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Improve Your Skills Profile to Attract New Customers

Most of us have more than one profile available online today - some personal and some professional. Professional skills profiles for self employed include the type found here on ProfileTree. Once you have set up your detailed skills profile, what else can you do to attract those all important paying customers? You have taken the first step to advertising your skills worldwide but remember it is your expertise and how you promote them within your actual skills profile that will attract potential customers.

So the burning question remains, how can you actually boost your skills profile so it stands out from the rest and attracts new customers?

Here are 5 creative ideas to help you attract new business and encourage customers to return:

1.  Give new customers a ‘freebie’ – We all know that people love something for nothing and in today’s society people don’t often get the opportunity to try a service for free. So stand out from the crowd and offer all new customers their first session for free (remember you don’t have to offer the full service just something to wet their appetite, allow the customer to see exactly what you do and realize that you are the expert in your field), this way the customer can sample your service, recommend it and hopefully return as a full paying customer. An excellent way to find work - no matter what your area of expertise is.

 2.  Add a blog post – Customers want to see that you really know what you are talking about before they decide to hire you, so why not show them by adding a short blog to your profile. You can write about anything that is related to the service you offer and this is demonstrate to the customer that you are:

·         Serious about what you do

·         Dedicated

·         An expert

It also allows them to get a quick insight to what exactly you will offer as part of your service and what they will get for their hard earned cash. Every self employed person should be able to promote themselves and their skills profile this way. If you don't feel comfortable in writing long posts - mix it up with photos. A good photo is truly worth more than 1,000 words!

3.  This does not apply to every skill and service but have you ever thought of creating a How-to Clinic’? This can be completed in various ways e.g. through video, photos or in written form (blog post). People want advice and are often interested in looking behind the scenes. This tip is particularly useful if you involved in the creative services. By making a short how-to video, you can provide your customers with a detailed visual, that shows them exactly what you do and how you do it. Before and after pictures are a great way to help customers visualize the skills you have to offer. They can then add comments, ask questions. The beauty is now you have created an opportunity for dialogue with a customer and attracted their attention. You have stood out from the competition!

4.  Encourage Reviews It is very obvious that a customer will choose someone with good reviews over someone who has no reviews. Potential clients are reassured when they see that other paying customers have been happy with the service they have received.  Encourage our clients to make a review after they have paid for a service. Email them one to two weeks after the service date to gently remind them to update your skills profile with their review. The more positive reviews you have the more chance you have of increasing your client base - each review added will help you find work!

 5.  Be Personal. Listen to what the customer is saying and you will pick up personal information about them - their experience, their hobbies, a variety of information will come up in natural conversations. This is an excellent way to impress a new customers - with how much you can quickly pick up about them and their situatioin. Another method if suitable - is to ask for the customer’s birthday date (day and month - not year!).  This may sound like a strange request but there is a ‘method in the madness’. By knowing the customer’s birthday you can add a personal touch to your service. Sending a ‘Happy Birthday’ email with a little gift (small discount or offer) included can encourage and remind customers to try your service out, return or recommend you to their friends. By emailing on the customer’s birthday you may also prompt them to treat themselves and sign up for something they always wanted – namely you massage, your artwork etc.

ProfileTree automatically places your profile in all the search engines online - so your skills profile will be presented to more new customers than ever before. Also every aspect of your profile can be shared on a number of social networks - why not share your profile with your friends today?

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