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Getting the Most Out of Grinds

An increasing number of parents are sourcing and using grinds as a way to supplement their child's education. It is a rapidly developing market in Ireland and the UK with some private tutor agencies having more than 10,000 staff on their books! More and more parents are opting for after school tutoring for their children and millions of euros are being spent every year. But how do you get the most for your money? How can you ensure that your child is getting the maximum benefits from their grinds sessions?


Here are some points to discuss with your child's tutor and some tips on how to prepare your child for grinds:


Tip 1 - Think about the most appropriate time of time which will suit your child. As you know everybody works best at different times of the day - this could be the morning, of afternoon or early evening. You know your child best, when will they work best? Spend some time a few weeks before the grinds sessions begin, identifying times when you feel that your child is fresh, and ready to learn. There is no point in spending your hard earned cash on grinds sessions if you child is tired and unable to access their ultimate learning potential.


Tip 2 - Set learning goals together - parent, student and tutor. It is important that you as a parent are aware of the learning goals that are being set with your child. This is essential for several reasons - you need to know what your child's targets are in order for you to:  

- focus on them at home and support your child's needs

- be able to discuss your child's progress

- be able to monitor your child's progress


Tip 3 - Do your research - Make sure you do plenty of research before choosing a tutor to teach after school grinds. It is important to choose someone with experience, appropriate qualifications, with recommendations and with references. If you are going to be paying a tutor you want to be sure that you are getting the best for your money. Choosing a tutor can be made easier by using a trusted platform like Tutors advertising here provide the opportunity for you to view a detailed profile which highlights their skills, experience and qualifications. It also shows reviews and recommendations from previous customers.


Tip 4 -Talk to the tutor regularly - One of the advantages of having grinds for your child means that not only does your child get one to one attention but you do as well. To ensure that you child is making the necessary progress, meet regularly with the tutor and discuss the learning goals and your child's progress.


Tip 5 - Discuss grinds with your child - The reason why you are getting a tutor for your child is to help them advance academically but in order to do this your child must also be willing to work and communicate with the tutor. Therefore it is essential that your child understands why they are attending grinds and it is also important that they are open and willing to learn and work hard. Discuss what you would like them to achieve bearing in mind the learning goals you will set together. 


Sending your child to grinds is a big decision which will affect your family both financially and time wise but it can make a huge difference to the progress and results that your child can ultimately produce. Therefore it is essential that you make the most of the time when your child attends grinds and also it is imperative that your child is happy. Remember a happy child will learn so much easier!

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