Motivating Millennials in the Workplace


Hiring millennials in the workplace is now one of the important things that companies and organizations should follow, because they are the workforce of the future and the ones who have the ideas that will best serve the communities because they know exactly how they think and what they might be even expecting. But millennials are different in the workplace; they don’t want others to impose rules on them and they don’t want their ideas to be ignored, they are also motivated and inspired by other things than those who are referred to as generation X, and they always search for different types of cultures in the companies that they apply for.

Motivating the Millennial Generation in the Workplace

What most people don’t know about millennials is that they are so much committed to what they are doing and they always want to change something about this world, and as much as they are committed, some employers still think that they only care about their looks, their piercings, their tattoos, and that they don’t care about anything in this world but themselves. But on the other side, there are still some other employers out there who only search for millennials, they want minds that are applicable for the world they are living and the trends that keep appearing.

Just like managers tend to motivate their employees from the generation X, they should follow some rules when they are trying to motivate their millennial employees. Millennials think differently and they also need to be treated and motivated in a totally different way. When you are in the phase of trying to come up with ways to motivate your millennial employees, you should think about some important traits about them; you should remember that they are multitaskers, they are the most educated technologically, their values are different, and they always want to learn and develop their skills in order to produce effective and meaningful work.

Here are some effective and creative ways to motivate your millennials at work:

  • Motivate them by always being there with feedback and answers

One of the things that the millennial generation in the workplace always looks after is the advice, the answers, and the feedback which their managers or leaders tend to offer them. There are different types of leaders; those who make themselves always available and appear like mentors, and those who shut themselves up in the offices and act like horrible bosses; millennials will be always waiting for the first type, they want an open door for them to go through, ask their questions, and get valuable answers back. Another good thing about millennials is that they appreciate all types of feedback; the good and the bad, because they want to improve themselves and not just earn money at the beginning of every month.

  • Give them projects that will give them the ability to be creative

Working on the same types of projects and doing the same tasks all the time will never help any person out there, whether from the millennial generation or from another, to become creative or to foster his/her ability to think differently and uniquely. From the part of the leader, giving different projects that will give the millennial employee the chance to search for answers and to try to get different ideas in order to complete this project in the best way possible is an important step that should be taken. Millennials always love to be challenged; they love the idea of doing things for the first time and things which they have never worked on before, and that is why when they achieve a specific thing, they feel so much proud of themselves and feel motivated to keep going and to keep improving themselves and their skills.

  • You should respect their independence more

Millennials have their different ways of working, they like their freedom and appreciate their independence, so every time you try to disrespect any of these things, you will realize that they are leaving you behind and searching for places that will give them all the appreciation they need. When we talk about millennials’ freedom in the workplace, we are mainly referring to the ways they prefer to work in and the times they prefer to work at. One of the best rules followed by some companies is the way they give their employees the chance to choose the 8 hours they prefer to work at during the day, which is one of the things that gives them some freedom.

There are always different ways to respect the independence of your millennial employees; respect that they want to work in teams, brainstorm with one another, and bring out the ideas which they have built together.

  • You should be flexible with them

If you think that assigning some rules for them in order to come on time every day and never leave before the time they are supposed to depart at comes even if they have finished all their tasks, will make them more able to work – or more available to finish all the tasks, then you are wrong, because they will never feel motivated to do so. The best way to motivate your millennials is to be flexible with them, millennials have their personal lives, their leisure time, and there are those who even care about volunteering, so give them the chance to take their breaths and do all the other things they are supposed to be part of.

  • Link between them and the organization’s mission

Millennials will always feel more in use when they realize that their goals and the goals of the organization as a whole are related to one another, or at least depend on one another. Good leaders are those who care about telling their employees about the whys in addition to the how and what; they tell them about the values of the organizations and how they might be related to their own. Usually, the millennials are more likely to give when they feel proud of their companies and that will only happen when they feel that their existence is adding a lot to the progress of the organization and how without their help, things wouldn’t have been the same.

In order to be able to link between the organization and the employees, you have to know what they are most passionate about and then start to work that into their work.

  • Focus on the relationships you build with your millennial employees

Managing the millennials is part of motivating them because you will need to look into the ways you should manage them effectively which will never happen without understanding how they should be first motivated. One of the other things that you should motivate your employees with is to appear on the same line with them and to give them the feeling that you are all part of the same team or group. Building good relationships with the millennial generation is an important thing because one of the different traits that describe them is their friendly manners and the way they want to build friendships with everyone related to their work; their coworkers, their leaders, their suppliers, and even their customers.

Every single time you tend to be friendlier with your people, you give them the chance to feel more related to the place which will in turn result in the motivation they receive to work more productively and effectively.

  • Follow the rewarding factor in your workplace

And who does not like to be recognized for his/her hard work or the effort that he/she had put in a task that turned out to be a success story at the end? Rewards are always good motivators whether for millennials or for any other generation; people usually love to feel rewarded for something they have achieved or something that they have succeeded in, and that is exactly what millennials in the workforce will be always waiting for.

Rewarding is not just about buying real gifts, but it can be as simple as showing them that you have noticed their hard work and had payed attention to their effort. A simple “thank you” or “good job” can be the most motivating thing any millennial employee is waiting for, just show them that you care.

  • Get them more involved in work

You will never succeed in improving the skills of your millennial employees unless you give them the chance to be more involved in the different tasks at work. Millennials hate the idea of receiving orders or being told what to do; they prefer to solve problems and try to take decisions with the rest of the team and they always prefer to find ways to do their jobs and not be ordered on what they are supposed to do. The best way to involve the millennials in the workplace is to bring them to the meeting tables, give them the chance to speak up their minds, and allow them to help in finding solutions and in taking decisions related to work with you.

  • Add some fun to the workplace

The last thing that would motivate millennials to work is having some fun in the workplace. You will never like the idea of getting up in the morning, leaving your bed, and going to a place where you meet people who are not able to have fun, just to do some of the tasks that you are supposed to deliver. One of the motivators that leaders and managers should always use whether with millennials or other employees is to build a fun atmosphere in the company where they could work without pressure or without any stress.

Working with millennials should be considered an opportunity because as much as you are going to offer them your experience and knowledge, they are also going to offer you some of the different traits and values they have. In order to correctly manage and deal with the millennial generation, you should first know how to motivate them in the most suitable ways for their personalities. 

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