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Is After School Tutoring Worthwhile?

According to recent research on after school tutoring carried out by the TES:


- In the UK alone that more than a quarter of 11 to 18-year-olds have had a tutor at some point during their schooling, most of them for maths

- As many as two million British children use private tutors, but the figure is similar in most western European countries

- Up to 80 per cent of pupils in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong have after school tutoring

- According to Eduventures, the educational research firm, over $4 billion was spent on tutoring—$3.75 billion of it by parents


So as increasing numbers of parents are searching for top tutors to support and teach their children we have to ask ourselves this question - is after school tutoring worthwhile for tutors, parents and most of the children?


Benefits for tutors:


1. After school tutoring provides top tutors with a way to earn some extra cash - Tutoring is a great way to earn extra cash which is nigh on impossible as a teacher, we don't always have the opportunity to work extra hours or increase our salaries easily. Tutoring outside school hours can allow you to earn that 'little bit extra'. One important point to note though is to consider where you stand with paying tax, seek advice and make sure you declare your earnings. (For extra advice check out - Create a Tutor's Profile If You Ever Thought About Tutoring)


2. Provides an opportunity to use your expertise - Sometimes as teachers we don't always get to use our expertise to the level that we would like; providing after school tutoring can give you the opportunity to specialise in your subject and make use of your expertise.


3. Can provide work for the self-employed - Unfortunately we are not all lucky enough to have a full time teaching job, many of us have to rely on supply teaching, maternity and sick leaves and temporary contracts. It is very difficult to predict how much you will earn or when you will earn it, however after school tutoring can provide a regular, steady income that you can rely on.


Benefits for Parents and their children


1. Knowing your child is getting one to one attention. With increasing class sizes and decreased adult to child ratios, can you be sure that your child is getting adequate attention in the classroom situation? Having a top tutor reassures parents that their children are getting the attention that they require.


2. Knowing your child's learning is specific to their individual needs. Obviously within a classroom situation lessons are taught with a range of learning needs in mind. Teachers try to treat each child individually but unfortunately due to class sizes, learning difficulties and time constraints the learning cannot be directed in a specific manner to 35 children simultaneously. After school tutoring therefore ensures that you child is learning exactly what they need to be and at their specific learning level.


3. Helping your child prepare for exams. Sometimes your child just needs a boost or some support with exam technique. It can be very difficult to source exam materials, example questions and activities to support revision. Enlisting the help of an expert can support parents by providing these materials and experience in helping children to pass exams.


4. Having an opportunity to discuss your child's progress weekly/monthly. Having an after school tutor for your child allows you to discuss your child's progress any time you like. Teachers just don't have time to discuss each individual child's progress and learning needs on a regular basis but when you have a top tutor, you can ask questions and discuss progress at any time.


5. Knowing your child is fully engaged and concentrating. Unfortunately children are not always fully engaged in the classroom situation this can be for a number of reasons, from large class sizes to just being easily distracted by others. However when your child is involved in after school tutoring you have more of a guarantee that your child is engaged and concentrating. During a tutoring session the child is receiving one to one, individualised learning and so there should be no excuses for lack of concentration or focus. 


These are just some of the benefits of enlisting the help of an after school tutor, many children benefit immensely from having this extra support but it is also important for parents to remember that they must support the tuition process and involve themselves as much a possible if the tutoring is to be successful.

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