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Even professional and famous writers always try to improve themselves and their writing skills in order to keep their readers engaged with the articles and stories they provide them with. It is important to improve yourself in any of the skills you might have, be it writing, dancing, playing a specific instrument, or any other thing, to keep yourself in the competition and never lose track of all the new trends coming up. When it comes to writing, the most important thing in the process is the people who you write to and who care about reading your articles, which explains why it is important to focus on the things that would engage those readers with what you have written and make them interested to read more.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

They always say that it is important to think about your words before saying them, and the same thing happens when it comes to the words that you write down. Writing should give something to the reader; it should provide him/her with useful information, should make him/her feel connected or related to the words or the characters you are writing about; it should keep them and their emotions excited and interested in the story or the article.

It will usually differ between writing a story and writing an article; when you write a story, you usually build it on different characters and scenes which make it an important thing for the reader to make him/her feel like he/she is one of them or at least care enough about them; but when you write an article, you are most probably providing your reader with some information and that is when you should pay attention to the type of information you are giving, the way you are giving it, and how well it is written.

There are different ways to tell you how to improve your essay writing skills, but first you should put in your mind that your reader is the first thing to think about. Here are some important tips to improve your writing skills:

  • Write on Regular Basis 

Do you want to have any effect on those reading your essay or article? In order to do so, you have to provide them with something that is written in its best form, and this will never happen without practicing. If you are not a writer then you have to think about writing as your job, something that you live for; when you start building this thought or idea in your mind, you will practice more and you will spend more time writing, so this will give you the chance to learn; to know more about the usage of words and the grammatical mistakes that you should always avoid.

  • Research Your Topic

Topics show up in  our minds out of the blue; suddenly we feel that there is a specific issue that we want to tackle or something that we want the world to pay more attention to, but even if we feel interested to write about such topics, it is still important that we do a good and thorough research about them. There are two important things that professional writers – or even those who are just doing it as a hobby – should always avoid by all means; the first is plagiarizing other people or other articles, and the second is not appearing well aware of all the aspects of that topic. In order to improve your writing skills, you should always AVOID those two huge mistakes. Make a good and professional research in order to understand the topic well enough and be able to write your opinion in a way that is knowledgeable, and if you are going to include some facts or statistics in your article or blog post, you have to work hard on it without trying to make it short or without focusing on finishing it fast.

  • Don’t Procrastinate

One of the things that writers always say and advise others to do is to work on their ideas immediately, the time they are fresh in their heads, and never spend weeks in order to become ready for posting or publishing them. When you work on an article immediately after the idea comes up, your mind will be fresh and full of all the things that you wanted to write about that are related to this topic, and that is why you should not leave it behind because you will lose the charm that first appeared. Of course we are not going to tell you to write everything in no time, proofread, and edit your first draft as quickly as possible, but you should try to compromise; to take your time for a perfect article, but not to sleep on it for several weeks.

  • Be Concise and to the Point

We know that at some points you feel that there are a lot of sentences you want to write and a lot of words which you feel perfectly fit in the article, but that does not give you the freedom to write down those words without thinking about whether they are going to gain the interest of the reader or not and whether they would add something to the article or not. Writing a lot of things in the same place and stuffing the article with some unimportant details might push the reader away; the reader might feel that it is difficult for him/her to understand what the thing is all about or what the main idea is; they will be lost while trying to understand all the different words that you have jammed your sentences with.

Always focus on writing articles that are simple and straightforward to make it easier for the reader to understand, and try to be more concise when you are writing: don’t make the article long for the reader because he/she might get bored early before they even reach the point where your main point is.

  • Create Your Own Writing Style

If you think that it is hard to create your own style in writing then try to think about those different writers that you love and try to find the differences between the ways they write. Ask yourself what do you like about each one of them, what are the things that keep you attracted to their books, articles, or stories, and make you feel that they are engaging you in the whole thing? There are different things to examine in order to know what the different styles out there are and how to build one that is only yours. In order to have effective writing skills, you should be different and unique, you should make the readers come to read your articles because there is a specific thing that you offer them and that they love most about your style; just try to find your own voice.

  • Know Your Mistakes and Learn from Them

We all have our mistakes and beliefs when it comes to the typos, grammatical mistakes, and all the other things that might go wrong with an article; they are things which can be included in the list of bad habits that we are never able to get over or improve, but in order to improve your writing skills, you should pay more attention to those mistakes and try to correct them and learn from them. Make your mistakes your teachers, because without them, you will never be able to overcome your bad habits. Mistakes are not just about typos, but they might be about the way you write or the way you tend to deal with the topic you are writing about; all these things should add more to your experience but only when you realize their appearance and start working on improving them.

  • Beat the Writer’s Block

The is nothing worse for a writer than facing this phase of the writer’s block. One of the things that would make your writing skills better is knowing how to deal with the times when you find yourself unable to go any further with what you are writing. In most of the cases, the writer’s block appears before the writer even starts the article and that is usually the hardest because they lose the idea along with all the things they wanted to write about that are related to it. One of the helpful techniques that you could follow in order to avoid the writer’s block is to leave your article in the middle of the sentence or at least after writing one paragraph, because this might bring back what you wanted to write from the beginning when you come back again, not like when you leave it with a blank page.

  • Remind Yourself Why You Are Writing

Part of improving writing skills is becoming motivated to write, and in order to become motivated to write, you have to keep reminding yourself why you are writing; are you writing in order to become famous? Are you writing to win a competition? Are you writing because you just love it and want to improve yourself in this hobby of yours? Or are you writing because you earn money out of it? All these things will give you the chance to become motivated and more excited to write more and write better, so keep reminding yourself with the main reason behind writing.

  • Read What You Write Out Loud

In order to make sure that there is a link between you, your article, and your readers, you should try to build a connection and to link your words to your emotional side. One of the important tips to improve your writing skills is to read what you have written out loud and feel how it sounds when it is read out loud. Does it make sense? Is there anything that sounds out of place? All such things will appear when you read the article to yourself and give your ears the chance to listen.

Building good writing skills depends on the effort you put into improving those skills and in becoming a better writer, and in order to improve your writing skills, you have to think about your reader before anything else; at this point you will realize that the process became much easier.


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