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Get Facebook Fans Through Engagement with Recommend.ly

"Make Every Fan Count" is a great tagline for a new app that recently launched to help Facebook Pages improve their engagement with fans. It is easy to see that some Facebook Pages are too focused on gaining likes and not do not have enough focus on using their current fan base to spread the word about their business. But keeping a healthy focus on new likes balanced with looking after or engaging with current fans - Business Pages can boost their reach and easily exceed their "like" targets.

Let us introduce you to Recommmend.ly  where you can sign up to their Facebook page for some great tips and articles on what is good and hot on Facebook. The team have developed two very useful Facebook fan page measurement methods that will help you not only look after your current fans, but also indirectly grow your fanbase. MORE ENGAGEMENT WILL GET YOU MORE FANS AND LIKES.

Have a quick look at ProfileTree's scorecard ,then type in your own page and see how you compare. Once you have done this - no doubt you will be wondering what all these features mean. Well we will step back to how Facebook control a Facebook Page. If 100 fans like your page - then they will get your updates for maybe 1 to 2 weeks after the day they liked the page. If the 100 fans do not like, comment or share - basically any form of engagement with your posts or page - Facebook starts to think that your posts are not interesting to this person. So their system will start to show less of your posts to your fans. Facebooks customers are your customers - Facebook wants to keep these people on their website as long as possible as they earn money from adverts they are being shown. If your posts do not engage or interest someone, then Facebook will start to show your posts to less people. This is not a scientific explanation - more a laypersons view, as we know we have many new to Facebook Pages.

Over time you will start to find each post is being seen by less and less of your fans...your original number of 100 starts to drop to 80...then 70 and 60...every day you post irrelevant information or you do not post - you risk loosing more fans from your updates.

Facebook calls this system - Edgerank. There are some tools in the market that measure Edgerank for you but they tend to be expensive and to be honest in too much detail for what most people want. We want a very easy to understand top level view of how our page is doing and then ideally with some tips on improving it.


Enter Recommend.ly - with a score that takes a few seconds to calculate - you will see our current score as the title image of this post.

You get an overall score  - which gives a comment on the type of page you run, along with a score of all your categories combines in a ranking. We currently rank 90 - but the most interesting information is to come.

There are 4 main categories Recommend.ly focuses on today:

Response to Fans - How often do you reply to your fans? Do you publish content that engages with your followers, that invites them to comment, like and share?  Think about what your fans would like in their daily life as they chat with their friends and family - do they want your marketing messages or some interesting videos, pictures or information?

Key Point - If you have time - reply to your fans comments - this could lead to a conversation. You are building a relationship. Its like going into your local shop and the shopkeeper knows you as a regular customer and warmly greets you. You have a small chat and wish each other well...you feel good about visiting that shop, remember the friendly staff and would support them when possible. Its the same on your page -  we reply to comments to build a relationship, to tell our fans we appreciate their comments and their time engaging with us. This will ensure that Facebook recognises our communication and ensures these fans get our updates longer. Secondly, through building this relationship - these fans may recommend or share some of your content with their friends. It is likely they share common tastes and interests - this is where you can increase the number of likes on your page - through engagement with your current fans. Look after the great fans you already have and they will look after you.

Broadcasting - How often do you post to fans? You should be able to identify a routine that works well with your own page and fan base. How often should you post a day? Experiment and see. We are between 3 and 4 posts a day ideally 6 to 8 hours apart.  How will you get this correct? When you post - you can see a figure at the bottom of each post, for example "5,200 people have seen this post". Watch this figure over 24hours and you will start to get a feel if morning or night are better and if your over or under-posting. Is this count going down for you with every post? It is possible that your previous post was not engaging enough for Facebook. Try something new!

Key point - Experiment! We posted the same post twice by mistake - straight after each other when we began our page. The first post was seen by 97 people, the second post - a few seconds later was seen by 91 people.  Every page is different - as are your fans - are they online during office hours, or after work? Do you need to think of time zones? Test, Test, Test.  Try and match the number of posts with the times your get most engagement - this will ensure your fan page grows and grows.

Fan Love - Oh, A tough one...we have dropped from 30% in the past weeks to 25% ( we are blaming people being on holiday!) smiley We will be back up over 30% soon, we are sure! This is a key metric that is greatly impacted with how you interact with your fans. Do you engage? This is the number of fans who see your posts - who like, comment and share. There is no point in adding fans on one side of the table when you are loosing them faster on the other end. There is no point in having 10,000 fans on your page - sure it looks impressive for 2seconds...but when you look at the number of likes, comments and shares that each post on that page has - if they are only reaching 5 or 10 people - a page with 50 fans could be more valuable and having a bigger impact for a business.  

Key Point - A very important metric that is not always easy to see - check your page against others to see how you compare. It is hard to get right - but know what 'fan love' is, how it is impacted ( through engagement) and then work on keeping this percentage as high as possible.

Virality - How far your posts travel - do your fans share your communications, do their friends engage with this? How far does your message travel around Facebook?  Not easy to get right - this takes time and practice....but it will come.

Key Point - Think about what your fans would like to have in their newsfeed. Why did they sign up to your page in the first place - what have you posted that went well and which of your posts were not loved? We have noticed trends in our posts - and have found more things NOT to post than to post! But through this process of elimination we get closer to our end goal and ensure we give our followers the best information possible. Review your best posts - do more, but tweak to improve these. 


Your combination of these scores gives your overall total - its interesting to see how different pages with different goals fair. ProfileTree is ranked 90 as a "Conversationalist", which we were delighted about. But do not worry too much about this score - the most important points are in the 4 categories above. 

Its an amazingly simple tool to use that shows you your engagement in seconds. By focusing on this scorecard you can improve the impact and ROI from your Facebook page - and gain new fans. So if you have a lower score - do not worry...the most important thing is you know what you need to do and have a way to measure.

As ever - post any questions here or on our Facebook wall - we love to help! smiley

Before we sign off - one last note - do sign up for daily tips and advice from the Recommend.ly team. You can have your main Facebook free and we have been getting impressive daily emails with pointers and reminders on how to improve our score. The product, much like ProfileTree is in development stage - we are all listening to feedback from our users.  

What is your score? How do you find the tool? How are your improving your score? Let us know! 

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