AR Future Trends: How Life Could Look Very Different (and Soon!)

How can we predict AR future trends? By looking at the industries it is already starting to revolutionalise we get a flavour of the ways AR will change our lives.

The technology is now being used in many, sometimes life-saving, ways in industries like healthcare.

Where else has augmented reality been causing a huge change? Our QUICK READ guide explains…


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VR Technology

Types of Augmented Reality

Different types of augmented reality that use different types of technology to work. Altogether there are four different types: marker-based AR, markerless AR, projection-based AR and superimposition-based AR.

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AR Technology in the Everyday World

AR in Education

With the rise of technology in the classroom, it won’t be long till augmented reality finds its way into many classrooms. After all, primary schools and secondary schools in the UK have now started to use the likes of iPads and interactive white boards in the classroom. Even the likes of McDonalds in the UK have brought iPads to their store for kids. 

With so many schools now using technology to teach, this opens up a great space for the use of AR in the classroom. In the future, students could use applications to bring more fun into the classroom and learning. Instead of notes being taken and shown on notes, students can now learn by themselves easier and take/save notes much easier with an introduction of AR in the classroom.

It also has the potential to bring fun into the home setting and motivate students more. When reading books, students could scan codes and other elements. This could then show facts about the topic, an educational video or even audio. Which is a more fun way to learn. 


Use of AR in Retail

Retail is another sector in which there has been an AR boom, with the likes of Topshop, American Apparel and Converse using AR technology. 

The use of AR in retail can be a great technique to boost sales. With more and more people using smartphones, more and more people now have access to the use of Augmented Reality. 

There’re many benefits to the use of AR in retail including breaking boundaries, especially with customers who speak a different language, engaging customers and many other benefits. 

Ikea is another retail giant who have really taken to the use of AR. They’ve an app called Ikea Place which allows users to place products within their home to see if they like a product and if the product fits in with their surroundings. 

Other AR retail examples allow users to try on clothes virtually to see if they suit the clothes and shoes.

Augmented Reality – Ikea Place App

Find some great AR examples here

Tourism and AR

Similar to the ways AR can be used in education and retail, the technology can also be used in tourism. When travelling around the world finding out all the information from every destination and attraction can be hard. That’s especially if you don’t have time to take every tour available. 

With the help of AR people can learn about attractions quickly by scanning attractions. For example if a person was in Barcelona, you of course need to visit the Sagrada Familia or Park Guell. Both attractions are filled with inspiration and designed by Antoni Gaudi. Tours within the Sagrada Familia and the museum within the park can easily sell out, and it might sell out on the only day you’re able to visit. 

This is where AR could be helpful.Without a tour or getting close enough to find sign boards with information, AR can help you learn a great deal and quickly too.

It is a quick and convenient way to learn about attractions.

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Great Use of AR in Healthcare

One of the most vital industries which can use this technology to its full potentially is healthcare and medicine. Not only could it be helpful for professionals, it can also teach students easily. For instance, if a student needs to learn the anatomy of a human body. They could scan an anatomical model and the the AR device could show videos of the human body, show facts or even play a quiz. All of which can be vital parts of learning. 

It can also be used as part of surgeries and operations. Surgeons and professional could wear a Google Glass-type device during the operation. The device could then show the professional the ideal places to perform certain tasks, which organs are where and much more. So, yeah AR could save lives. 

As surgeries are taken with the help of screens and other staff. AR could make surgeries safer but not taking the person away form the surgery to look at screens around the room. This could allow for the operation to be finished more safely by finishing the operation a little quicker, which could save lives. 

It could also be a technology brought in alongside ultrasound scans: patients could, for example wear a device and feel more attached to their son/daughter right away at the first ultrasound.

Doctors Tools
Doctors Tools

AR in Other Sectors

Manufacturing and real estate are two other markets where AR could improve services. Both sectors could use AR to present new products and designs to their customers or meetings. This could show a model of a product or building on screen using the background of a table etc. Users could then look round the product.

This would be a great use of AR and it could save companies money as they wouldn’t need to make a model or a prototype for the meeting. If the product just isn’t right all that would need changed is the AR design and not the model or prototype. Which compared to one another could also save a lot of time. 

Sport is another area with potential for AR. In many sports AR systems are already implemented, such as the Hawk-Eye system used in many sports especially tennis. In the future, you shouldn’t be surprised if it was brought into football and other sports.

AR can also keep people at home upto date with key information and even keep an eye on a certain player in real-time. A system that would be very similar to post-match analytics. 


Summary: Is AR the Future?

In many sectors AR is used in one main way: displaying information, videos and audio. This is a great way to put details across to customers quickly and easily. But in other sectors such as healthcare, it really can become a life-saving element.

Plus, if AR kicks really gets a grip retail, don’t be shocked if changing rooms became a place riddled with AR technology instead of coat hangers. 

In that healthcare setting, it can make a lot of people’s lives easier by making healthcare easier and much more of a convenience.

How will AR make a difference in your life?


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