Is After School Tutoring Worthwhile?

after school tutoring

An increasing number of parents are seeking top tutors to support their children's education. Before you start on this rampant journey, ask yourself this question: is after school tutoring worthwhile?

According to an article published in the Telegraph in 2013 :

  • - In the UK alone that more than 24 percent of 11 to 18-year-olds have used a tutor ain 2012, the number rising to 40 percent in London alone. 
  • - At least one million teachers in Britain make extra money from after school tutoring.
  • - Around 10 percent of sixth form to Year 11 British students use private tutors.
  • - In the US, as of 2014, tutoring price reached $30-$40 per hour.
  • - In Singapore, over $1.1 billion was spent on tutoring—the average household spends $79.90 on private tuition monthly.

If you are considering after school tutoring as a job, you should benefit from the following:

1. After school tutoring provides a way to earn some extra cash - Tutoring is a great way to earn some extra cash. As a teacher, you don't always have the opportunity to work extra hours and increase your income easily. Tutoring outside school hours would allow you to do that. One important thing to note, though, is to consider where you stand with paying taxes, seeking advice and making sure you declare your earnings.

(For extra advice on this topic, check out this article - Create a Tutor's Profile).

2. It provides an opportunity to use your expertise - Teachers don't always get to use their expertise to its full potential. Providing after school tutoring facilitates specializing in your subjects and stretching that expertise muscle.

3. It is a great way to be self-employed - Not all people are lucky enough to have a fulltime teaching job. Many have to rely on supply teaching, temporary contracts, maternity and sick leaves.

As a freelancer, it is difficult to predict how much you will earn or when you will earn it. This is not the case with after school tutoring. You would actually this profession a source of a regular, steady income that you can rely on.

Benefits for Parents and their children:

1. Knowing your child is getting one-to-one attention. Despite a movement towards reducing class sizes, parents cannot be sure that their kids are getting adequate attention in the classroom

Having a private tutor reassures parents that their children are getting adequate attention.

2. Children's learning is specific to their individual needs. In a classroom environment, lessons are taught with a range of learning needs in mind. Teachers try to treat each student individually but due to a number of factors (class sizes, learning difficulties and time constraints) the learning process cannot be directed in a more specific approach.

After school tutoring ensures that your child is learning exactly what they need, at their specific learning level.

3. Helping your child prepare for exams. Sometimes your child just needs more support with learning exam techniques. It can be very difficult to have access to exam materials, sample questions and activities to support revision.

Enlisting the help of an after school tutor can support parents by providing experience in helping children to pass exams.  

4. Discussing your child's progress weekly/monthly. Having an after school tutor allows you to discuss your child's progress any time you like. Teachers don't have time to discuss each individual child's learning curve on a regular basis. When you hire a tutor, you can ask questions and discuss learning difficulties and triumphs at any time.

5. Ensuring that your child is fully engaged and concentrating. Children are not always fully engaged in the classroom.

This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Large class sizes.
  • Being easily distracted by others.
  • Disruption in the classroom.
  • Substituting alternative activities.

When your child is involved in after school tutoring, you have guarantee that your child is fully engaged in the learning process. During a tutoring session your child is receiving tailored learning. There should be no excuses for lack of concentration or focus. 

Many children benefit immensely from having after school tutoring. It is also important for parents to remember that they must support the tuition process and involve themselves as much a possible to ensure its success.

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