Advantages of Starting Your Own Cake Business

Advantages of Starting Your Own Cake Business

If you are reading this, odds are you have at least given some consideration to starting your own home baking business, perhaps even specializing in cakes. There are a lot advantages to starting your own cake business so let’s take a look at them.

Celebration Cakes by Celeste, Award Winning Organic Cake Business - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

The ability to work from home. Depending on government health rules in your area, generally one of the biggest reasons for starting a cake business is the ability to work from home. This even allows for young mothers to get involved in the business.

Easy start up. Many businesses will need time, planning, and equipment. Starting your own cake business doesn’t have to entail all that preparation. You may already have everything you need at home.

Low advertising costs. Your own cake business can be started with some business cards, flyers, and an armful of samples. There’s no need for radio, billboards, or newspaper ads.

Fancy Cakes By Linda - Stevenage, UK

Flexibility of hours. Depending on your family’s schedule, you can bake all day or bake at night. No need to miss little Johnny’s game or little Susie’s recital.

Work at your own pace. There is much less pressure working your own cake business than say working in a bakery. This allows you to set your own pace and accept only those orders you feel you can comfortably take care of.

No employees. Without employees, there is no need to concern yourself with payroll, benefits or tax forms. Most cake businesses are a one person operation and they like it that way. Of course, you’ll solicit help from family and friends but they will be volunteers!

Rhu Strand, Pimp My Cake with  Mama Rhu - Gosford, Hampshire

No bosses. Okay, so ultimately the customers are your boss but at least they won’t be peering over your shoulder, checking your work, and offering constant advice. You are on your own getting credit for all the good decisions you will make.

No special equipment. Starting your own cake business has the advantage of not needed special equipment. If you need anything it is likely available within a few miles of where you live.

Creativity. One of the joys of having your own cake business is the endless creativity you can put on display. The options for cake themes and celebrations they represent are almost endless.

Adam The Pastryguy - London, UK

Job satisfaction. If you are considering this business, you probably already know the satisfaction of creating a beautiful, tasty cake that gets rave reviews. Imagine getting that feedback more often.

Joy of seeing a business grow. Building a business is like nurturing a child. There will be great successes, there will be disappointing failures. But perhaps nothing compares to watching your customer base grow through referrals and great tasting cakes.

Low risk. Starting your own cake business will not likely require a second mortgage so the risks are minimal. Failure will likely only be a minor financial setback, a loss of your time and a blow to your ego. The latter probably being the toughest to absorb.

Cupcakes Locally, specialising in bespoke designs- Doncaster, UK

Use of social media. Delicious made home-made cakes are a natural for social media. Word can spread like fire through Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and others via recommendations and photos.

Meet new people. If you like meeting new people, your own cake business gives you ample opportunity to do so. Visiting businesses, talking with referrals and handing out samples and flyers are a great way to expand your network and can be a lot of fun.

Learn new skills. Owning your own cake business will likely force you to improve on your current skills and learn new ones. If someone asks if you can do a chocolate, peanut butter and banana wedding cake of course the answer will be “yes!”

The Sugarplum Bakehouse - Delicious, bespoke cakes. Norfolk, UK

It can build self-confidence. You will build self confidence in your cake making abilities and your business and social skills. This can be a real boost to your confidence and help expand your horizons even in future endeavors.

Your home will smell great! Perhaps with the few exceptions of a cake forgotten in the oven for too long, your home will have that great smell of freshly baked goods on a regular basis…and you will get paid for it!

Cakes are used for happy occasions. We’ve saved one of the best reasons for last. Cakes are for celebrations. They are for those milestones that people want to share, whether it is for a birthday, wedding, graduation, or anniversary. You get to be a part of these happy occasions even just peripherally. You will be helping add a little more joy to people’s lives.

Mel's Cakes, custom cakes for all occasions - Brisbane, Queensland

You may have your own particular advantages to starting your own cake business based on your own personal circumstances. The point is there are a LOT of advantages and few downsides, so if you are considering it, take the plunge and don’t look back. Starting your own home-made cake business can be the beginning of a new, exciting and rewarding chapter in your life!

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