Poland Holidays - Tailored for You

Poland Holidays - Tailored for You

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” - Anon

After growing up abroad, Maja Kaminska decided to pursue a career in the travel industry. But it was the pull to return to her homeland and to share the rich culture and heritage that motivated her to set up her own Travel Agency - DelightPol Tours & Travel. She now offers a totally personalized and customized service guaranteeing the trip of a lifetime!

What inspired or motivated you to become involved in the Travel Industry?

As a child and teenager I travelled a lot with my family and spend most of my life abroad. I enjoyed all the beautiful sights and diversity of places all over the globe. That made me think of how people would react to all the stunning places and rich heritage of my homeland – Poland.  I returned to Poland at the age of 18 and that’s when I applied for the Travel & Tourism University Program.

I was asked: “Why did you choose to apply to our program?” My answer was “I want to start my own travel agency one day and encourage visitors from all over the world to visit Poland”.  

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years working as a Project Manager at a local agency. In August 2012 with the support of my partner and family I have found the courage to start a new chapter and brought DelightPol Tours & Travel to life.

What are the advantages of working for yourself?

I am doing something I love and I can bring all my ideas to life.  I enjoy being my own boss, having control over the timing, scheduling and overall organization.  It is also great that I can squeeze in time to be present for my little children.       

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Each inquiry is a challenge.  I have to take care of each request individually and customize the travel arrangements based on one’s needs whether it’s the type of accommodation, special meal/diet requirements or itinerary logistics.  Learning how to and spreading the word about my business is also a challenge.

What are your greatest achievements?

Finding the courage to start and handle my own business.

Each “Thank You” letter also brings a smile to my face. Receiving positive feedback, making my clients feel at home and making sure they have a smooth and enjoyable journey while visiting Poland is a great joy. Each happy customer who promises to return and is ready to recommend my company to others is a great achievement and makes it all worth it.

How do you ensure work life balance?

I have an awesome support team – my family. Sometimes I’m in need of an extra pair of hands especially having two little “helpers” around but that’s when my supportive partner and parents step up to help. Ensuring work life balance is always a challenge but I’m getting better at it each day. What’s important is to set boundaries, have a plan and stick to it.

Who are your customers?

Everyone! I have to meet the needs of a wide range of customers – couples, families, single travelers, organized groups, and people of all ages, interests and beliefs.  That’s what I love about my job – I get to be creative while introducing my clients to Poland. It is also great to meet so many interesting people along the way while working on a project, hear their unique stories and learn more about their homeland and culture.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Beginnings are always hard and scary but you must remember that you cannot have a successful business with a negative mind.  Don’t give up; take one step at a time.  Be realistic, have a plan and stick to it. Define your business goals, stay focused and all the hard work will pay off. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but you will succeed. Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself – this is the first step to success.

What is your favourite or most popular product/service?

I enjoy working on each project whether it is a city break, coach tour, conference arrangement, pilgrimage tour, ancestry and family history research or simple service as booking a single room at a hotel.

Each tour is different and I always return to the customer with an individually designed offer. I like to think of all my services as “favourites”. I focus on the client, my passion, knowledge, attention to detail, responsibility and involvement in the tour preparations to make sure the final product the customers receive becomes their favourite as well.


What is your ultimate goal - and has this changed from when you started?

My goal is to hang in and stand firm in the travel industry, follow the changing trends and strong competition. To move forward and get the word out there, be ready for all the challenges ahead.

I wish more people knew about the beauty of Poland.  It is a beautiful country and my goal is to show it off whenever I get a chance.

Does the internet help you in spreading the word about your business?

Without a doubt.  Nowadays many people are online and reach out to use the internet first when they need to find a service. The internet is a powerful tool which helps in spreading the word about my business.  I spend a lot of time browsing through travel forums and other travel related pages, contacting travel agencies abroad and introducing my services to them via direct emails. It’s a slow and time consuming process but it pays to get the word out there. People do get back to me.

If you are looking for an amazing holiday, city break or organised tour that will be tailored specifically to your requirements then DelightPol Tours & Travel  can help. Specializing in creating individual experiences Maja will work with you to ensure your trip is exactly how you imagined it! You can contact DelightPol Tours & Travel  or via their Profile.

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