How to Be More Productive On a Monday


The start is usually the hardest point in any task you are doing or anything you are dealing with, and that is why employees struggle when it comes to Mondays, or when it comes to those first days at work after a long vacation. Being productive at work should be a goal which you are looking up to in order to achieve, because otherwise, you might fail in getting things done or adapting yourself to the “back to work” phrase. There are different things that professional people tend to do in order to be the most productive they can reach; these things might be activities or else, they might be systems that they tend to follow.

How to be more productive at work on a Monday?

A good question to be asked and a good topic to be discussed; working on a Monday might be considered one of the top things that people hate but at the same time, fail to do anything about it. One thing we are sure about is that you will never get over waking up on a Monday to go to your work, but what we can help you in doing is offering you some important systems to follow in order to be productive at work or else do some activities that will keep you energized and put you in the mood to do your tasks.

Being a productive person depends on the plans you have in your mind and the goals which you were able to build; the person who never looks to the future and draw some achievement and success stories that he/she wants to reach, will never feel energized to work nor will look for ways to be productive; but that person who knows exactly what he/she wants from the place he/she is working in and what he/she wants to become in the future, is the one who will know how to turn his/her Monday into a Friday.

There are some important productive things to do that will push you forward to work hard on a Monday, such as:

  • Starting your day with a positive attitude

Every time you tend to open your eyes to your Monday morning with phrases like “I hate work”, “why don’t I ever quit”, or “I can’t even open my eyes” going in your head, you will never be able to take any productive steps forward when it comes to finishing your tasks or even starting them. Try to start your day positively with a positive attitude; you can start your day with working out, or even with putting the outcomes that you are going to gain from your work in your mind. It is always better to remember the positives and leave the negatives behind; think about the things that if you left your job, you are going to suffer without.

  • Prioritize the things you are going to work on

Do you know that one of the main reasons behind the hate that you carry towards Mondays and the reason why in so many times you end up not being able to finish any of your tasks is that you never prioritize the things that you are supposed to work on and thus end up starting with the easiest and less important ones and leaving those hard important tasks to the end. When you start the prioritizing thing, you should build it according to different factors; first of all, you should gather those which have a deadline and should be submitted in the near future, then you should start looking at those which you haven’t done anything about before, and at last, you should see those difficult ones. When you bring all the tasks that carry the previous factors, you should then start choosing the ones which you don’t want to work on and work on immediately. If you decided to start with the light tasks which you love working on, you might end up with lots of things to be done at the end of the day with no time to finish them.

  • Try to schedule your meeting later than Monday

Another good reason why most of the employees hate the idea of coming back from a good weekend to work is that all the meetings for the week are most probably scheduled for Monday, and that is why their creativity never works for their favor. If doing an ordinary meeting on a Monday is a must or a regular thing that you should pass by then it is okay to attend such a thing, but if your meeting will require a lot of thinking and a lot of creativity then it would be considered better to schedule it for another day of the week; when your mind becomes accustomed to the idea of working, coming up with ideas, and most important of all, dealing with people.

  • Show up on your Monday morning knowing exactly what you are going to do

What appears to be even more important than knowing what you are supposed to be dealing with on a Monday is knowing what you are going to work on during the rest of your week. After you put on that positive attitude which you are going to use while dealing with the rest of your day, you should start looking at your to-do list or else start writing it down in order to know what exactly the tasks which you are going to work on when you enter your office are. Taking this step or making sure that you know your tasks, you will be more able to prioritize them and thus be more productive on an ordinary Monday working day.

  • Complete your tasks in a good way without focusing on perfection

Every time you give your mind the chance to search for perfection and never settle until it reaches it, the more you will suffer at the end of the road. Perfection is something that is not there, but those who never accept what is good enough, are the ones who were the reason behind its appearance. Instead of wasting your time trying to finish a task in the most perfect way possible – from your opinion – you can focus on trying to finish the task in the best way you could. In the career world, it is always better to complete your tasks in a good way than never doing so while seeking for perfection. If you managed to stay away from perfection, you will turn to be more productive at work.

  • Try to get up earlier than the ordinary

We know that getting up early is considered a whole problem by itself and that is why you always tend to hit the snooze button several times and then decide to get up running around your place to make sure that everything is under control and that you can finally leave for work. but in order not to feel left behind and in order not to rush into the office as a storm to start your work, try to get up early even by 15 minutes, this way you will manage to take your time to take in the idea of waking up, getting dressed, and going to work, and in addition to that, you will be more fresh and more easy going when it comes to any tasks you should work on.

  • Practice more mindfulness

There are different stories about those people who are mindful enough and can manage to deal easily and smoothly with their days and with their tasks, which can drive any normal person crazy especially when it comes to those who do such practices when they first open their eyes, let alone on a Monday. You can start your day with mindful meditation or you can postpone it until you feel stressed and pressured from your tasks and your work. This practice is not like the long meditation sessions that people practice, but it is only about the two minutes which you should try to focus on your breath during, and free your mind from anything else that might have taken its place there.

  • Have a healthy breakfast

The type of food that you eat and start your day with might be the reason behind your inability to be productive and start your week in an energetic way. Being more productive does not need a lot of work, but it needs a focused person who is able to know exactly what are the things that might turn his/her body into a lazy thing and what might give it the power and energy. Try to have a healthy breakfast, which means that grabbing a sandwich while going to work will never be considered an option, your breakfast should be always low on sugar and high on protein, and that is why you should pay attention to what you are eating or what you are giving the chance to enter your body.

The worst things about Mondays is that they suck all the energy out of us, but that is not the main problem, the main problem is that we are the ones who allow our minds and bodies to stay focused on the weekends and hate everything that comes near to a new working day. In order to have a more productive day, you should follow the above instructions. 

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