A small useful idea is more powerful. From the tiny acorns, grow the massive oak trees. Business always starts small. The beginning is simply a thought. It is the action that follows the thought, which creates a great business.

Get the Word Out

The most important thing when starting a new business is to get the word out about what is happening. Luckily, the Internet is very helpful in spreading the word. Small business promotional systems and directories, like ProfileTree help businesses connect with customers. They also offer great advice such as “How to Be Independent in Your Life.”

The Next Big Idea

Need a few ideas to get started? There is an abundance of great business ideas that anyone can use. We are going to list many great ideas here. Feel free to use them, especially if any of these ideas create an inner feeling of inspiration.

Every person has a different feeling about what inspires him or her. Small business owners who do the best are those that are the most inspired by what they do. This is an inside thing, an inner feeling, and it comes down to having a passion about the business.

Why does one small business succeed, when others fail? If the business is capitalized properly, has a good business plan, and the owners work diligently; this makes the difference. When the owners and the workers have a passion about the business, it shows. They treat customers like royalty and the customers come back repeatedly. The customers also tell their friends.

Small Business Versus World-Changing Disruption

The only difference between a small business and a major enterprise that creates a world-changing disruption is scale. Facebook started as a simple college directory and now has over 1.5 billion users. What worked on a small scale also worked on a very large scale. This commands Internet real estate.

Small Business Ideas

Some of the best small business ideas are the most obvious. A small business owner sees a need and then fills it.

Here is a terrific example from the past:

There was a time when people liked to read a daily newspaper. This newspaper was delivered by boys and girls who rode bicycles around the neighborhood and threw the newspapers onto the porch of their customers.

It was customary for the newspaper delivery persons to have to “collect” the money for the newspaper subscription at the end of each month. One clever delivery person saw this annoyance of needing to collect money as an opportunity to expand the business.

As part of the collection process, the customers got a flyer about a seasonal delivery of a gift basket for each of the upcoming holidays. There was a Thanksgiving basket, a Christmas basket, a Valentine’s Day basket, a Mother’s Day basket and so on. All at great prices and all delivered directly to the homes.

The customers put in their orders and paid in advance for delivery of a gift basket on a certain date. In the end, the results were outstanding. The profits from delivery of gift baskets far exceeded the profits from delivery of newspapers.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself. Is there something you are already doing, that also could be a small business effort?

Perhaps as a beautiful woman, you are constantly giving advice to other females about how to improve their looks. Perhaps as a man, you are good at fixing stuff that breaks around the house. They are simple examples of how to find the opportunity of a small business in everything a person does well. If you are great at decorating, or good at growing plants, these are the foundation skills to make a new small business.

Home Business Ideas

Starting a new business from home is a great idea. A person has to pay for a home anyway, whether by paying rent or paying for a mortgage, so why not make an additional good use of the home by starting a home business venture.

Online Business Ideas

As a freelancer, all a person needs is a computer and an Internet connection in order to supplement their income by taking on freelance work.

New Business Ideas

Some of the greatest new business ideas come from the strangest places. The idea for eBay came from the desire for collectors of Pez candy dispensers to have a place to buy, sell, and trade parts of their collection. This eBay company started by the founder, Pierre Omidyar, began in his living room.

Good Business Ideas

Good business ideas come from everywhere. Look at the example shown by what happened in China. China was and still is a communist country, with major controls of the population coming from the central government. The only thing that changed in China was that the Communist Party leaders, specifically Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao embraced the idea of the Chinese people having the freedom to start a business. The results reported by the CATO institute were astounding.

The billions of Chinese who struggled for food in the past decades, suddenly received government permission to create a business.

The political ideology of communism remained intact, yet the simple idea of allowing business created abundance that China has never seen before. To be fair, they got somethings terribly wrong. The growth of the new businesses did not pay any attention at all to environmental pollution.

Still, the transformation of China was amazing. The pollution problems created demand a solution. The opportunities for environmental cleanup encourage even more new businesses to address this problem.

Business Name Ideas

What is in a name? Everything.

The best new business names are made of words that do not exist. Some examples of powerful brands include Kodak, Nike, and Google (the company was originally called “Backrub”).

The idea is to create a brand new word for the company name. Then register this company name as a trademark. Get the website, and then promote the name into being something of significance and importance. It is best when the word is easy to spell upon hearing it and easy to read upon seeing it.

Here are a few examples of names available as websites (as of 10/28/2015)

Do not be shy. Make up some crazy name for the new company and then promote the name.

Startup Business Ideas

Many entrepreneurs of both genders fall down when thinking about startup business ideas. The reason they are stuck is that they are not specific enough about what they want to do.

Here is an example:

After reading the information on Dr. Mercola’s website that it is best to eat the eggs of free-range chickens, there is a problem. In areas that are parts of the United States that do not have the farmers raising free-range chickens, there is a lack of this healthy food solution.

An aspiring entrepreneur could create a transportation system to bring the free-range chicken eggs to more locales. There are ways to make the transportation more efficient. Cracking the eggs would allow the contents to be frozen for shipping, and the product would be terrific.

Internet Business Ideas

The Internet is a wide world space connecting everyone from all over the place. Special niche markets emerge. For example, it is easier to grow the lavender flower in more tropical and humid environments. This is why lavender flower plantations sprung up in the millions of acres in Costa Rica.

The essence of the value of the lavender flower is the oil extracted from the flowers. It makes a perfume and many other useful things.

Business Ideas for Women

Are you starting to get it? Business is for everyone. It does not matter at all, if a person is male or female, rich or poor. Females, some of them poor females, started some of the greatest businesses.

They had no advantages. In fact, they had everything stacked against them.

Mary Kay Ash started her company in 1963 with $5,000 and the help of her dedicated son.

Mary retired from a successful career in direct sales. As she reflected on her career, she made two lists. The first list was the things that the companies she worked for did well. The second list was about the things that the companies she worked for could have done better.

She founded a brand new company on the things that could be better, especially for women in the workplace. Her goal was to follow the “golden rule.” This idea was not hers and was not new. The idea dates from biblical times. The rule is simple, “Treat other people the same way as you would like to be treated yourself.”

The innovation by Mary Kay was that she applied this simple rule of compassionate humanity to create sound business principles. This worked for more than three million women. She wrote a book about it, called, “The Mary Kay Way.” More importantly, she took action, based on the strength of a simple idea, and demonstrated to the whole world how powerful this idea was.

Business Ideas for Teens

Does a person have to be an adult to express business ideas? No, not at all. Teens are able to express business ideas, no matter how old they are.

American Express reported on ten teens that started successful companies. Their stories are amazing!

Best Small Business Ideas

It seems great ideas from business arise from all kinds of places. Sometimes the ideas come from a need that allows the person to patent a business idea. Other times the ideas come from a desire to make a positive change. A few lucky entrepreneurs just seem to have the right idea and be in the right place at the right time.

Small Business Ideas for Men

Entrepreneur says that there are over 10 million females that are small business owners. They employ over 19 million workers. Nevertheless, guys still have the advantage because female-ownership is only about 29%. This means there are about 18 million small businesses owned by men.

Forbes reports some interesting statistics:

At Home Business Ideas

It is important to notice that the vast majority of small businesses start as home businesses. This is clever and appropriate. Starting a new business from the home is the most common way to get started.

Low Cost Business Ideas

There is no reason at all to start a business without making a sale. Great businesses start from making a sale. If you buy a product for $1 and can sell this for $2, you have a business. With double markup, you have a great business. If you need to raise US$1 million just to get started and the sales are far away and may or may not happen in the future, this is a speculation. It is a gamble, on the perception of the future. This is not as secure, yet many companies take this path. Some raise millions and eventually make a profit.

The models we prefer are the ones where a product or a service sells today for a price that creates a profit for the company delivering the product or service. This is a common sense rule. Variations on this rule are possible. It is possible to give entry-level trials or limited usage away for “free” to build up a marketplace of those that pay for enhanced services.

The key to working with this dynamic is to find a business model that has the goal of creating sustainable revenues at some point, even if happening in the future.

The best business models start with sales and profits from the very beginning. While it is possible to work with more sophisticated and delayed revenue models, it is always better to get money as profits at the earliest possible moment.

Best Business Ideas

There are always about one thousand of the best business ideas. Take a test, of your best business ideas. Walk around. See things in a different way. Think about how you would improve the experience of interaction with businesses that you use on a regular basis. These are ideas for business.

Are you able to notice the difference between a mediocre business compared to a business that is excellent?

These things are strong. A lame business feels weaker. There are few customers. The signage is faded. The place looks worn out and run down.

A vibrant business has tremendous energy. It is active. There are many customers. The workers and the owners seemed engaged in helping customers. Even if there is a long line of customers, it feels great to be there. It is worth the wait, because the results of buying something from a company like this are very satisfying.

Part Time Business Ideas

Many people cannot make a full-time commitment to starting a new small business, because they have the obligation of trying to hold down a regular job.

One of the ways these people get some experience of the small business effort is to do a part-time business. One of the most fun ways to do this is to pick an event and make a small business effort at that event. This event could be a flea market, a cultural experience, associated with fitness, food, or something as simple as a farmer’s market.

Do not have high expectations when first attempting this effort. In fact, most suffer failure before finding a way to have success. The idea is to try this and to see how to learn from the experience. By the method of trial and failure, a person learns what works for them.

Business Ideas for Kids

Kids instinctively know how to make good deals. This becomes apparent when watching them trade one thing for another. In the absence of duress, children seem to know how to make good trades. Whether it is a few cookies traded for half a tuna sandwich, or milk traded for some carrots, the kids seem to know how to value the stuff they trade with each other.

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs started their business efforts very early in life. They seem to have a knack for this.

Successful Business Ideas

Most success in business comes after many failures. It is not common for a person to try something new and immediately find success. One of the best quotes from Thomas Albert Edison who searched for many years to find the solution that created the light bulb was this, he said, “I have not failed. I discovered 10,000 ways that do not work.”

Creative Business Ideas

The best ideas are the most creative ones. This is the “wow” factor. The best new companies have products and services that make customers react with enthusiasm. These customers become “rabid” supporters and are the best word-of-mouth advertisement for a company or a product. This type of reaction from customers is priceless. These are the business ideas to start a new company. It is dynamic and spreads like wild fire. The most popular movies have this feeling, the greatest sport teams generate this passion, and the most innovative products gather this attention.

Start Your Own Business Ideas

People who start new companies do this because they believe so much in what they are doing. There is a tremendous love that is inherent in this effort. Without this love, the owners will not be able to withstand the challenges they face in starting something new. Many fail because they give up. Some should give up because their idea is not acceptable in the marketplace. Others need to persevere to get past the difficulties to find their ultimate success.

Easy Business Ideas

People are similar from one place to another. In many cases, a good business idea that works in one area will also work in another area as a good example of retail business ideas. This is why franchise opportunities are more lucrative than new unknown startups.

The Wall Street Journal gives a comprehensive infographic about franchise owners that states:

Innovative Business Ideas

In some sectors, the newest greatest ideas gain acceptance. This is evident clearly in the technology sectors, such as 3d printing ideas. Businesses can be funny, sell gold, encourage tourism, be non profit, work with healthcare, offer DIY advice, be tech savvy, sell a craft, run an open bar, offer entertainment, provide services for winter, get involved in sports, sell gift baskets at Christmas, help people prepare for the future, and help people get in shape for the summer to look the best on the beach. These are just a few ideas. Businesses can be a one man show or extremely popular. They can offer home delivery, sell products by kiosk, or showcase products in outdoor settings. To succeed, the effort must be lucrative and the most important thing needed is to sell things either directly or through systems like etsy.

Cool Business Ideas

The main characteristic for cool business ideas is that the attention expands in a viral way. Fun business ideas get viral attention that is the Internet equivalent of word-of-mouth on steroids. Everyone wants to share the really cool stuff that is found on the Internet. The viral phenomenon causes a multiplication factor. If one person shares something with ten others, and they do the same, very quickly the numbers of people who know about something new are huge.

The math goes like this:

In only eight steps from the first person sending the information to ten others and those others doing the same. we reach one billion people. That is the fractal phenomenon. That is cool when it happens.

Profitable Business Ideas

The way to know a winner is when the new idea makes profits. Open the mind to opportunities everywhere when thinking, “I need a business idea.” This is how to discover the big business idea.

Mobile Business Ideas

A huge opportunity exists in making everything from the Internet available as mobile content. Many make success in having a website business model that works with import export business ideas. The fastest growing segment of Internet usage is by mobile devices. According to Smart Insights , the number of mobile users of the Internet is coming close to 2 billion now. This numbers exceeds the number of Internet users that connect with a PC or a laptop. Marketers that ignore mobile users, do so at their peril.

Teen Business Ideas, Kids Business Ideas, and Simple Business Ideas

All these ideas have one thing in common. People recognize a value and are happy to pay for it. The quick concept necessary to understand is value-added. The cost of a product or service needs to be less that the price charged for it. The only way to charge more is to create the perception of value-added. This is especially true in family business ideas.

This is why anyone buys anything. Business owners of all sizes recognize this dynamic and work hard to make their products and services have a value-added perception. This works in big cities and as business ideas for small towns.

Small Home Business Ideas

Evaluate the skills that you already have. Maybe you can make the best pies to sell or your recipe for lasagna is fantastic. Offer a service that is unusual at low cost. Perhaps you love to make birthday cakes. Maybe you like to be a dog walker, or help people with landscaping. Take the best skills you have and turn them into a business. Start small by sharing your best products and services with friends. A husband and wife make a great team and business starts when they stay at home. Be sure to be paid enough to reward your efforts.

Best Home Business Ideas

Start small. Be smart. Micro business ideas are the best ones. Start with what you already know. Do not have crazy unrealistic expectations. Choose from hot business ideas that can be sold in a casual way that are money making. If you sell one homemade cake for a profit that is terrific for moms. If you sell ten cakes that is even better. Custom made cakes are terrific business gifts ideas.

Some people do incredibly well with niche business ideas from a home-based business that helps others do things they find too complicated or distasteful, like preparing their annual income taxes.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Business News Daily gives top ten ideas for a new independent business from their business idea generator that comes up with great ideas from brainstorming:

  1. Personal Shopper- Helping people get the stuff they need
  2. Upcycling - Repurposing old stuff into new stuff
  3. Event Planning - Weddings, corporate parties, and office decorating
  4. Catering and home-based bakery
  5. Home day care and dog or pet sitter
  6. Landscaping and yard work
  7. Computer tech services
  8. Recycling
  9. Translator
  10. House cleaner


Everyone has the same chance to start a small business. This is what makes America great. Use ProfileTree to find customers and show everyone the best you can do.