Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Every time you decide to stay in your comfort zone and stay too attached to it, is another chance you are deprived from that would have helped you to take some risks and come closer to anxiety. A lot of people think that staying away from anxiety is a good thing, and we wouldn’t agree more but the human being will still need it from time to time. Comfort zones are not good things but they are not bad either; they are just behavioral spaces where the person’s activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimize stress and risk. It might feel much safer for some people to stay in their normal routine for some time, but they should understand that leaving their comfort zone brings good experiences as well.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

Just like any other thing in this world, stepping out of your comfort zone bring along some negative points as well as positive ones, and that is why when you are trying to step away from your routine to try something that is new, you should know that along with the positive things that you are going to win, there are some negative ones that you should try to avoid.

Your comfort zone is a state that is considered normal; one that most of the people head to because they don’t want to deal with stress or unwanted feelings of anxiety. But the problem is that as much as people prefer to choose the simplest ways when it comes to dealing with their lives, they should sometimes head to the risky ones in order to feel more energized to go for the change and grab all its benefits; sometimes if you don’t fear something so much or worry about it all the time, you might not be able to step away from your comfort zone and deal with the issues in your hand.

There are different ways that would help you to step out of your comfort zone, such as:

  • You can start by doing the everyday activities in a different way

A lot of people find it difficult to change their routine or come out of their comfort zones suddenly, they prefer to take it step by step, to test the ground first before they could come out and set their feet on it. You can always start coming out of your comfort zone by changing the everyday activities step by step; these things might be as simple as you might never imagine, such as going to your work from a different route, eating something different for breakfast, trying a new food or restaurant without having to search for it or ask millions of people about it; all these things will help in bringing you out of your comfort zone bit by bit without having to handle any struggles or deal with your own anxiety.

  • Trust yourself and take some snap decisions

When it comes to comfort zones, you might meet those people who tell you to take your time when you are making some decisions because it sometimes help in giving you the chance to watch everything happening around you, interpret it correctly, and then intervene; while on the other hand, you might meet those people who tell you to trust yourself and take sudden and snap decisions since it will help you in trusting your own decisions. Although these are two contradicting things to do when it comes to coming out of your comfort zone, but it usually depends on every single person and the type of his/her personality because there are those who prefer to weigh all the possibilities, and there are those who always make snap decisions, and that is why switching will always give the person the chance to step away from his/her routine.

  • You should face your fears

One of the things that comfort zones take you away from is your fears, and maybe that is the main reason why you might love that place and prefer not to get out of it. But when you have fears towards something, you should try to step forward and face them rather than trying all the time to run away from them because one day you will have to face one another. There are different types of fears; the big ones which might turn into phobic situations such as fearing blood, fearing spiders, fearing airplanes, and so on, and there are those small ones which you might come across on a daily basis, such as the fear of getting wet from the rain, the fear of arriving late for work, and so forth. In order to get out of your comfort zone, you should try to face those fears, to try and ride an airplane, to try to handle your wounds when there is blood, and to get yourself wet and realize that this will never end your life.

  • You should try to take some risks

You will never be able to take risks until you step away from your comfort zone, because comfort zone and risk taking are two different things that are not supposed to meet. In order to be able to take some risks, you should do two important things; first, you should try not to attach yourself with the fear of what you don’t know, when you decide to do something, you should do it for your own sake and you should understand that if you succeeded then it would add something to you but if you failed, you are going to gain an experience, try one more time, and keep going. Second, you should accept everything happening to you; a lot of people build a perception in their minds that this world should be a safe and predictable place, which is not true, because your comfort zone is the main reason behind having those thoughts and perceptions in your mind; you should accept that things might go wrong before they go right, and that you might fail before you succeed, you should understand that this world was built for trials and not for following a specific script.

  • Think about the scary parts in a different way

When it comes to the reasons behind your inability to leave your comfort zone then it should be related to something scary that you fear doing or something that you don’t want to be part of for a specific reason. Leaving your comfort zone needs someone who has the ability to look at the situations from a different point of view or different perspective; those who fear something or fear getting into a specific activity or situation should start thinking about the process in a different way. Instead of looking at the negative side, the one which will make you always unable to take any steps forward, you should try to look at the adventurous and exciting side of the situation; this way, you will be more able to push yourself forward and get out of your comfort zone.

  •   Put down a plan that you can follow

Plans are important to tell you where you are going and how are you going to get there and that is why when it comes to leaving your comfort zone, you should always have a plan which you are going to follow. The importance of plans in such cases is that they will help you to take in the things that you fear bit by bit and step by step, without doing it all at once and feeling that you have got out of your comfort zone suddenly and without any prior notice. Set plan for those things that you fear in order to be able to approach them, and you could even talk with people who passed by the same situations who can help you know what type of situations might come up and how could you deal with them.

  • Try to make yourself comfortable with the discomfort

Getting out of your comfort zone, means that you are reaching out for the things that might make you feel uncomfortable, and here is exactly when you should embrace all the discomfort and make yourself comfortable in it. In order to make yourself comfortable with the things that might be irritating you and the things that might be considered the main reason behind not trying to get out of our comfort zone, you should practice them more often; for example, if you don’t like the idea of dealing with people in the social gatherings then try to practice it more often and try to talk with people more in order to get used to it and start feeling comfortable while doing it.

  • Don’t try to make excuses for yourself to yourself

Every time you try to come up with an excuse for yourself about not doing something or not trying something new, you should be honest with yourself about making those excuses and know that you have been telling them in order not to do what you were supposed to try doing. The more you confront yourself with your fears, the more you will be able to take further steps towards them and deal with them. So in order to truly face the things that are bothering you and move forward, you should be honest with yourself.

Staying in your comfort zone is not a bad thing but it is not a good one either, it is a normal place that prevents you from taking risks, confronting your fears, and doing things differently, which will all give you the chance to deal with this world differently and be more experienced. 

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