Thinking of Freelancing?


Are you embarking on a freelancing career? Here are a few tips on how to start:

SELL YOUR EXPERTISE – Do you have skills in a specific area? Most people have hidden skills and talents that they never thought could be marketable. However, in today’s changing times people are looking for ways to be different, weird and wonderful. Your candle making business could be just what a large group of people want. It all depends on how you sell it. 

Sit down and list your skills, whether you have adequate knowledge to pass on or not. Remember, people want to learn everything and anything from ballroom dancing to glassblowing. Your creative yet bizarre skill could be a form of a second income. Maybe even with the right skills profile, freelancing could be your fulltime employment.

Have a look at the profiles listed on ProfileTree and even take the first steps to creating your own profile.

TRANSFORM YOUR HOBBIES – Most of people spend their lives picking up and developing new interests. Recreation becomes an integral part of their daily lives. They often dream of using these recreational skills to create the dream job where you spend long hours at work but love what you do.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith by turning your hobby into cash? There are over 2,000 services already listed on ProfileTree - take a look at them. See if you can get some inspiration or if there is something that you can offer.

WRITE ABOUT IT  Have you ever fancied yourself as a good writer? If yes, now is the time for you to start your freelance writing career! In the past, people have spent their lives striving to be heard in the literary word. With the progress of the Internet, you can have the opportunity to publish your writing piece and have people read it, review it and even comment on it. Freelance writing has a growing popularity in a range of online markets from magazines to blogs.

Have you ever considered starting your own blog or guest blogging on another website? Start planning for this step from now as well written words can easily be transformed into cash!

TURN CREATIVITY INTO CASH – People love nothing more than being unique. Everybody wants to be "the first" or "the only" person to own or buy something. Increasing numbers of developers are using their creativity to meet the needs of the ever expanding market.

Do you have a particular talent for creating something beautiful, homemade or organically grown? If so now is the time to start valuing this talent. Use your freelancing skills to teach others or provide potential customers with your original, unique products.

THINK SIMPLE  Do you think your skill could be too simple for anybody to be interested in it? Think again. Start coming out of the box. In this modern world people have no time to sew, crochet or mend things. We have become a "throw-away society". This, in large part, is due to the fact that these simple skills are not readily available anymore. You may discover that you have a unique skill that is very sought after in this society influenced by consumerism.

Share your skills profile -once complete- with your network and get some feedback from friends and family. You will know then whether your small startup (or your very specific skill) has potential or not.

BE A MASTER  You recognized your talent, started showcasing it and even got feedback from people close to you. Now you have come to a crucial stepping stone on the path to starting a freelancing career. STOP AND THINK!

Newbie freelancers often make a fatal mistake right before their projects begin. They often decide to promote three or four skills, hoping for better exposure thus coming off as "all-rounders". This is totally unadvisable in the beginning of your freelancing career. Instead, choose one skill and stick with it. This is your area of expertise! Of course you can branch out, but this should come later on when you have established yourself and built a small and solid client base.

STAY MOTIVATED  So you have finally chosen your area of expertise and started out on the long journey of establishing yourself as a freelancer. Then the realization hits you. There are millions of freelancers out there. Don’t panic! Calm down and convince yourself that you can do it.

One of the most important keys to success is staying positive despite multiple rejections. This doesn’t mean that there is no place for your skills. It simply means that you must stay motivated and overcome the initial hardships to benefit from the ultimate rewards. 

What are you waiting for? Start your skills profile on ProfileTree, today. This would be an excellent push for your freelancing career and it will help you find work in new areas that you never explored before.

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