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Thinking of Freelancing?

Top tips on where to start:

SELL YOUR EXPERTISE – Do you have skills in a specific area? Most people have hidden skills and talents that they never thought could be marketable. However in today’s changing times people are striving to master the art of being different, weird and wonderful. Sit down and list your skills, do you have adequate knowledge to pass on? – remember people want to learn everything and anything from ballroom dancing to glassblowing. This could be an excellent way to a second income or maybe even with the right skills profile - becoming fully self employed. Have a look at the profiles listed on ProfileTree and even take the first steps to creating your own profile.

TRANSFORM YOUR HOBBIES – Most of us spend our lives picking up and developing new interests. Recreation becomes an essential part of our daily life. People often dream of using these recreational skills to create the dream job – spending time at work but loving what you do. Are you ready to take the leap of faith and risk turning your hobby into cash? There are over 2,000 services already listed on ProfileTree - why not have a look through them and see if you can get some inspiration for something you can offer.

WRITE ABOUT IT – Have you ever fancied yourself as a writer? Well now is the time! In previous years people have spent their lives striving to be heard through the written word. With the invention of the Internet now we can all have the opportunity to say our piece and actually have people (real people) read and enjoy the knowledge we have to share. Freelance writing is now popular in a range of markets from magazines to free blogs. Have you ever considered starting your own blog or guest blogging on another site? – well written words can easily be transformed into cash!

TURN CREATIVITY INTO CASH  – In today’s commercial worldpeople love nothing more than something unique. We all want to be ‘the first’, ‘the only’ person to have something. Increasing numbers of people are using their creativity to meet the needs of this ever increasing market. Do you have a particular talent for creating something beautiful, homemade or organically grown? If so now is the time to start valuing this talent. Use your creativity to teach others or provide potential customers with your original products.

THINK SIMPLE – Do you have a skill so simple that you think no-one would want it? Well begin to think out of the box. In this modern world people have no time to sew, or crochet or mend things. We have become a ‘throw away society’. Is this because we have more cash or because these simple skills are not readily available anymore? Think simple and you may discover that you have an unique skill that is very sought after in this ever-changing society. Its very easy and quick to create a skills profile - once complete, why not share it with your network and get some feedback from friends and family. You will know then if what your offering may have potential to help you find work in new areas.

BE A MASTER –Now you have made your list, searched through your many talents and decided that actually you have hidden talents that you never knew existed!You have come to a crucial stepping stone on the path to becoming a self employed ‘freelancer’ – STOP AND THINK! New freelancers often make a fatal error at this point before their fledgling project begins. They often decide to promote three or four skills, hoping for better exposure and promoting themselves as ‘all rounders’. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the beginning. Instead choose one skill and stick with it, this is your area of expertise! Of course you can branch out but this will come later when you have established yourself and built a small client base.

STAY MOTIVATED – So you have finally chosen your area of expertise and have set out on the long journey of establishing yourself as a freelancer, suddenly you realize that there are millions of others out there. Don’t be tempted to throw in the towel and convince yourself that you can’t do it!! One of the most important keys to success in becoming a freelancer is staying positive and accepting that the answer in the beginning is often a resounding ‘no thanks’. This doesn’t mean that there is no place for your skills, it just means that you must stay motivated and overcome the initial hardships to benefit from the ultimate rewards! 

Why wait any longer?  Start your skills profile today on ProfileTree, an excellent start to your journey to be self employed and will help you find work in new areas never explored before.

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