Best Careers for Introverted People


Being an introverted type of person does not mean that you are one who will never succeed when placed in a work atmosphere, but there are usually some jobs that fit the introverted people more than they do for the extroverted ones and vice versa. The idea of loving your own space and your own self-time can open the door for specific job positions that might give you the chance to do your best while at the same time stay away from all the things that might irritate you or else make you unable to perform in your best way. Extroverts and introverts are just personality types and not something which we should refer to as positive and negative.

Introvert personality

Introverts are those people who might prefer to stay at home than to go to a party; in other words, we could define those introverted people as those who can socialize easily although they might not prefer to. A lot of times, the introverted people are referred to as lonely loners, although they might not be close to that, since wanting to sit alone for most of the time does not equal being lonely. There are a lot of those introverted personalities who have a lot of friends but the society have misunderstood them and placed them in the category of people who are shy, social phobic, or even suffer from a personality disorder.

There are different myths which we have always heard about when it comes to introverts and actually most of them are untrue. From the most famous sayings that are directed towards those introverted people are: being shy, which is considered untrue because shyness and introversion are not related to one another in any way, but introverts need a reason for any interaction they are making. Another myth about introverts is that they don’t like to go out in public places; it is actually about the word ‘public’ in general and not about public places, introverts go out but they prefer to stay at home, because they will be taking in the data and experiences in their outings so quickly and thus will want to go back home in order to recharge again.

The myths can go on and on, another important one to mention is that introverts always want to be alone; this is partially true because introverts appreciate their self-time, they love to think, daydream, solve puzzles, and they always feel comfortable with their own thoughts, but on the other side, they might feel lonely if they don’t have people around them or in their lives. Most important of all, we should say that being an introvert is not something to be solved or fixed in order for the person to become an extrovert, but it is something that should be known how to be treated with and respected because it is part of what the personality is all about.

Best jobs for introverts

Talking about the different careers that might fit the introverted people, we should say that there are specific job transitions that any normal person might fear, but some will go with the flow and try, while others will fear the change and might even refuse taking it; those are usually the introverts. Introverts always prefer to stay in jobs where they have little interaction with people; and that is why they might prefer to work from behind screens than to be involved with jobs that would make them meet a lot of people and make deals with them.

From the best careers that might fit those introverted personalities out there, there are:

  • Social media manager

At first, you might think that it is the worst match for an introverted person to work as a social media manager, but if you give your mind the time to think about it, you will realize that it is one of the best jobs that introverts can successfully fill. First of all, social media has taken a huge part of the working field as well as the daily life activities and that makes it one of the important jobs that introverts can get. Second, the world of social media is not a real world, which means that all the interactions that will take place on it will be through the laptop screen and not in a direct one-to-one conversation, which will make those introverted people satisfied while working as social media managers.

  • Animal care worker

One of the things that introverts usually prefer more than talking with people is dealing with animals, because with those creations they will never have to start conversations without any reason and they will never be regarded by them as anti-sociable people. There are different things that an introvert can be part of when it comes to the animal care world such as working as a veterinary technician, staffer at an animal rescue organization, part time worker for walking the animals, or even a zookeeper if he/she got the chance.

  • Librarian

For any introverted person, anything in this world might actually feel better than starting conversations with people and that is why working as a librarian might be considered a perfect match. Working as a librarian means that you will spend hours with your head buried in different types of books which might be still considered better for you than any other human interaction. The only problem with becoming an official librarian is that you will need to carry a master’s degree in library science. Some people try to get involved in the library world but by taking simpler positions other than being the librarians such as working as an archivist, cataloger, historian, research librarian, and many other things as well.

  • Graphic designer

It is important to know that whatever the career that you are going to be part of, you will still deal with some people or at least the rest of your team; but what might make us consider a specific job more applicable for an introvert than the others is the amount of interactions he/she will be making. Being a graphic designer means that you will need to deal with your thoughts and creative mind in order to come up with different ideas, which is considered something that you most appreciate and prefer. Graphic designers usually deal with clients, their managers, and the rest of their teams during their working hours, but most of the time, they will focus only on the ideas that they are supposed to work on and deal with their creativeness.

  • Writer

Today, with the huge usage of internet and the different social networking websites along with the different magazines and blogging world that are taking their steps there, writers can manage to take their places and succeed. Being a writer is a good option for those creative introverts because they can choose from a variety of things; they can write for other publications, magazines, or newspapers; they can start writing for their own blogs and share their articles with the rest of the world; and they could actually work as content creators or writers for other blogs that are related to companies or businesses. Being a writer might make you feel lonelier and broken, but at the same time, it will give you the chance to spend most of your time alone.

  • Geoscientist

This is considered another job option for the introverted people out there but one which also requires a specific educational degree. Working as a geoscientist means that you are going to have minimal interactions with people, because all your time and focus will be directed towards Mother Nature. Actually the geoscientist term carries different jobs in it such as a geophysicist, geologist, geochemist, hydrogeologist, and sedimentologist. As a geoscientist, you will be always dealing with collecting information in the field; you will do a lot of research, testing, risk analysis, project development, and data interpretation, and if you are not doing any of these, you will be found in a lab or in front of a computer. Another benefit you will receive when working as a geoscientist, is that you will be receiving a good salary which is estimated to be $88,247 annually.

  • Chef

If you are someone who loves the idea of spending some time at the kitchen and feel more appreciated when people get to eat your food and give good comments about it then you can regard the idea of working as a chef. Working as a chef can bring you different opportunities, either working for a famous food chain, working as a private chef, or starting your own personal business, and all these different options will give you the chance to work behind the scenes on the dishes which you are going to serve to the customers. The only interaction you might be doing while working as a chef other than the one related to your coworkers, is dealing with complaints from customers which do not appear occasionally.

  • Artist

There was once a saying which said that if introverts were able to change themselves, there would be no musicians, artists, writers, and more of those highly talented people and maybe that is why most of the job positions that can be perfect for those introverted people are mostly related to their talents. One of the other good jobs for introverts is becoming artists; being an artist is something that will require your talent only, because other than drawing your breathtaking pictures, you will only need to put them on preview for other people to view and comment on. Usually from the factors that might make working as an artist a problem for some people is the amount of time they are going to work as well as the place in which they are going to work in, although it all depends on the person and his/her ability to work and his/her ability to find a place which he/she can afford renting.

Being an introvert is just something that is used to define a personality and not something that the person should work hard on in order to fix or change. There are different careers for introverts, all they need to do is to search for the things that they love and start finding the jobs that are linked to that field. 

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