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UK & Australia Replace Ireland in 'Find Work' Search

We know more and more people use the Internet in their daily search to 'FIND WORK', but can we use the information available on this subject to measure how a region or economy is performing? is the number one search engine in the world - with over 1billion searches being completed every day - or more than 46,000 per second. For this reason - it makes sense to start here. 

Google provide us with a variety of tools to use to check keywords - one of them being Google Trends. If we check this search trend tool for 'FIND WORK' - we are presented with a variety of results. We need to filter by year to get this information broken down. We have just released a press release with our findings for 2011 and 2012 listed - this press release can be found by clicking here.

What was interesting in this research was how countries that were particularly hit hard by the global recession featured very high in the list - even with a relatively low population. This included countries such as Ireland in 2nd position and Greece in 8th position. Fast forward to the information available for 2012 to date - these countries have dropped off the top list for this search.

What can this mean? Well it has been hotly debated by our team and we are sure there are many more opinions than ours. We feel that it is possible that young educated people have left these troubled countries towards the end of 2011 and migrated to the traditional countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. We also believe that things in 2012 may not be as bleak as they were in 2011. Coming out of a very tough 2010, the transition from 2011 into 2012 shows many economies job markets are starting to stabilise or maintain their current position. The continued job losses v job gains seem to be finally balancing out.

Does this mean that these economies maybe on the up? This we cannot say - as this is only one piece of information - a trend in online search. Google themselves say in their FAQ section - that it is a good indicator - but don't bet on the information provided in Google Trends. We also know this using Trends with other tools and sometimes see a variety of information different when checked against another tool or measuring system. So these numbers should be taken as a trend.

We would be interested in hearing your views on Google Trends to monitor the job market, and on the figures that were presented in 2011 and 2012 so far - on the full press release. After reviewing these figures - it is important to take away some key points from this research. These include - 

*How important is the use of the internet to find work. It is now used as the primary source of employment for a lot of people.

*The importance of skills profile and an online social profile. People look online for jobs more, people apply more online - it is only natural that recruiters look online to reference check. 

With all this in mind - don't forget to register on ProfileTree for a free skills profile that will allow you to be found in the search engines for your listed skills.  If you need some help in creating your skills profile - check out the many articles in the ProfileTree blog, we have picked out some of our most popular articles for you here:

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What do you think about using search engines to find work? Is it the only method you currently use?


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