Improve Your Skills Profile to Attract New Customers


Most of us have more than one professional and personal online profile. Professional skills profiles for self-employed individuals help improve your online reputation, promote your skills and publicize your talent to the whole world. Once you set up your detailed skills profile, you have taken the first step to advertising your talent worldwide. Remember, it is your expertise and how you choose to promote it that will attract potential customers, hopefully paying ones.

The burning question, though, is: How can you boost your skills profile to stand out from the rest of the crowd? It would be a bonus if you could also attract new customers.

Here are 5 creative ideas to help you attract new customers while pushing your business forward:

1. Give New Customers a ‘Freebie’ – People love free stuff. In today’s society, however, people don’t often get the chance to try a service for free.

Stand out from the crowd and offer your new customers their first session for free. You don’t have to offer the full service, just a little something to whet their appetite. Allow the customer to see exactly what you are doing. Let your customers realize -on their own- that you are the expert in your field. This way, new customers can sample your service, recommend it and hopefully return as full-paying customers. This is an excellent way to find work, regardless your area of expertise.

 2. Add a Blog Customers want to see that you really know everything about your work before they decide to hire you. Show them  how good you are by adding a short blog to your skills profile. You can write about anything related to the service you offer.

A professional, true-to-your-brand blog demonstrates to the customer that you are:

·         Serious about what you do

·         Dedicated

·         An expert

Business blogs allow new customers to get a quick insight into what you will offer as part of the service and what they will get for their hard earned cash.

Every self-employed entrepreneur should be able to promote themselves and their skills profile via a business blog. If you don't feel comfortable writing long posts, spice it up with photos. A good photo is truly worth a 1,000 words!

3. Have you ever thought of creating a How-to Clinic’? You could set it up in various ways:

  • Video.
  • Photos.
  • Written form (blog posts).

People are constantly seeking advice and growing interest in looking behind the scenes of common jobs. By making a short how-to video, you provide your customers with a detailed visual, that shows them exactly what you do and how you do it.

Before and after pictures are a great way to help customers visualize your skills and talents. You should also encourage new customers to add comments, ask questions or give feedback. Using all these efforts combined, be assured that you have created a virtual space for dialogue with customers and attracted their attention. 

4. Encourage Reviews Obviously customers prefer someone with good reviews over someone who has no reviews. Potential clients are reassured when they see other paying customers expressing their content with the service they received. Prompt your new customers to write their reviews after receiving their paid service. Email them two or three weeks after the initiation date to gently remind them to flatter you with their reviews.

The more positive reviews you get, the greater chance you have of increasing your client base. Each review added will help you find work!

 5. Be Personal  Listen to what the customers are saying and you will pick up bits and pieces from here and there. Each personal information about them counts - their experiences, their hobbies, their concerns and doubts. Getting personal with your potential customers is an excellent way to impress them. It all depends on how much you can pick up about the client and his/her situation.

Another suitable method would be to ask for the customer’s birthday date (day and month - not year!). If this sounds bizarre, you should know that there is a ‘method in the madness’. Learning the customer’s birthday would add a personal touch to your service. Sending a ‘Happy Birthday’ email with a little gift (a small discount or a lucrative offer) can generate enthusiasm and remind customers to recommend you to their friends. It may also prompt them to treat themselves and sign up for more of your services.

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