Unique Cakes – True Perfection

Unique Cakes – True Perfection

Coming from a family of bakers is what inspired Eric Kayser to set up his own bakery business. With every unique cake and dessert he creates, this passion clearly shines through. Using just basic ingredients, it is just outstanding how many delicious variations of breads and desserts he can produce – it’s like magic!

What inspired or motivated you to become a Baker?

My parents and grand-parents were bakers in Alsace, so becoming a baker has always been obvious. Growing up in the hearth of a bakery shop has developed a strong love for this traditional product. In fact, it sounds like magic to obtain so many different kinds of breads with only Flour, Salt, Water, Leaven…and a touch of passion of course!

Are their rush or peak times in your business?

Making sure you are ready to serve flaky croissants on the morning, crispy sandwiches at lunch time and fresh baguettes after work is our daily challenge. This is only a matter of organization where every single member of our team has to know his role.  

Tell us the day in the life of a Baker?

Starting early morning, the baker starts launching the kneading of the long fermentation dough. Some of those need 24 hours fermentation so we start early.

Then, he starts baking the loaves and baguettes prepared the day before, for the boutique and finally he bakes the croissant just before the opening, in order to serve it as fresh as possible.

After that peak, our bakers continue preparing (kneading and shaping) the loaves and breads that will be baked later in the day. Indeed, we bake all day long in our premises since this is the only method to serve fresh products.

At the end of the day, our bakers prepare the loaves and baguettes for the following day and then they clean their place as to be ready to start again the next morning.

How do you constantly maintain the quality of your products, around the world?

This is my main concern since every single bakery has to be at the same standard as the historical one in Paris.

In all our bakeries, there is a baker who has been trained in Paris for months or years in order to make sure he is familiarised with our process.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Continuing to serve our customers over the world with the same level of quality has been a tough challenge so far.

Who are your customers?

Everyone who loves good bread and good pastries. Without any elitism, we provide a daily pleasure accessible to everyone.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Being driven by your passion is a key success factor. Since you take pleasure in your job you never feel that you are working.

Name one thing that you could not live without in your business.

The Fermentolevain! Indeed, I developed this machine few years ago for keeping the sourdough (leaven) ready to use at all time and the leaven is the base of all our recipes.

What is your favourite or most popular product/service?

My favourite bread is the “Tourte de Meule” which is made with stone-ground whole wheat flour. It reminds me bread we could eat in the country by the past.

My favourite pastry is actually the Financier which is an almond pound cake, very soft. I flavour it in different ways (chocolate, pistachio, rose…)

Does the internet help you in spreading the word about your business?

Our international development is strongly helped by the internet since it increases our visibility and notoriety, but its impact is limited to that.

Indeed, we sell fresh products to our customers, locally, in our boutiques; so it would be complicated selling those around the world through internet.

How big a role does Social Media play in your business?

It helps with the brand recognition but also we use it to communicate our latest opening and product launching.

Our customers love to know what is new and we love knowing what they think about our product. It helps us improve our recipes and service.

What has been your best marketing method for your business?

I don’t believe in the long term benefit of over-communication, but I strongly believe in quality of products for making good advertising of our business.

Our best advertising is the customer who comes back, happy to find the good products he loves.

Loooking for a treat, a special dessert or something totally fresh and delicious to have for lunch? Then La Maison Kayser is the place to go. Offering an extensive range or breads, desserts and other fresh baked goods, Eric's quality and flavours are second to none. Just pop over to the website for more information on his products and services.

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