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For most people their wedding day is one of the most special and memorable events in their lives. They want to remember every detail and capture every emotion to cherish forever. Ben Kiruthi discovered his passion for photography very simply by taking fun shots of his friends and family, this blossomed into an interest and then true love. Let his photos tell their story for you.

 What inspired or motivated you to become a Photographer?

Wonderful question, nothing really. I never really thought or dreamt I would ever grow up to become a photographer. At one point in my life I picked up my camera phone & started taking photos of my fiancee & also my friends. It was then that I realised that I had a growing interest in photography. Hence began my love story with photography and that has remained with me until now.

Tell us about a day in the life of a Photographer.

Well, on a typical day, I wake up at about 6am. Pray, jog or work out. I take a shower then head to the office at about 8am. I start by first of all writing my day's tasks in my diary. Then I reply all my emails & also send out any pending requests. I have a cup of tea then start on the blogging process. I do a blog post for about an hour. Grab lunch then spend the afternoon editing or in client meetings.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of working for yourself? 

The obvious advantage is that you are you’re own boss, you set your own rules, you run your business depending on how you want. The working hours are flexible, I tend to work from about 8am-9pm every day, but some days I just take the days off :-)

The downside to this is that you are absolutely 100% responsible for any of your failures, mistakes & losses. You tend to overwork yourself & also it is very tricky drawing a line between your personal & working life.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Client demands. I have realised that it is absolutely impossible to humanly please every client. My field is artistic so some clients never appreciate the art. They want work delivered the way they want & sometimes we really clash. I have settled that I will not pick every job that comes my way, In as much as the clients chose me I also have a say in choosing the clients that I want.

What are your greatest achievements?

Well, being the greatest wedding photographer in Kenya, & most importantly the God given opportunity of being part of the beautiful union between a man and a woman who are absolutely in love!

How do you ensure work life balance?

Very important question. For a business owner this is a very shaky bridge to walk. For myself I have to split my time between my fiancee, church, working out, the business & also my own personal time. I have come to realize that work will never be completed. So, I have a very strict schedule. I never carry work home, I always ensure that my day is split as best as I can.

Who are your customers?

My clients are brides. Most of my brides are a tad above middle income earners. They are brides with a taste for exclusive services. Usually between 25-28 years old & most of whom live & work outside Africa.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Well, Number 1. Keep God 1st. It is absolutely impossible to run a business on your own might & strength. Secondly, associate yourself with the right people. Never go it alone, get someone who shares your vision & drive, it may range from your wife to your best friend. Next never begin a business on loans, most start-ups that fail make this deadly mistake.

Next never, ever give up. It takes a lot of work with many, many failures to run a business. Be vigilant & keep pressing on especially when you really want to give up & give in. God is always by your side.

Name one thing that you could not live without in your business.

God. I would absolutely not exist without the help, strength & love of God. God is my pillar, my source & a very present help in times of my need.

What would be your 3 most important tips for business for the year ahead?

1. Never a failure, always a lesson.

2. As a man thinketh, so is he!

3. Dream, dream until your own dreams scare the heavens out of you!

What is your favourite or most popular product/service?

The fact that I can tell a story through my lens in a way that no one else could ever tell :-)

What is your ultimate goal - and has this changed from when you started?

WIth God's help to become the greatest wedding photographer in the world by 2015! Also to train as many photography enthusiasts all over the world as I can. Yes it has changed, when I started my greatest mistake was not knowing what I wanted to be. I was just like a reed being tossed about on the waves.

Does the internet help you in spreading the word about your business?

Absolutely. Internet is my main marketing media. About 80% of my business comes from the internet. I have a blog that I update frequently & also share the story my life, I have also a Facebook page, twitter account & also a google+ account. All these I use to leverage my business, connect with existing and new clientele as well as market and sell my personal and business brand.

How big a role does Social Media play in your business?

As I have explained above, social media is my next best friend. I have built and ran my business as a result of the platform that social media accorded me. It is a great, great tool for connecting with people and getting to share with the world your business idea. Truly, all the conglomerates and blue chip companies have realised this Marketing medium & most of them are using it to leverage their profits.

So for any business owner out there, get connected to social media & let your presence be felt. Here are all my details.





So if you are looking for the wedding photos of your dreams contact Ben, he will plan with you to ensure that you  recieve beautiful wedding photography and that your memories are captured perfectly.

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