10 Reasons Why It Is Always Good To Work as a Freelancer


People could not ignore the several times when they couldn’t manage to make it to the end of the month with their basic salaries, that they started looking around for some freelance work which they can do beside their jobs just trying to loosen their tight budgets a little bit. Being free, self employed, and working for whoever you wish to work for, whether companies, businesses, or people, always brings the satisfaction level up to the top, making those creative people be more seen and heard rather than being attached to only one organization.

Freelancer is the term used to refer to those people who prefer to be self employed, and work for different companies and people. They are those people who are not necessarily committed to a full-time job in one company. Some freelancers, who have crossed a long distance in that field, are becoming successful to an extent that some companies and organizations start suggesting them to other people. Doing a freelance work just tells how that person is considered independent. Freelancing is usually related to creative jobs such as photography, writing, editing, graphic designing, event planning, and consultancy.

It is not just about being independent, but working as a freelancer is always considered good for several different reasons, some of these reasons might be:

  • The variety of freelance jobs

Searching for an additional freelance job just to increase the monthly income is one of the most famous reasons why people take the freelance road, but what some might not know is that freelancing can come in the form of full-time job, and can even benefit the person more. In most of the cases, people can freelance in their fields (of course the engineering or medicine related ones are not considered an option), they just have to work harder and sometimes even more than the 8 daily working hours they were used to.

Freelance writing is one of the most famous jobs in freelancing; the person who has the talent will find the process so easy. Working as a freelance writer needs only one important factor which is avoiding the grammatical mistakes, but anything else can be easily managed. One of the reasons that make writing as the cheapest form of starting a freelance career is that the writer will not need any equipment; all what’s needed is a laptop and a mind.

Photographers come the second in row, the old ways of going to a studio for hiring a photographer is not used anymore. Photographers can easily enter the freelance world by just starting their own pages on Facebook, and if people liked their pictures, they can reserve them for any events coming their way.

The list can go on; the freelance world can include the social media geeks, who can handle any business’s profiles and pages on the different social networking websites; since the internet marketing is now one of the top job opportunities. There are also artists, wedding planners, and translators, who can make a hit in the freelance world.

  • It brings freedom and flexibility into life

Waking up early, and having to stay until it gets 5 to leave office, will no longer be the things that irritate a freelance worker. Taking freelance as a full time job, there will be no need for the person to wake up early (although the earlier, the more productive the person becomes) since it is considered as some kind of freelance work from home kind of job. Freelancers will always have the total freedom to choose the times which they will start working in and the times which they will finish what they are doing.

Apart from all the flexibility that comes with the freelancing jobs, there are some drawbacks. The freelancer might sometimes work longer and harder in order to get the tasks done in the time scheduled with the client. And in some occasions such as summer when all the weddings are done, freelance photographers might find it hard to manage an escape and have a vacation.

  • A plan B for not finding a full time job

Searching for a job is the most tiring thing that a person might face, yet what is considered even harder, is the numerous interviews which the person is subjected to. And after all, not everything falls in the right place and the person might get rejected for that job position. At this exact point of every person’s life, the freelancing will help the person in obtaining a job until he/she finds one within an organization.

Freelancing can always help as a plan B because what the person has been studying in college is what he/she is usually searching for in a career, and in most of the cases they can do that as some kind of freelance job. The most difficult part for the person to start being a freelancer is getting people to know about him/her and his/her services, what they can offer, and what will they benefit the client in. Sometimes this stage needs an intermediate person who will recommend you for companies and organizations.

  • It helps people in following their passions

What we love should always be what we want to do, because if this was not the rule followed, people will always hate waking up early to go to work. In the freelance world, and with the availability of computers and internet in every single home, people will always be found doing what they want and what they carry passion for.

Searching for a job and having to accept opportunities and offers just to start being an independent soul, will never be the case with freelancing. With the different online freelance jobs, people can search for the ones which will serve their creative side and their talents, and will get them closer to following their passions.

  • Freelancers can still say no

It is not just letting people down and refusing their job offers because you don’t feel like working, but saying no to the things which you think you will not be able to deliver as good as wanted, the ones which your mind will serve as a blank page in. A freelancer should always be a hard worker, someone who is loyal to his clients, smart, trustworthy, honest, and devoted to his/her work.

The whole point behind being a freelancer appeared because the person wants to do what he/she loves, and have passion for, not whatever projects that come his/her way just as what happens with employees working in companies, because at this exact point, the work might not be done in an excellent way and the freelancer will lose his/her reputation among the clients. That’s way a “No” will always be an acceptable answer, to unwanted projects and when the freelancer’s schedule is tight.

  • There are no geographical restrictions

Freelance work opens the doors for people’s talents and creative work to be travelled across the globe. Freelancers will not be restricted to work in their country, since they are not committed to work for one company, but they can do some projects in other neighbor countries, and even some countries that are far away. The freelancing world brings different new opportunities and clients to the freelancers.

  • There are no problems in reaching the office

Coming to office late and having a half day just for being late for 5 minutes only, or having to wake up earlier than needed to be able to pass all the traffic and find a parking lot just near the office, those are things which you don’t have to worry about anymore as a freelancer, because there will be no office, your office is your own home.

All the office policies which you have been dealing with, will not be apparent when working as a freelancer, you will not be forced to attend a meeting which you think will not add anything new to your knowledge, and you will not have to stay until the clock ticks 5 in order to leave although you have been sitting half of day doing nothing.

  • Life is not only about work

It is true that being successful and achieving all the dreams which a person once had, is the most beautiful kind of reward any person will want to have. But life is not only about working, those people who spend their whole days just working and putting everything else in their lives in the second place, will reach a point where they will not be able to give anymore.

Freelance work will just give you the needed balance between work, self time, and family. Those breaks that a freelancer takes even for 5 minutes just to see what his/her family is doing, and the half day work which a freelancer makes himself/herself committed to in order to watch a movie night with the kids, are just a plus to what freelance jobs offer to any person.

  • What you do is only yours

Working as a freelancer means that your name will not be hidden under a major company, or will not be perceived as a perfect article placed in a famous magazine, but your work and what you do will always be yours only, all the credits will go to you.

When working as a freelancer, the person will not have to worry about getting his/her ideas played with, or their words changed a little bit just to fit the overall plan of the whole team, but what the freelance writer, editor, photographer, will write or shoot will be in the same state unless the client himself/herself needs some adjustments in the outcome.

  • Having wide connections

Knowing a wide range of people from different fields, and with different ages, will always add to the freelancer’s experiences, and freelancing will always give the person the benefit of dealing with different people like businessmen, managers, clients, mentors, business associates, and many other.

Having such connections will always help the freelancer to know how to deal with different people throughout the course of his/her work, as well as having someone to turn to when he/she needs to get something which is related to work, done. These connections might also help in recommending that specific freelancer to others who they might be dealing with.

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