Inspirational Quotes to Help Identify Your Skills and Talent

inspirational quotes

Do you feel like you are stuck? Do you lack the motivation to move forward? Here are some compiled inspirational quotes and pearls of wisdom to help that muse soar higher!

These quotes by famous thinkers, writers, artists and motivational speakers will help you discover your hidden talent and embrace your inner creative side.

Everybody has talent and it's just a matter of moving around until you've discovered what it is.

George Lucas

George Lucas, great American director and filmmaker, puts his finger on a very important issue. Everybody has a talent to offer the world! The main obstacle to your success is actually identifying this talent. So start digging deep inside of you. Think big. Go back to your roots and ask yourself questions about who you really are.

Trusted family members and friends are usually a good source of inspiration. They will support you in your quest to find who you want to be. They will also -hopefully- be honest and realistic in giving you feedback! They may have seen hidden talents in you that you have never even thought existed.

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly, like a millionaire intent on going broke.

Brendan Francis

This is a very important quote by the Irish poet and novelist, Brendan Francis. Many people possess the most amazing and unique talents yet they keep them dormant. In their defense, they say that they don’t want to boast, they don't have time to explore those talents or that they would be of no use to anybody. These talents are being wasted because people are too lazy or too afraid to act on them!

Get out there and share your talent. People are searching for you. People want to learn From YOU. There is no such thing as a useless talent so go on and brag about it.

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.

Henry Van Dyke

How can you develop your talent if you have no confidence in what you are doing? How can anyone else benefit from it if you don’t have the courage to share it? Nobody is an expert at everything. By raveling in the full extents of your talent, you can help others and develop yourself at the same time.

There is plenty of space for us all in the skills marketplace. Be brave to be a part of it. Always put in mind that you are good enough. Get out there and develop your skills profile. Someone might be looking for a person with your skills right now!

As tools become rusty, so does the mind. A garden uncared for soon becomes smothered in weeds; a talent neglected withers and dies.

Ethel R. Page

Please don’t neglect your talents. The world constantly craves new skills, new ways of thinking and novice creative individuals. Identify your talents and work on them. You may not be good enough but remember that a talent needs to be nurtured to reach its true potential. 

Invest time in your talents or skills profile. It does not matter if your goals are as simple as being self-employed, finding work or becoming better at your pre-owned skills. All it takes is the first step.

One of the most common complaints of creative people today is "I do not have the time to do this". You cannot be more wrong. All it takes is focus and commitment and you can do wonders. You don't have a skills profile? Create one today. Click here - it only takes a few minutes, one step at a time.

Learning is a lifetime process, but there comes a time when we must stop adding and start updating.

Robert Brault

According to Ghanaian scholar, Lailah Gifty Akita, "Life is a continue learning process. Each day presents an opportunity for learning." However, it is also important to pause and reflect on what you have learned. It is tempting to continue learning new things but updating the skills and talents that you already possess are of no less importance. Don’t disregard them for new acquisitions!

Be prepared to revisit old skills and talents and upgrade them. Be selective in what you choose to spend your energy on. You can only know so much!

When the student is ready, the master appears.

Buddhist Proverb

When you have spent enough time working on and developing your talent, consider sharing it with others. Students from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, abilities and needs are waiting for you. It's time to come out and shine!

What is stopping you? Whatever the reason might be, don't use it as an excuse for lagging behind.  Today is better than tomorrow so do not wait.

Your earning ability today is largely dependent upon your knowledge, skill and your ability to combine that knowledge and skill in such a way that you contribute value for which customers are going to pay.

Brian Tracy

It is great of course to be an idealist and share your talents with the world. But you have to stop and think after sometime; what’s in it for you?

Many people neglect their talents and allow them to fall by the wayside because they get fed up with GIVING all the time. That's why you have to consider using your skills and talents to your advantage and get rewarded on your hard work. 

Why not combine your knowledge with your skills to show potential customers your true value. People are willing to pay for your expertise, if YOU are willing to get out there and share it with them!

Have you enjoyed our set of inspirational quotes? Next step would be to create your skills profile and offer what you have gained to the world. Improve your skills as you go along. Everyone starts from scratch. Nobody is born big and nobody stays small forever.

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