What Are The Most Stressful Jobs?

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When it comes to stress then we should say that every single employee out there might pass by stressful times in his/her work every now and then, and there are even those who consider themselves always stressed until they switch off their computers and leave their workplaces. Although this might be considered partially right because no one likes the idea of submitting work that carries any errors or mistakes, but if we managed to measure the most stressful jobs on a scale, we will find that there are some which are considered more stressful than the others. Stress is usually measured by the type of tasks and the work that you will deal with and the level of its importance in the overall project.

Top 10 most stressful jobs

What is the most stressful job that you might think about when it comes to the jobs that you can fit yourself in? Is it being a police officer? Or is it being an accountant and dealing with numbers all the time? Or else, it might be working as a teller in a bank and making sure that you have counted every single penny. All these options can come to the mind of any normal person asked about the list of most stressful jobs compared to his/her own life and abilities.

When we look at the situation from the other side, the side which was researched and reported by researchers, there are some other job positions which are included in this list of the most stressful jobs which might have never even crossed your mind. The list of the most stressful jobs that you might come across starts here and the first job position in this list is:

  • Enlisted Military Personnel

If we are measuring the hardest jobs that people might be involved in and become part of, from the experiences they pass by and the different situations they might be placed in then we should always put the military related job positions in the first rank. This job is not only considered stressful, but it might come under the dangerous job opportunities that any person might get. Working in the military means that you will have to go through basic training, learn all the necessary skills to fight in a combat, and then you might be sent to another foreign country in order to fight against enemy forces. In other words, we consider this job opportunity a stressful one because all your work will be related to being killed or else killing other people which is not easy, in addition to watching the back of the person next to you, and witnessing unthinkable acts of horror and violence.

  • Surgeon

Another stressful and hard job that should be part of this list is becoming a surgeon. We are not going to say that this job position is hard because you will be dealing with a lot of blood and critical situations, because as a doctor or surgeon, you have entered that major knowing exactly what you are going to pass by and knowing how much blood you are going to witness, but this job opportunity is considered stressful because as a surgeon you are responsible for the life of a person and you are responsible to cut this person open and fix something, take some bad out, or else insert one another good thing in. As a surgeon, you might be feeling stressed because one small mistake might take the life of the person away, and you will be the one responsible for this. So, it is not only about the idea of blood, but it is more about being responsible for the person you are operating the surgery on.

  • Firefighter

Without providing any more explanations, working as a firefighter is one of the most stressful jobs one could ever occupy or think about, because imagine yourself trying to get inside a burning building when all the other people who are inside are trying to get out. It is good to save lives and get people out of a burning building, but that is the reward for the hard work and the stress which you were dealing with. People consider this as one of the hardest jobs out there because it is dangerous for the health of the person, and because the possibility of getting burned or else seeing another person burned during your working career is considered something possible, and unfortunately, normal at the same time.

  • Pilot

Just like the surgeon who is responsible for the life of the person who is having some health issues which the surgeon is trying to heal, the pilot is not only responsible for the life of just one person; but of a huge number of passengers. The normal passengers, who get in the airplane in order to travel from one destination to another, only looking at the beautiful scenes around them and enjoying their flights, know nothing about the amount of stress that the pilot is dealing with until he hits the ground one more time.

  • Police Officer

Police officers are those who we can refer to as the people who embrace their uncertainty the most; they don’t know what the next minute might be holding for them, but they still manage to do their jobs and never complain about the choice they have once made. Working as a police officer is another stressful job to talk about, since it include different tasks that vary according to the situation that might occur; one day you might find yourself dealing with domestic disputes, while another day you might find yourself dealing with high speed chases to shootouts, and that is why as much as it might feel unsafe for the person being chased, it might feel the same for the police officer, the only difference is the amount of power that the police officer will be having.

  • Newspaper Reporter

Working as a newspaper reporter might not be the most stressful job in the world, but it is one that we should never forget to add to the list. Working for a newspaper as a reporter means that you will deal with breaking news, and breaking news can be about wars, about demonstrations, or even about fires, meeting officials, and so many other events, and that is why dealing with all the stress for being found in these places regardless the time and the place makes working as a newspaper reporter one of the hardest jobs to be done and one that carry a lot of stress along with it. There’s another type of stress that reporters have to face other than the events and the places, which is meeting the deadlines and submitting the articles on the right times, and having to race for the locations of the news regardless whether it is day or night, weekend or normal working day.

  • Emergency Dispatcher

You might think that sitting in front of a computer and dealing with phone calls is something that is not considered stressful, but what if this thing is related to a life or death situation? Sure you will change your mind. Working as an emergency dispatcher means that you are the one responsible to get the firefighters to the burning locations and the policemen to the locations where the problems are appearing, which means that without them, it might be hard for people to get those police officers and firefighters when they are in need for them.

  • Teacher

Working as a teacher is not one of the jobs that might feel stressful just because you are doing it, but it is one that is included in this list as well because it is truly stressful and hard. Working as a teacher means that you are responsible for shaping the minds of those young people who are going to take new paths when they enter college and who are also regarded as the change that the society is going to witness in the future. Being a teacher turned out to be more than just dealing with papers, curriculum, and dealing with students, but it is more about taking the danger away from the minds of the students as well as away from the society.

  • Miners

Although when asked about the most hard and rewardable job positions that might be present in the world, you will probably think about working as an engineer, doctor, or any other job from those high majors, but you will never think about those which include miners, firefighters, or even teachers. Working as a miner is stressful because you will be locked in a place where no sun gets in and no fresh air can be found, and that possibility of getting trapped or losing your life is present, just like the fear that the mine might be closed and you might lose your job, all these things are enough reasons for making being a miner a stressful job.

  • Working Parents

This is not a job position that is offered to you, but one which you might be forced to do. As a parent, you might be any of the other above job positions; you might be a police officer, a firefighter, or even a surgeon, but at the same time, you will have to do your job in raising your children, teaching them the good from the bad, and at the same time being able to divide your time between being a worker and a parent.

Your job might be stressful to you just like another person who thinks that his/her job is stressful for him/her. But if we looked at the situation from the tasks that you will be involved with then these job positions are considered the most stressful. 

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