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In order to be able to work hard and achieve the goals that you have once set for yourself, you should love what you are doing and most importantly, find it fun to be done. A lot of employees get bored easily and start switching careers faster than they should, but those are the ones who are not sure about the career or the type of job they want to be doing for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of jobs that can be fun and make you always excited to go to work, and even some of them do not require specific educational degrees, but only depend on the skills and talents.

Jobs that pay well and are fun

“I don’t love to work or get the feeling of leaving my bed every morning for something I do not want to be doing” don’t we all hear those words from people who do not like the idea of becoming workers or employees? There are a lot of people who might only get excited to work if they found a job opportunity that will be considered fun and at the same time will pay them well for doing their favorite things.

The first important thing to do if you want to settle for the fun job of your dreams is to use your mind while thinking for the options; what do you like to do? And what might be fun to do in this field? There are some people who might consider something fun to be done while others consider it the most boring thing one can do in this life, so at the end it all depends on the person and his/her likes and dislikes. There are a lot of jobs that are fun and pay well at the same time, from these jobs, you will find:

  • Art Directors

Art directors might appear on the top of the list, but again, we should refer to the idea that what might interest you and appear fun from your own point of view, might not appear the same from another person’s view. Art directors are usually included in the work that is related with the visual styling and images that appear in the magazines, newspapers, products, and even in movies and television productions. Working as an art director might require your educational degree, but sometimes it can depend on the experience which you might have managed to gain in this field – which does not make the degree your primary and only requirement.

Not every person will find this kind of job fun to be around, but there are others who will. The average salary for the art director might reach $96,650 per year.

  • Event planners

Being an event planner means that you will not only decide and plan every single detail related to that event which you are assigned to work on, but you will also have to go during the preparation days, on the day of the event, and might be even asked to attend in order to keep everything moving in the right direction without any problems. Although there are some requirements for becoming an event planner, but having a specific educational degree is not one of them. In order to become involved in this field, you should have good organizational skills, good communication skills in order to deal with people, as well as have a creative business mind, and you can then settle on it with the experience that you have once gained in the field.

The average income for the event planner for the whole year might reach $55,678 and might even increase according to his/her level of popularity.

  • Flight attendant

From the most fun jobs that pay well are the ones that require travelling at the same time. Flight attendants face a lot of hard work from having to deal with serving the passengers to having to deal with the other different problems such as sleeping and jetlag. But what else might be as fun as travelling around the world and getting the chance of visiting different countries in one week? Some people might consider working as flight attendants a nightmare because they have to deal with grumpy passengers and help those who need help in stuffing their bags in the above-head luggage place, but for others, it might be all worth the amount of money they will be paid with and the number of cities they will get to visit.

The median salary for flight attendant reach $56,145 for those who have associate degrees and three to four years of experience in the field.

  • Librarian

Being a librarian might be the dream job of that person who loves nothing in this world as much as books. One of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree is becoming a librarian. The librarian will be usually responsible for all the work related to organizing the books and maintaining all the other material, scheduling library activities, managing library services, and help other people in finding the books that they are searching for. Being a librarian will give you the opportunity to help people with words, recommendations of books, as well as vocabulary, and if you happen to be one who is much excited about books, then you will witness happiness right in that place.

Some librarians have gained an educational degree in library science, but you can still manage to work as one with the experience that you have gained in the field or with your other outstanding skills. The median salary for the librarian is $57,543 annually.

  • Chocolatier

I can guess that by this moment you are thinking how being a chocolatier has never come to your mind before. Probably, there is no one living on earth who does not happen to love chocolate and who will never mind working as a chocolatier. Working in a place that sells your favorite dessert might make you get over this fondness too soon but at least, you will still get the chance of eating it whenever you please and without having to pay. Being a chocolatier will never require a previous degree from you, you just have to have a recipe which you are going to attract people to and make them rushing to you for more.

One of the most famous chocolates around the world is Godiva which earn around $90,000 or $100,000 per year, which means that you have to be on the top in order to receive the same amount of money. But the other chocolatiers also earn about $21,000. Other backup plans for working near chocolates is searching for a job in a big chocolate company as a marketing or product development manager, and you will be able to earn a lot of money as well as eat as much chocolate as you want.

  • Pilot

You are asking why being a pilot is one of the most fun careers out there? Of course that goes to having to fly a plane. It might be stressful to fly a plane and be responsible for the lives of the passengers who are on board, but who does not enjoy the idea of travelling the world for free just because they are required to and not because they want to visit all these cities. Very few people will get the chance of becoming pilots, which will make you unique by working as one and more importantly you will get to travel a lot and receive some money for that, how impressive.

Pilots usually receive about $81,000 for doing their jobs.

  • Personal shopper

There are different ways from which you can enjoy being a personal shopper for someone; you can do such a job directly between you and your client, or you can choose to be part of an organization where you help in finding the right piece for the person to make him/her feel better about himself/herself and about the way he/she looks. Being a personal shopper might be a fun thing to do for those fashionistas out there or else those who have some sense of style, and at the same time, it might be considered done for good cause which is making someone feel better.

The personal shopper will usually get paid according to whether he/she is freelancing or working with an organization, and according to the amount of time spent on each single person.

  • Stand-up comedian

From the other fun part time jobs that pay well is entering the world of stand-up comedy. From one person’s point of view being a stand-up comedian might be fun for the people who are going to watch the comedian and not for the comedian himself/herself, but actually it is fun on both sides. Comedians do a lot of hard work in order to make the other party laugh, which is never an easy thing to be done, and that is why they usually consider becoming stand-up comedians as something which they are going to do next to their primary full time job. The good part about stand-up comedians is that when they start to be famous and build their personal brand, they can then start to perform in any place they want and at any time.

The stand-up comedian is not required to have any specific educational studies because the whole thing needs only his/her manner and humor part of his/her personality.

There are different jobs that could be fun and at the same time offer you good amount of money, you just have to look at things from a different perspective and search in the field that interests you the most. 

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