Things to Avoid While Working From Home

Working from home

With all the things that people hate about work starting with the job role itself and ending with having to wake up early, the new concept of working from home made all these things less stressful. Working from home became something usual, something that is now famously known and followed by different companies and people around the world; and for this we should thank the internet. With the emergence of the internet world along with the social media, everything is now done on computers to an extent that the person will never make a difference if he/she worked from home or from an office.

Working from home is considered a solution for the people who are not good in getting themselves involved in the different office atmospheres, or as the world calls them; the introverts. It made it easier for new moms, as well as those self employed people who are still taking the first steps in their businesses. There are different working from home jobs and fields which any person can enter such as wedding planning, photography, writing, editing, and many other fields. But along with all the nice things that accompany the work from home jobs, there are other several things that a person should avoid if he/she decided to take that road.

Working from home tips:

  • Avoid making a relaxant schedule

 It doesn’t matter whether you are working for a company or an organization, or you happen to be your own boss, just try not to be a horrible boss for your own self because the working from home schedules are always done by the workers themselves and not anybody else, and a relaxant one will never get you working perfectly enough.

Relaxant schedules include different things like always snoozing the alarm to get some extra hours of sleep, those hours will be paid soon when you discover that you still have loads of work to be finished and stay until midnight getting everything wrapped up. It also includes the lunch breaks and the other breaks which you take in between the tasks, even in office people do that, but not three breaks with half an hour each.

Schedules should be done daily according to what needs to be finished and what is more important than the other, and the time management of these schedules should always be rational in order for the person to easily follow them.

  • Avoid being an introvert

The main reason why some people might have chosen to work from home is that they consider themselves introverts. They might have gained their own comfort by finding a job that fills their needs, but one of the things that people who work from home should avoid is to avoid being introverts, as much as they can.

One of the things that come hand-in-hand with the working from home jobs is the quiet environment that does not have any distractions in, and such environments will cut the person short on the different relationships that he/she might have gained if working in an office.

Being an extrovert in the working field is important, it does not require a person to dump the idea of working from home, but it can be done through other solutions. A person can once in a while contact a client through a telephone call instead of sending over an e-mail, or if he/she is working for a company, that person can meet his/her colleagues for lunch.

  • Avoid family distractions

It is true that working from home can make the social life much better and balanced, people will have the ability to manage their times between working and seeing their family members. But working from home is also about the basic 8 hours a day which each person should fulfill, and sometimes might be even more, and family members, friends, and neighbors should also understand that and make sure they don’t distract you during these hours.

Distractions will only make the schedules tighter and the tasks will never be achieved in the scheduled time, the family gathering might seem so much attracting and calling for you, but you should not give up on work unless everything is under control.

One of the benefits of working from home is the person’s ability to place the 8 working hours anytime during the day, so a breakfast out sometimes can fit in the schedule, but those people working from home should know that the earlier the work is done, the better.

  • Avoid sitting in front of the television while working

Yes, we all used to do such things while we were in school pretending that we are studying, but truth is, we were not. Back in the school days, the issue appeared to be much simpler, as it will only involve your own grades, but in the work field, you might mess up the client’s work due to focusing on the movie or series while doing your work.

One of the effective ways to work from home is to allocate a place or corner in home for your work and it’s tool, like the laptop, telephone, printer, and whatever reports you are using, just make sure that it is away from any distractions that might get you not working hardly enough.

  • Avoid staying too much at home

Home is where all the comfort is, but the nature of the human being is also related to being social, seeing people, and breathing fresh air. Working from home does not literally mean to stay at home, it just means that you don’t have to go the office, but you can take your laptop and head to your favorite coffee shop, or you can go to a quiet park and work under the sun for a couple of hours, just try to be out so often.

The person should always feel surrounded with other human beings rather than having to spend the 8 working hours sitting on the laptop with his/her shadow only. Staying long hours working alone without seeing new faces who might only say “good morning” might get people bored and depressed, decreasing their excitement to work with each passing day.

  • Avoid taking phone calls (unless very important)

Phone calls are one of the most distracting things that any person might get in the middle of doing a specific task, that’s why they should be always avoided. With the new features that are appearing in the mobile phones, and the new technologies that made social media pop up on each mobile screen, people are becoming more distracted than before.

Just the same as ignoring those phone calls at office, and setting the mobile phone aside on a silent mode with all its social media updates, do the same while working from home, let people understand that working from home does not differ from the office one except in the way you are dressed.

Always avoid all the telephone calls, only take those which are very important or which you know will never take more than 5 minutes, just to get everything done, and not to lose your concentration.

  • Avoid getting yourself drained in work

You should concentrate, you should be always focused, and you should always plan your schedule and set your appointments according to your working hours and not the other way around. Try to place your doctor appointment early before starting work, or later when you finish it, but try not to take advantage of this flexibility you have (unless you don’t have a lot of work to be done, and placing a couple of hours in the middle won’t ruin your day and work) and place your daily appointments within the working hours.

It is true that working hard is required for successful results, but at some points in life, the minds just stop, not being able to work or give anymore. When the person feels like he/she are not able to formulate new ideas, or come up with creative ones, he/she should go out for a walk, go and have breakfast in the open air, or even go for a swim, they should flourish their minds by things that will bring them back fresh and ready to work again, even if they decided to take the whole day off.

  • Avoid eating too much

When people are depressed, they eat. When they are bored, they eat. And when they search for things that will get them up from their desks, they decide to head for the kitchen. Working from home gives you the opportunity to eat more, not like the office which you go with your lunch box, or else you avoid buying too much food in order not to spend a lot of money and affect your savings.

When people are working from home, they have the opportunity to follow a more healthy diet, where they can work out, eat healthy, and take care of their weights.

  • Avoid staying in your pajamas

Pajamas are always comfortable, but sleepy as well. It was agreed upon different professionals that getting dressed every day makes them more energetic, when they stay in their pajamas; they just feel like it is a day off, a day which they don’t have to work in.

You don’t have to wake up, put the finest suit you have, wear make-up, and sit down on your desk; it might get million times simpler than that. People might get in some of their casual wear, they might even wear a sporty kind of clothes; they just have to put anything on other than their pajamas, which will only put them on the bed time mode.

  • Avoid working on weekends and vacations

If you happen to be someone who is starting a new business, or else someone who is just working as a freelancer, you will sometimes be forced to work for extra hours, or to work when everyone else is enjoying his/her weekends and vacations. Don’t lose your free time, the whole week is for work and the weekends are for extra sleeping hours, relaxing, and catching up with friends and family.

In some cases, it is indeed important to work on a weekend if you previously agreed with your client to get the specific task done and delivered, or if you were the reason behind losing some of the week hours being just lazy, just try as much as you can to free yourself from any work engagements during the weekends in order to have a fresh start for the week coming next.

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