Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business? How NOT to Choose!

So, you’ve decided your business needs help online and you now need to find the best digital marketing agency for you? Great! But let’s take five minutes to show you what NOT to do.

Why? Because, in the past, you might’ve been talked into dipping your toe into Pay Per Click here, a bit of help with Facebook Ads there. And then found out that tinkering with marketing is like tinkering with being an electrician…very soon you get a shock.

So, it’s time to call in the big guns for a proper digital marketing review and strategy.

One thing first: who’ll be taking your money?

Read on for some insider knowledge on signs you might not have found the right fit for your business..


“Here’s what you should do…”

If you hear or read these words BEFORE someone understands your business, brand and goals, there’s a red flag a-waving.

Sorry to bring bad news, but those internet tales of business owners arriving into work to suddenly find an inbox bursting with social media leads thanks to ‘this one trick’? They aren’t true.

There is no ‘one trick’, nothing can replace a big picture digital strategy with proper mapping of your customer’s journey and content built around conversions.

That’s why giving someone advice – including on social media and at business events – before knowing their whole story and their specific goal is like a doctor giving a diagnosis after reading an text message about the symptoms.

Tip: Look for an digital marketing agency where they listen A LOT more than they talk


“We’re building a wall of video games…”


Who’s going to pay for the wall? You’re going to pay for the wall.

No good can come of this.

Tip: Your own business has its own ethos and culture, look for a match.



“Did you see our LinkedIn selfie videos?”

We’re sure you’d love to have time to make LinkedIn videos of yourself all day.

So would we.

An agency where they seem to spend more time talking about work than doing client work could be a sign of a bad match for your business culture.

Tip: Checking out a digital marketing agency? Ask yourself “is this style or substance?” Again and again. 



Image for Best Digital Marketing Agency blog “This is my entourage…”

Meetings about meetings held with everyone in an agency from the cleaner to the MD can’t be a welcome sight if you’re paying the bill.

Everyone is running on your meter after all.

Tip: You wouldn’t settle for just any approach to work in your business. You don’t have to with an agency either.




Image for Best Digital Marketing Agency blog “We can make your business successful using…”

One quick question Your Honour: did the agency make their business successful using the same tools?

Your witness.

Tip: Look for the specific tool or service being successfully used by the agency themselves.



Image for Best Digital Marketing Agency blog “Yes, we can also offer…”

Beware of services offered as a top-up to the agency’s main business.

Your Doctor (yes, this metaphor again – we like it!) could probably remove a tooth at a push. But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Tip: Confidence and working experience aren’t the same thing.



Image for Best Digital Marketing Agency blog “This should give quick results”

A wise man – Homer Simpson, to be precise – once said: “After years of disappointment with get-rich-quick schemes, I know I’m going to get rich…and quick!”.

Tip: If there’s no long-term plan, results are only a Google algorithm change away from grinding to a halt. This means they won’t embiggen your bottom line for any length of time. 




“You just need to do this”

Taking your brand, marketing plan, social media strategy, SEO, content needs – or many more – and working on any in insolation amounts to little more than playing with Lego by staring at a brick.

Tip:  ROI = Quality content and quality planning – by considering multiple elements of your business, on and offline.



Our TL:DR?


In short: a nugget of advice doesn’t fill a gap for anyone. Results come from planning out what’s right for YOU and every part of your business well into the future. Or your business will hunger for better agency.

Good luck!


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Questions? Want to know how we can help turn knowledge into results?

Drop us a hello! We’ll put the kettle on.


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