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What inspired or motivated you to become an Wedding/Event Planner?

 I have worked in the catering and event industry for 7 years and I love everything about it.  Planning events is somewhat like project management and keeps life interesting because it is always changing.  The relationships that I've built with my couples and customers is the biggest reward and being able to give clients the event they've been hoping for is icing on the cake.

Tell us about a day in the life of a Wedding/Event Planner? 

Event planning has so many facets.  Generally part of the day is spent on details such as timing and logistics and the other part of the day is touching base with clients and vendors.  My favorite days include meetings with decor companies to select fabrics, colors, accent furniture, tenting, etc. as the design process is my favorite element of this profession.

Why should someone hire an event or wedding planner?

Weddings and events are complicated and far outreach what most people think in terms of the amount of time it takes to plan and also all of the elements that need to be thought of beforehand.  The simplest way to explain this is to think of it in terms of hiring a professional to provide a service.  When you need legal advice you hire a lawyer.  When you need medical care you go to a doctor.  Planning and events is a niche profession and your life is so much easier and generally your day will be happier and less stressful.  Another great reason to hire a planner is cost.  Usually when someone tries to plan an event and they are a novice, they can make mistakes and often times end up spending more money on these mistakes than if they would have hired a professional. Check out more details on this topic.

What are your favourite events to organize?

By far I love planning weddings.  I love working with couples and getting to know them during such an exciting time in their live.  Weddings bring out joy and also bring couples closer and it's so fun to be a part of that and watch the transformation from the day you meet to the time that they meet at the altar.

What special skills do you need to be a successful wedding/event planner?

To be a successful planner you have to possess great organizational skills as well as a working knowledge of catering and venue operations.  The best planners have worked in and understand how venues operate so that they can plan and implement around this to ensure that the day goes as planned and everything is on time.

What are the advantages of working for yourself? 

Working for yourself is fantastic!  You have no creative boundaries and you can make executive decisions all by yourself.  You can make your own schedule and this leaves time for family and friends to create a balanced life.

What are the disadvantages of working for yourself? 

Working for yourself has challenges.  The largest would be financial as you are the sole income earner for your business and this does put pressure on you to succeed.  You also have to supply your own health insurance and you don't have paid vacation.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

My greatest challenge has been exposure.  With the internet there is so much access to information and other planning companies that it creates a higher level of competition than I would have seen even several years ago.

What are your greatest achievements?

I would have to say that my greatest achievement has been starting this company.  It is both scary and exhilarating to strike out on your own and make your own way.  Starting Blomma Designs was a 6 month process that took many late nights and long hard days to create and form into what I envisioned.  It has all been worth it!

How do you ensure work life balance?

I create balance by controlling my calendar.  I keep normal business hours and set this expectation with my clients.  I also block out dates that I know will be spent with family or friends or just much needed leisure time.  If you set these expectations and boundaries clients respect them.

Who are your customers?

My customers come from all ages and backgrounds.  Everyone gets married so this is great because I don't have to work within a specific demographic.  I enjoy working with different cultures and age ranges as I get to be exposed to new experiences all the time.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Start a business based on doing something that you love.  If your heart is in it and you are dedicated this will show in your work.  Keep a positive attitude and expect that there will be difficulties, but with that also comes success.

Name one thing that you could not live without in your business.

Technology.  So much of business is online and uses social media and other marketing tools.  If I have my laptop I can take my business anywhere.

What is your favourite or most popular product/service?

This is a tough question.  I love working with The Knot and Wedding Wire for marketing.  

What is your ultimate goal - and has this changed from when you started?

My ultimate goal is to experience continued success and to grow my client base.  I would also like to become a noted blog for advice on planning and the wedding process.

Does the internet help you in spreading the word about your business?

Yes.  The internet is my biggest advocate and tool for marketing.  I believe this is how couples shop.

How big a role does Social Media play in your business?

Social media plays more of a passive role.  Although I use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, I believe these offer positive reinforcement to my brand, but they do not create revenue.

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